Anna Linen – How to Find the Closest Anna’s Linens Locations

In 1987, Alan Gladstone opened Anna Linen store for the first time. This store focuses on selling the home goods, decorating items and textile. It grows fast as a discount retailer. Anna’s Linens can be tough even their rivals are out of business. For instance, HomePlace, Strouds, and Pacific Linen faced bankruptcy. However, Anna’s Linens can develop its business well. It has many loyal shoppers. People like to shop at Anna’s Linens due to the quality of the products offered. Its low price also attracts the people to buy home decor items there.

About Anna Linen’s Locations

Finding Anna’s Linens locations are easy. Since it has many chains in the 19 States, you will be easier to find the closest one. In the last three years, it has opened the new 70 stores. Now, it operates 315 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. Based on its revenue, Anna’s Linen becomes the 13th largest home textiles retailer in the US. Besides, it can gain more annual business revenue than Sears and Costco. No wonder, many people try to find Anna Linens near me.

Anna Linen

With its business strategy, Anna’s tries to steal the customer from a national retailer such as JCPenney and Bed Bath & Beyond. There is no secret why people like to shop at Anna’s Linens. This store commits to provide the good quality products for the budget-conscious shoppers. Then, Anna’s Linens opened the special store for lower to the middle-income community. Besides, this chain commits to serve the quality and value for the shoppers. That’s why people like to ask Linen stores near me. Even you may not find Anna’s Linen store in a mall. But, you will find that this store is clean and comfortable.

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Furthermore, It offers a good price for the shoppers. You will be able to find good quality home goods with the half price. Besides, Anna’s Linens can give you the lower price than the competitor’s price. So, you will get a great deal. Moreover, the products are also various, so you will have many choices. For your convenience, Anna’s Linens also launches a mobile shopping site. This store is a focus to provide nontextile product and home decor.

Anna’s Linens as a New Type of Bargain Store

The store is different from other stores such as Walmart or Big Lots. When you enter the store, you will see the goods arranged neatly on the shelves. Besides, the store also displays the bed set, pillows, and curtain choices. Your eyes will be satisfied to see the arrangement of the products. So, you will be easier to pick up the product you want. Visiting Anna’s Linens gives you the best shopping experience.

Year by year, It is still a model of a family business. The founder, Alan Gladstone still leads this company. Although, he is 65 years old now. But, to boost Anna’s Linens to the next business level, Gladstone turns his business to his children. So, he chooses Scott, his son, as an executive vice president. Besides, his daughter, Carie Doll becomes a chief merchandising officer.

As a business strategy, Anna’s offers a great deal of home decor product. With its reasonable price, Anna’s Linens can compete with other large stores. Although Anna’s Linens going out of business, it can solve this. It can grow better as a favorite home decor store.

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What can You Shop at Anna’s Store?

Anna Linen is well-known for its home decoration and textile item. You can get the cheap but high-quality products there. It offers many choices of home appliances. Whatever the product you need, you can shop it at Anna’s Linens. For instance, you can buy the home decor for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Besides, you can get decorative items as well. Anna’s Linens will make your house more beautiful.

So, are you curious about what items you can find at the store? Here they are.

  • Bedroom.

For bedroom needs, Anna offers some bedding products. For instance, you can buy the bed set, kids, and teen bedding, plus bedding accessories. Besides, you can find a pillow, blanket, comforter, duvet covers, bag beds, etc.

  • Livingroom.

For your living room decor, you can buy the window panel and hardware products. Besides, this company also offers the nice blinds, shades, curtain, and rugs.

  • Bathroom.

If you want to shop bath product, going to Anna Linen is a good choice. Here, you can find a towel, shower curtain, and bath accessories.

  • Kitchen.

Anna’s Linens also sells kitchen appliances. You can look for various kitchen product there. For instance, it provides cookware, glassware, dinnerware, bakeware, etc.

How to Find the Nearest Anna’s Linens Locations

It is not hard at all to find Anna’s Linens store. You can shop in its store chains as well as online store. The retail stores spread in a major city in the US. For instance, you can visit Anna Linen in Alabama, California, Florida, Columbia, etc. Besides, you also can go to the stores in Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The simplest way to find the closest locations is by using store location feature. Many websites offer this feature. You only need to type Anna Linens near me in your search engine. Then, you can click on the site to guide you to the Anna’s Linen’s location. Besides, you can go to its official website at

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Another way that you can do is about to search the locations via Google Map. You are able to open the mobile app and type in “Anna Linens Near Me” and click on “Search”. Waiting for one minute, you can get the list of locations, map as well as the details information of a store.

Final Words

When you use the store locator, you have to type the state or city to which you belong. Then, the portal will show the suggestion of Anna Linen store nearby. If you are still confused where the location of the store, you can see the map. It will guide you to the Anna’s Linens store nearby. Moreover, you can directly click on the state and city listed to find out the address of the store. Usually, the address includes the phone number. It is as an Anna’s Linens customer service contact. So, you can this number when you want to talk to the representative.

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