ACES Limited Brand – What You Can Do at Limited Brands Access

Limited Brands is an international fashion retail store. This company sells well-known brands of apparel and accessories. It also provides beauty as well as personal care product. Many popular brands are under the Limited Brands Company. You all must know Victoria Secret and La Senza as the brands of lingerie and women’s fashion. L Brands also offers Bath and Body Works which offers body care products. As a well-grown company which employs hundred thousand staffs, L Brands creates ACES Limited Brand. This website is exclusive for L Brands workers. It is because the web contains the employment information for the staff.

What You Know About ACES Limited Brand?

When the users of ACES Limited Brand want to explore the employee portal, they must own ACES account. You can contact your supervisor at L Brands store to ask how to create LB ACES account. It is because there is no link for registration process at Limited Brands Login page. When you have your account, you can manage your profile then. Besides, you have right to explore the content of Limited Brand Access web. All you need to get yourself into the ACES L Brands ETM is just input the user ID plus password.

Since the ACES Limited Brand is for internal use only, all users must log in. So, the people who do not have ACES login details cannot get into the portal. It is because L Brands wants to secure its employees’ data. Access Limited Brand provides the private data about its staffs. For instance, it displays the schedule and shift information, pays statement, as well as benefits programs.

The existence of LB ACES is useful not only for the staffs but also the employer. For L Brands’ employees, they can view HR related info with just one click. They can check the pay stub as well as the schedule wherever they are. Even they are at home; they still can access the details. Besides, the boss can get the advantage from the portal. For instance, they can manage their staffs efficiently and easily. Hiring more HR officers is unnecessary. It is because the ACES L Brands can replace the role of HR officers. That is why Access Limited Brand serves as self-service HR portal.

ACES Limited Brand

The Procedures of Access Limited Brands Login

The staffs of L Brands can enjoy the service offered by LB Access portal. But, they need to log into You must be sure that you already have the account of Access LB ETM. The login process will be easier if you follow this guideline.

  • Go to Access Limited Brands site.
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There are two links you can use. First, you can visit this URL This link will land you on LB Access login page. Besides, at the top of the page, you will see a notification that LB Access now turns into HR Access. So, you also can reach the Limited Brand login page at

  • Enter your LB User ID

In the L Brands Access Login page, you will find two blank spaces. You need to fill out the first box with your Limited Brands User ID. The user ID refers to your Network ID or employee ID. Usually, it contains six or seven digits. You must not type the leading zero numbers.

  • Type your password.

Then, you can input the LB password in the next blank field. You need to be thorough when you write the password in the given box. Besides, you should be sure that the Capslock key in your keyboard is not active. It is one of the ways to make sure that you type the correct character.

  • Tap the Submit button.

When you are certain that all login details are correct, you can submit your request. If your computer connected with strong internet network, you could reach your account as soon as possible. After that, you can manage your L Brand account online.

In the process of L Brands Access Login, sometimes to forget the correct password. As a result, you cannot access your L Brand personal account. But, being panic is useless. In this situation, you must contact Stores Technology Services (STS) at 1-877-415-7911. The friendly help desk officer will be pleased to guide you to reset your password. But, you should know your L Brands employee ID. Besides, the officer may ask what your SSN number is. So prepare both employee ID and SSN number.

How to Avoid Troubles at ACES Limited Brand?

When you are signing into ACES site, you should keep your account private. So, you should not share your employee ID as well as a password to other staffs. L Brands wants to keep the privacy of the web’s content. So, it is prohibited to do some actions when you open LB Access portal. Here are some of them.

  • You must not copy and edit the information attached on the web. You should not delete any details as well. But, Limited Brands allows you to change the schedule and ask for the day off. Besides, you can modify the information to get the new details of your duties.
  • You must not input the fake or untrue data. When you set up the profile, you should enter the valid information. You must not lie about your personal information.
  • You should not use ACES to collect other’s personal details. It means you must not download or copy other people’s information.
  • The last, you must not upload the harmful document or file which can damage the system.
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The Activities You Can Do at ACES Limited Brand Portal

Access Limited Brands is the complete resources for L Brands associates. It gives full HR service for all staffs. By logging into Access LB portal, the users can perform some actions. Listed below is the samples of service you can get from L Brands Access.

  • Checking the details of tax and paystub.

The company will deduct the tax from your salary. So, you can check the amount of tax deduction online. You may not receive the pay statement if you use the payroll card. So you can monitor your salary, tax, and other deduction. Besides, you can also view the online paystub. You can choose whether you want to receive paper pay statement of not on your pay day. The staffs of L Brands company also have right to select the method of salary payment. They can set up whether they want the direct deposit to their bank account or payroll card.

  • Making the report.

As the responsibility of the task, each employee should make a report. With the help of ACES portal, they can create the report online. So, they do not need to make the reports manually. Besides, they can directly submit the reports to the web. Then, their manager will review their duties.

  • Viewing the work shift and schedule.

The quickest way to check your L Brands schedule is by visiting Limited Brands HR Access. The site will show the current, previous and next schedule. So, you do not have to ask your supervisor about the time you should go to work. Even you are at home; you still can get updated about the new schedule.

  • Requesting the day off.
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L Brands facilitate you to ask the time off through ACES site. With the JTime Launchpad menu, you can show your unavailability to work. Then, the manager will consider granting your request.

  • Manage the benefits.

L Brands offers many benefits to the staffs. Then, you can manage the benefit you enroll through Access Limited Brands. For instance, you can edit your information as well as the dependent. The sample benefits offered are the health program and 401K.

  • Viewing the billing information.

The staffs of Limited Brands can check the transaction they did. Besides, the also can manage the gift card. Moreover, they can check the total points on their L Brands card.

Final Words of ACES Limited Brand

Those are some activities that the users can do at the website of L Brands Access. The most vital thing you should notice is that you have to own L Brands login requirements. What are they? First, you should have the employee ID. If you do not own it, you can input your Network ID. The second, you should own the private password. With these login credentials, you can explore LB Access ETM. When L Brands hires you, the company will automatically give you the employee ID. Then, you need to create a password. You can ask your employer about it. Besides, you also can contact the L Brands Stores Technology Service.

About Bath and Body Works ACES

Alright, before we close the discussion about Aceslimitedbrands, we are going to give you some information about Bath and Works ACES. If you know, Bath and Body Works is the American retailer under the authority of Aces. Walking in line with ACES Victoria’s Secret, ACES Bath and Body Works serves the various Body Shop and Fragrances. Do you know? Bath and Body Works ACES become the number one of body care and bath shop and brands in the United States. Wonderful!

After finding out all the information about ACES Limited Brand, you now can begin using the feature. Of course, you can start to log in to the portal. Now, you do not need to worry about forgetting your password as you can get it back at the password recovery page. Enjoy exploring the login portal and enjoy claiming all benefits offered to you!

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