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Dominion Employee Login Guides

Are you a new employee of Dominion Enterprises? Well, it is time for you to understand the employment system at this company. This way, you will be able to show your performance at work as best as you can. If you need helps to understand how the employment system at this company works, you can visit  Employee Portal. you will find a lot of information about your job duties and company information related to your works. However, the portal is not for public uses. It means you should have an account if you want to access the portal. Then, you do the login process on Ask4hr Login page.

If you need more insights about insights about Ask4hr Employee Login Portal, you will be able to read about them in this article. Moreover, you may find ways to sign up and sign in to your account here. Happy reading!

ask4hr login
ask4hr login

About Dominion Enterprises

Dominion Enterprises is a company of information and media services in the United States. The headquarters is located in Norfolk, Virginia.  The company focuses on business for several industries, such as travel, automotive, and real estate.  Besides, Dominion Enterprises also operates printed media and internet media. Landmark Media Enterprises, LLC founded this company in 2006. It used to go as Landmark Communications at that time. Since then, Dominion Enterprises has become a commercial developer of internet technology. It offers software, marketing, and advertising solutions through their brands, such as Franchise Cost,,,, and Moreover, Dominion Enterprises has a division, Dominion Domain, which launched a page for the domain industry.

What is Ask4hr Login Portal?

Ask4hr Login Portal is a website made for Dominion Enterprises employees. You can visit this portal if you have been officially accepted as an employee of this company. The portal will help the job duties of the Human Resources division of Dominion Enterprises. It means you can use the portal to find information from the Human Resources without having to see an HR staff in person. Moreover, the portal has a feature that will enable you to do DE Employee Self Service processes. This way, you can just sit in front of your devices and do all the steps you need to manage your employee account.

Of course, you must sign up for an account on this Dominion Enterprises ESS portal. If your enrolment process is successful, you will be able to use your account to access the benefits of working at Dominion Enterprises. This company has provided some benefits for its employees, such as Medical, Dental, Vision, and Wellness Plans, Short and Long Term Disability, Employee Discount Program, 401(k) Employee Savings Plan match up to 4%, Flexible Spending Accounts, Paid Holidays and Sick Time, Vacation after 90 days, and some more interesting benefits that you cannot miss.

Steps to Enroll Account on Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal

If you are ready to enroll, you may use the following steps to help you to get an account on Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal. just pay attention to this explanation.

  1. Go to

First, you need to go to This address will take you to Landmark Password Portal where you can create an account for Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal.

  1. Click Enroll
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Second, you will see 4 options on this Landmark Password Portal. The options are to Enroll, Reset Password, Change Password, and Unlock Account. you can click Enroll here and you can see the page for account enrolment.

  1. Enter Account Name

Third, you may enter the user name of your account. You can make it from your own name.

  1. Select Domain

Fourth, you have to select the domain for your account. in the domain field, you will see some domains, such as de-ent, eneighborhoods, and tamtse.

  1. Create a Password

Fifth, you can create the password in the provided field. it should consist of 8 digits made from uppercases, lowercases, characters, and numbers. Then, you may click the Next button.

  1. Choose Password Verification

Sixth, you must choose your password verifications. You may fill in 4 questions in this step.

  1. Click Next

Finally, you just need to click Next. It will finish the enrolment process on Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal.

In case you find any problems with your employee account after the enrolments, you can contact DE Helpdesk by phone. The number of Dominion Enterprises Help Desk is 757-351-8888.

ask4hr login steps
ask4hr login steps

A  Login Guideline on Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal

After the enrolment, you may log in to your new employee account. you will not take a lot of time to do the login process. Just follow the guideline below.

  1. Go to Ask4hr.Com

First, you must go to Ask4hr.Com if you are eager to visit the Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal. There is a login section in the middle of the page if you have reached the portal.

  1. Provide User Name

Second, you can provide the User Name that you have registered on this portal. You can fill it in the upper field.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you may enter the password of your employee account. Make sure you use a valid password if you want a smooth login process.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you can click the Login Button. it will take you to your account directly if you are able to inform correct account credentials for Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal.

Procedure to Reset Password on Dominion Enterprises Employee Portal

You may need to get a new password for your Dominion Enterprises employee account for security reasons. You may feel the password has been too old to use. Of course, you don’t want your employee account to get hacked for this reason. Or, you suddenly forgot your Dominion Enterprises password while you really need to access your employee account. Well, you may reset your password by yourself in case you find the possibilities above are very related to you. to reset your password, you only need to spare some minutes only. If you have never done this process previously, you can follow the procedure below.

  1. Go to Dominion Enterprises And Landmark Password Portal

First, you may go to the official portal of DE Landmark Password. You will be able to reach the portal at You can do this step to begin the process of your password recovery if you do not feel it is necessary to go to Dominion Enterprises login page.

  1. Select Reset Password
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Second, you can select Reset Password among other options provided by DE Access page. As you know, there are some other options that you are able to choose here. But, you must sect Reset Password this time because you are eager to get a new password for your Dominion Enterprises employee account.

  1. Fill In User Name

Third, you need to feel in the User Name of your account. Make sure you type in the User Name correctly. Then, you can click Next button. You will find another page show up afterwards.

  1. Respond to Secret Questions

Fourth, you have to respond to the secret questions given to you in Password Manager Configuration. You do not need to confuse whether you should use uppercases or lowercases as the answers are case-insensitive. You may click Next button after you give your responses to the questions. The button will help you reach the password recovery page.

  1. Create a New Password

Fifth, you can create a new password in the first blank field now. Remember that you should make it for 8 digits in length by combining uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and non-alphabetic characters. Besides, it should be different from your former 3 passwords on Dominion Enterprises employee portal.

  1. Confirm New Password

Sixth, you should confirm the new password in the second field. The confirmation should be the same password that you just created in the previous blank field.

  1. Tick options

Seventh, you may tick some options based on your preferences. The options that you will read under the new password fields are:

  • Ask me to change password in the next log on

This option will show you a question whether you want to change your password next time you log in to your Dominion Enterprises employee account.

  • Password never expires

You may select this option if you do not plan to get a new password for some times. However, you will not find this option if the portal administrator does not enable it for the password recovery process.

  • Unlock my account

If you tick the option, it means you are trying to get a new password due to your locked account. This can be your attempt to unlock it.

There are no minimum limits of the options that you can tick. It means this step is optional. You may leave them blank if you do not prefer ticking the options.

  1. Click Proceed

The last step is to click the Proceed button. Then, you will be able to see the result if the process of your password recovery is successful. The new password may apply to your Google Apps Integration if the portal administrator has enabled this setting.

However, you may just change the password for your Dominion Enterprises employee using some easier process. You may need to visit the access link of Landmark Password Portal. then, you may do the following things.

  • Click Change Password

Among options on the access page of Dominion Enterprises employee, you can click Change Password and it will take you to the next page.

  • Type In User Name
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Always type in your Dominion Enterprises User Name when you deal with your employee account setting.

  • Fill in Old Password

You can fill in your old password which you want to change

  • Make a New Password

Of course, you must make a new password that will take the place of your old password. You can type it twice as you need to confirm it as well.

  • Click Next

If you have done all of the steps, you can click the Next button. After that, you will be able to access your employee account with the new password.

How to Unlock DE Employee Account

One of the problems which mostly happen to account users on Dominion Enterprises employee portal is locked account. There can various reasons why the account gets locked. For instance, the account users try to log in to their account several times but fail. it is possible t happen when the user forgot their account credentials when they are in the login process on Dominion Enterprises employee portal. If this unexpected happens to you, just stay calm as there are solutions for this difficulty. You can still unlock your account on Dominion Enterprises employee portal by yourself with some simple instructions below.

  1. Visit Dominion Enterprises employee portal

Firstly, you should visit the page of Dominion Enterprises employee portal. it is available at

  1. Find DE Access link

Secondly, you can just look at the information under the login section. You will find an access link for users of Dominion Enterprises employee portal. If you click the link, the page will load and show you another page at On this page, you are able to use other languages if you would like to.

  1. Select Unlock Account

Thirdly, you can select one of the options on the DE Access page. As you come to this portal for unlocking your account, you must click Unlock Account. The option that you have selected will bring you to the next page for account verification.

  1. Provide DE User Name

Fourthly, you must provide your User Name for Dominion Enterprises employee account in order to verify your employee account. The User Name should be the one you registered in the enrollment process last time. If you have done this you can click Next button. Then, it will display another page to continue.

  1. Answer Secret Questions

Lastly, you may answer 2 secret questions which appear on the page. The questions are random and case-insensitive. In case you prefer hidden answers on this page, you may use Hide Answers setting. This way, you will be able to see your answers in some password characters. After that, do not forget to click Next button. If you are successful to get through this final step, you will be able to view the results of your unlocked Dominion Enterprises employee account.


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