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Advance Auto Part Survey Contest 2019

Hi good people! if you love cars or bikes, you must be often to make some modifications. Indeed, you need to come to the right place. Make sure that your vehicle gets the right place to make the modification. Well, in that case, you can visit the Advance Auto Parts store. By shopping there, you have the chance to join Through this program, you can win $2,500 as the prize. Of course, that will be so great right? However, you need a guide to start this Advance Auto Parts Survey 2018. The guidance will help you make the right steps to win the survey prize. So, make sure you get everything you need to be a valid participant. Good Luck!

About Advance Auto Parts Profile

Before we explain more about Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes know about the company first. Advance Auto Parts ifs the American retailer for accessories and automotive stuff. This company starts to the industry from April 1932. The headquarters is in Roanoke, Virginia, US. As for the chairman, there is John C. Brouillard. Do you know that Advance Auto Parts stores are spreading through Puerto Rico, Virginia Island, Canada, and the US? You can find more than 5,000 stores spreading toward those states. So, it will not be hard to find the store near to your area. Indeed, with the total employment of 74,000, it becomes the largest retailer for automotive. However, you can check the details in the Advance Auto Parts official website page. There you can access the products, offers, price and many more. Please visit the site in Guidance Guidelines to Win $2,500 Prize


Advance Auto Parts Survey is the program for all Auto Parts loyal customers. It is the program to gather all customer reviews about Advance Auto Parts. So, after you just visit the store, don’t forget to join the survey program. Your task here is simple. You just need to give your honest review about Advance Auto Parts. Indeed, you can make critics, comments or suggestions. As the feedback, you have a chance to win $2,500 gift card for free. You can use this gift card to shop anything in Advance Auto Parts. However, you must understand what you need first. Guidelines Guide Are Taken from

What Are The Rules to Obey in Advance Auto Parts Survey?

Well, before you go further, it is important to notice about the rules. To be valid in Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes, you need to know all the rules. Indeed, make sure that you fit with all of them. So, you can be credible for the Advance Auto Parts Rewards in the end. Okay, let’s find out what are the rules here:

  • Age to entering Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes

First of all, the thing you need to make sure is about the age requires. You need to fulfill the limitation age to join this survey. In this case, you need to be at least 18 years old. Well, if you are not fulfilling this rule, you can’t enter to Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes. So, make sure you are in this age to enter. But, if you are not 18 years old yet, you can ask help. For example, you can ask help from your family member that older than you.

  • A Valid Receipt from Advance Auto Parts
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The second rule, you need to get the valid receipt from Advance Auto Parts. This receipt is the proof that you are the true customer of Advance Auto Parts. To get this receipt, you need to purchase something in the Advance Auto Parts store. However, there is no imitation amount you need to spend here. Why you need this receipt to enter Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes? It is because you need the survey codes on it. Indeed, this code will make you able to join the survey program. So, make sure you keep this receipt with you after you get it. Indeed, you will need this receipt to redeem the Advance Auto Parts Rewards.

  • Status Against Advance Auto Parts

The third rule, you need to make sure your status against Advance Auto Parts. What does it mean? It means you must not a part of the Advance Auto Parts company. All the customers are welcome to join the survey. But, the employees are not credible for joining this Advance Auto Parts Survey. It will be including the employee’s family member and relatives. So, you must be sure about it first.

  • The Residential Status

The fourth rule, you must be a resident of certain states. Well, not all states are welcome to join this survey. In this case, you need to be a legal resident in the US, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The legal resident means you have the identity card to prove it.

  • Advance auto parts survey Limitation Entry

The following rule is about the participant limitation entry. Well, this survey is welcome to everyone. But, they have only one chance per one period to join this Survey program. So, make sure you use this chance very well. Don’t waste it and fulfill all the rules to be credible.

  • The Survey Winners

The next rule is about the survey winner. The company will announce the winner from the contact details you submit. So, make sure you put the correct personal contacts. Indeed, after you get the winner notification, you need to respond it as soon as possible. Well, you have about 7 days to respond it. You need to claim it within a week. If you are not claiming the prize in that time, you will be disqualified.

How to Enter Advance auto parts survey Step by Step

After you get all the details about the survey, you can continue your way. But, make sure you fulfill all the rules before. So, you can be credible for receiving the prize. Well, for those who are new, don’t be worried. All you need to do here is just following the steps below. Make sure you do the steps in order. So, you will not miss any details. Here are the steps you need to do:

  • Step One: Device To Enter the survey
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The first step, you have to own a device to access the survey page. You can’t make it without using an electronic device. The device you can use is various. You can use a PC, Smartphone or laptop. It doesn’t matter what device you use, as long you get the internet access. You have to get the stable access to enter the survey. If not you can get error page loading.

  • Step Two: Go to Advance Auto Parts Survey Page

The following step is visiting the Advance Auto Parts Survey 2018 page. Indeed, be sure you enter the right website. Please go to  In a few moments, you will see the homepage survey.

  • Step Three: Put the survey Details

The third step, you need the valid receipt of the Advance Auto Parts store. You will need it to fill the survey details. You will need the store number, survey unique code and also the visiting details. Those are available on your receipt. So, make sure you keep the receipt after you get it.

  • Step Four: Respond to The Questions

The fourth step you have to respond to all questions. In the next page, you can see several numbers of questions to respond. The questions are about Auto Parts issues. It will be including the staff, products, quality, price and many more. What you need to do is answering those questions honestly.

  • Step Five: Enter Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes

Once you have done with the questions, you can enter Advance Auto Parts Sweepstakes. You need to put the personal details first. They are about your name, address, email, phone number and so on. Please make sure you put the correct data. Submit the survey and wait for the announcement of the winner.

How to Find Advance Auto Parts Near Me Location

If you are in the new area, then you need to find Advance Auto Parts Near Me. It can help you to get the nearest area. So, you don’t need to spend more time to reach the store. Remember that you need to get visit the store to get the receipt. So, it is necessary to find the nearest location. Luckily, you have some options to find Advance Auto Parts Near Me locations. Here are they:

  • Advance Auto Parts Near Me from Google

The first option, you can use Google to help you. Google is the popular search engine in the world. You can use it to find any information you need. It is including the Advance Auto Parts Near Me store.  To get the locations, you need to visit first. Then, in the search bar please put Advance Auto Parts Near Me as the keyword. Click the search button to get the result. In a few seconds, you will get the Advance Auto Parts store list locations. The list will contain the address, phone number, direction and so on. Of course, it will help you a lot. Indeed, get the direction by clicking the direction button.

  • Advance Auto Parts Near Me from Website
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The second help you can use is from Advance Auto Parts website. Through its official website, you can access many things including Auto Parts Near Me location. Moreover, you can access the products, offers and many more. Please visit the official page in After you see the homepage, please find store locator menu. The store locator is the menu you can use to get Advance Auto Parts Near Me store. What you need to do is entering your current locations zip code. Then, you can access the location.

  • Advance Auto Parts Near Me from Application

The last option, you can use the application to help you find the location. This is an application that accessible through a mobile device. So, you need to download the app from the application store. After you access the app, you can see the store locator menu. This menu requires you to enter the zip location code. So, you can access Advance Auto Parts Near Me.

How To Reach Advance Customer Service Team?

Well, sometimes maybe you get trouble to do the survey. Or maybe you have questions to ask about Advance Auto Parts. In that case, you can reach the Advance Customer Service staff. The staff will be available for you to help anything you need. It is including to receive your comment, complain or suggestions. However, you have several options to reach the staff. You can try one of the options below. Here are they:

  • Advance Customer Service Mail Address

The first choices, you can send a mail to the Advance Auto Parts staff. What you need to do is writing the letter. Then, please send it to the Auto Parts official address office. Please send your letter to Store Support Center 5008 Airport Road Roanoke, VA 24012. Please make sure you use the credible post to send your letter.

  • Advance Customer Service Phone Number

The second option, you can make a call to the Advance Customer Service staff. To make a call, please dial to in 1 (877) 238-2623. You will have a chance to talk directly to the staff. You can make complaints, suggestions or another. The great thing by calling is you can get the direct response from the staff. So, you don’t need to wait for long to get the response.

Okay, that is all about Advance auto parts com survey. You get the guidance to do the survey. Indeed, you also get the list of rules to obey. Moreover, if you have trouble or question, you can reach Advance Customer Service staff. They will be available to reach to help you. In case you just visit Advance Auto Parts store, don’t miss the chance to win $2,500 gift card. In the end, we hope that this article can help you to do the survey in Thank you for reading this and good luck!

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