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Albertson Survey 2019 Contest

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Albertsons Survey guidelines article. If you just visit Albertsons Locations, well don’t miss this chance. You can participate in the Survey program to win an interesting prize. Indeed, the steps are so easy even for the beginner. However, for those who are new, you can use this article as a guide. Get your chance to win $100 gift card at the end of the survey program. Moreover, don’t skip each part in this article. You need to know how to be a valid participant in the Albertsons Feedback program. It is including to know well about the term and condition. So, let’s start the survey now!

About Albertsons Profile

Albertsons is the brand for the grocery store in the United States. The founder is Joe Albertsons. So, we know where Albertson’s name comes from. This business starts to operate in July 1939. The headquarters is in Boise, Idaho. To increase the business, Albertsons make some interesting offers. One of them is Albertsons Customer Survey program. It is the program where you have the chance to win $100 gift card balance as the reward. But you need to join the Albertsons Feedback first. You must share your review about Albertsons in this program. Only by doing so, you have the chance to win the reward. The steps are simple. The rules to obey are also easy to do. So, don’t think twice to decide to join this Survey. By owning about 2,200 stores over the United States, this company still need to get a review. So, they will be still existing even there are many competitors. Further details you can visit the official page in or Get all the details you need here with one click access only.

Albertsons Survey
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About Albertsons Survey Program

Well, after you visit Albertsons, you have the chance to enter its survey program. Through the Albertsons Customer Survey, you can win $100 gift card. It is the prize you can use in all Albertson’s Locations. Wondering the steps how? Well, you need to follow this article. We will show you the things you need to prepare. Then, you must know the rules to enter the Survey portal. So, in the end, you will be valid for the prize. Of course, it will be great to get $100 to buy anything you want in Albertsons. Let’s find out what you need to know about this Survey.

Albertsons Survey Guidelines
Albertsons Survey Steps are Taken from

What Are the Rules to Obey in Albertsons Customer Survey?

Okay, now let’s talk about the rules. It is an important issue to talk about. It is because you need to understand the rules before taking the survey. Make sure you are fitting with all the rules. By doing so, you can be valid for the prize. Then, without waiting for any longer, here are the rules:

  • Age Limitation to Enter Albertson’s Survey

Okay, the rule number one, it is about the participant age. All the Albertsons customers are welcome to join the survey. But you need to fulfill the minimum age to enter the Albertsons Feedback program. In this case, you have to be 18 years old or more. Be sure you are qualified to get the chance to join the survey program.

  • The Status of Your Citizen
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The rule number two is about your citizen status. Well, This Survey is not accessible for all countries in this world. This survey program is accessible for all citizen in the US. So, make sure that you are a legal resident in the United States.

  • Albertson’s Survey Winner Term and Condition

The following rule is about the winner. This Albertsons Customer Survey is drawn every month. Each month, there will be 10 survey winners to announce. For those winners, they will receive $100 gift card for each of them. Indeed, after the announcement, you must notify it soon. You have 6 until 8 weeks to claim your Albertsons gift card. Moreover, if there are any taxes related to the prize, it will be the winner’s responsibility.

What Are the Albertson’s Survey Steps?

Okay, good people, you have read about the rules. Now, let’s move to the guidelines or steps to enter the survey. You will see a list of steps here. Those steps are easy and simple to follow. So, you don’t need to worry about being a newbie here. Well, everyone is a beginner at the first time. What you need to do is just following the steps in order. Then, you will not miss any step to do. In case you need a help, don’t be why to reach Albertsons Customer Service staff. So, here are the steps:

  • Step One: Prepare What You Need

First of all, make sure that you know what you need. In this case, the Albertson’s Survey is an online survey program. So, you need an electronic device to access the program. It means you can use a PC, laptop, Smartphone or Tab. Indeed, you to access the portal you need to own an internet access. Without it, you can’t make your way to Albertsons Customer Survey program.

  • Step Two: Access the survey Portal

The second option, you need to access the browser app from your device. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or another app similar. In the address field, please fill the address. Please direct your way to After that please click the search button to get the result. In the next seconds, you will see the official page of Albertsons Customer Feedback page. Be sure you are typing the correct address. So, you will not get into the wrong page.

  • Step Three: Enter the Code

The third step, you need to get your receipt from Albertsons. In this case, you will need the unique codes on it. The Albertsons receipt consists of survey code, visiting date and hour details, and also store code. Put the codes necessary to the survey page. Be sure you are entering the right code for each part. After you have done, please submit or continue your step.

  • Step Four: Answer Survey Questions
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After you pass the login part, you can see the main part of the survey. The next step you will be dealing with the questions. In this part, you will need to answer all the questions about Albertsons in general. Well, the questions are pretty simple. They will be about Albertson’s staff, service, things they sell, cleanliness and so on. What you need to do is give your honest review about all of those aspects. Use your previous visiting as the reference to respond to those questions. Well, you need to be honest while giving Albertsons Feedback. It is because your honesty is precious for the company. They will use it as a reference to make some improvements to the company. As the result, you will get a better service in the future.

  • Step Five: Add Comments

The fifth step, you will get a chance to make some comments. Well, you will see a space to leave your comment about Albertsons. You can make some critics, comments or suggestions. Well, you can express your thoughts here. Don’t be afraid to share anything on your mind.

  • Step Six: Enter the Sweepstakes

As you finish the questions, you will enter the sweepstakes. Albertson’s sweepstakes are your chance to win the survey prize. The prize that being offered is $100 gift card from Albertsons. You can use this gift card to buy anything you want in Albertsons. Well, this offer is quite interesting, right?

How to Find Albertsons Near Me?

Okay, you now know that Albertsons has an interesting offer. In this case, you can win $100 gift card from Albertsons Feedback program. But you need the receipt first to enter the survey portal. It means you need to visit the Albertsons Locations. How to find the Albertsons Near Me? Well, the steps are very easy. Just follow the guidance below. Here are the options how to find Albertsons Locations:

  • Albertsons Near Me from Google

The first option, you can use Google as your help. Google is the popular search engine in the world. People are looking the information they need through Google. Well, in this case, please visit from your browser app. Then, type Albertsons Near Me as the keyword. Place it in the Google search bar. As the result, you will see the list of Albertsons Locations list. You can pick the one that you think closer to your location. Indeed, you will get the Albertsons details in the list. It is like address, phone number, open hours and so on. Of course, it will be helpful for you.

  • Albertsons Near Me from Official Page

The next option, you can visit the Albertsons official page. Please go to from your browser app. In this website, you can get the assistance to find Albertsons Near Me. What you need to do is filling the location details. You need to put the zip codes of your current place. Then, you can access Albertsons Near Me location. It is so easy, right?

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How to Reach Albertsons Customer Service?

In case you need help about making the Survey, you can reach the staff. Or maybe you have questions to ask about Albertsons in general. Well, Albertsons gives you a team to communicate with the company. Albertsons Customer Service is the bridge between you and the company. So, you can ask help or give questions to them. Indeed, you have several ways to reach the staff. Here are they:

  • Albertsons Phone Number

First of all, you can reach the Albertsons Customer Service by making a call. Well, it is easier to make a call. You can talk directly to the staff and get the direct response. So, you don’t need to wait for a longer time. Indeed, you can make a call anytime and anywhere. To make a call please dial to 1-877-848-6483. Moreover, if you need to reach the corporate staff, please dial to 208-395-4722. Make sure that you are calling at the right time. It will be best to call during the work hours.

  • Albertsons Mail Address

The second option, you can send a mail to the Albertsons Customer Service. This option is perfect for you who want to attach a hard copy file. Well, remember to use the formal style while writing a mail. You need to use the good quality paper and post to send it. Once you have done, please send it to Albertson’s official address. It is in Store Support Center, United Supermarkets, LLC 7830 Orlando Ave. Lubbock, TX 79423

  • Albertsons Official Website

The last option, you can visit the Albertsons official page. Through this official page, you can access many things. You can access the products, hot offers, promotions and many more. You can also communicate with Albertsons Customer Service by visiting this page. So, it will be easier for everyone to reach Albertsons. The official website address is in To contact the staff, please find “contact us” menu on the website. Then, you can see a table to fill. It will be including your personal detail fields. You need to put your details correctly here. Then, you will have space to share your thoughts. Type anything you want the staff to know. Indeed, you may have limitation character to write here. So, it will be nice to make it simple and short.

So, now you know about Albertsons Customer Feedback  program. We hope that you can be one of the winners that join Albertson’s Survey. Of course, that would be lovely. Indeed, we hope that this article can be your guide to make this Online Survey correctly. Thank you for reading this and use it to assist you to enter the Survey. Don’t waste your chance today. Hope you enjoy it and good luck!


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