Baja Fresh Survey – How to Take Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Some of you must love enjoying delicious foods at famous restaurants such as Baja Fresh. In this case, you can enjoy anything you want starting from the desserts, main course, and also appetizers. But, the problem may be the budget that makes you unable to buy anything you want. Well, you should not feel sad anymore as you can take Baja Fresh Survey. it only costs you seven minutes to take and complete Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey. In return, you will get some rewards such as discount coupons. Isn’t it awesome?

About Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey

What is Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey? Baja Fresh customer satisfaction survey is a survey powered by Baja Corp. about customer experience and overall satisfaction. The purpose of this survey is to measure how far Baja Fresh’s product and service meet customer satisfaction. The company knows that by listening to customer thought and opinion, it will help Baja updating company development process. By having the customers’ feedback, Baja will know ways to serve them better. By having the specific information about positive and negative perceptions also, the company can improve their marketing or sales efforts.

Baja Fresh Survey Step by Step Tutorial
Baja Fresh Survey Step by Step is reachable at

As a compensation for giving the feedback on Baja customer satisfaction survey, Baja gives you a Baja Fresh Redemption Code which could be brought on your next visit to redeem your offer. The offers that will you get one of them is coupon reward. By having the coupon reward you will get a discount price for your food. In this survey, all you need is to finish Baja customer satisfaction questionnaires feedback on Baja Survey official website.

About the Rules in Baja Fresh Survey

Guys, when you prefer to take the survey, you have to be sure that you meet the qualifications as well as obey he involved rules. Take it easy, there are no the hard qualifications as the restaurant opens the large chance to take the survey for every single people who come on Baja Locations. And, here the rules are:

  • At first, you are the legal residence of the United States.
  • Then, you must be not under 18 years old customers.
  • You are not a part of Baja employees or their relatives.
  • And, you have the current receipt that it is not more than three days of the last order.
  • At last, you must limit one survey in a day only for one household.

How to Take Baja Fresh Guest Satisfaction Survey?

If you are ready enough to take the survey, here are the steps that you should follow. You should follow one step to another as they have a connection. Unless you see a sign of optional, you can skip the step. So, here they are:

  • Step #1: Pass Baja Survey Login Portal
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At the very beginning, you must enter the survey portal. There are two ways in entering Baja Fresh customer satisfaction survey. first, you can enter the Baja Fresh location number or Baja Fresh Store Number. and second, you can enter Baja Survey Entry Code. Here, you can find the data on your receipt.

  • Step #2

In this step, Baja needs you to choose the state and the location of which your recent Baja’s Fresh receipt gets made. Click next to go.

  • Step #3

After that, the survey asks you about one of its chains. You only need to select yes or no over the question. In case you want to continue, you should click next button.

  • Step #4

In this step, the survey asks you to choose the date the visit that you have before. Then, you can click “next”.

  • Step #5

For the next, the survey wants to know what time you visited the survey and how you dined. The Baja Survey Questions will be whether you were having dine-in or take away visit at Baja store.

  • Step #6

Here, the survey asks you how many times you visit the restaurant and asks you if you greet promptly. Click “next” button.

  • Step #7

This page contains Baja survey questions such as what kind of food you have ordered. It can also about how long you have to wait for the order from the queue. And also, it can be about whether you have received the right order or not. Then, click “next”.

  • Step #8

In this page, the survey would like to have you to rate the overall satisfaction. The range scale will be from 5 to 1, from excellent to poor one. The next page asks you to rate also about, the cleanliness of the store, the employee product knowledge, the quality of your meal, the meal celerity, and etc. After answering all of the questions, just click next button.

  • Step #9

In this step, this survey wants to know whether you might likely to have their service once more or not, they also want to know if you will recommend the restaurant and give have additional comment.

  • Step #10

In this step, the survey offers you whether you might like to be Baja Fresh member to get some discount coupons. If it is yes, you should attach your email address. Click next after that.

  • Step #11

This step contains some marketing purposes questions such as gender, age, and so on. Click next.

  • Step #12

After having a lot of question, here is the end of Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey. In this page, the restaurant gives you a code to redeem your offer. You should prepare a note to write it down. Bring your receipt and your number code to your next visit. So that’s how the things are. Very simple, aren’t they?

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About Baja Fresh Company

Baja Fresh is flavorful Mexican food restaurants own by Kahala brands. It built in 1990. For over 27 years passes the millennial era, the company has built in162 number of locations. Yes, you can find some of them are international expansions. Baja Fresh is available in three overseas states, those are the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. This fast-casual Mexican restaurant features a self-serve salsa bar, order online, and gift card.

This company has “Eat well, live fresh” slogan. Having “Eat well and live fresh” philosophy, Baja Fresh wants the customers to feel the freshest handmade and farm ingredients menu which is good for health and good for nutrition. No doubt, the restaurant can guarantee that all foods served are fresh, instead of pre-packaged. Besides providing fresh food, company that concerns on the freshness of the food and cleanliness of the environment, also provides the nutritional index for the menu. Baja Fresh has subsidiary namely La salsa since 2007. Recently, Baja Fresh chain has opened in some places.

Baja Fresh Menus

Baja Fresh, since 1990, has been serving big, fresh, and also delicious Mexican menu. The most popular one, flame-grilled flavor, and grilled tortillas are the best you can have. Paying attention to the freshness of the ingredients, the company does not take canned materials. The company can guarantee that the restaurant will serve all fresh menus.For the menu itself, the company, for example, offers many variants of burritos, salads, sides. For more information, look out this official menu on or

Baja Fresh Catering

On Baja Fresh Catering column you will find some best menus. They are such as favorite platters, salads, classic party packs, mix and match, fajitas all around, and deserts and sides. For information, all catering orders are available with utensils, plates, complete with napkins. For further information, you can visit this catering online portal at

About Baja Club

Join the member or more known as Baja club today. And, you will get a free taco and hundreds of dollars in savings each year. Baja also sends you a special treatment on your birthday. Upon joining the member, you will then start receiving the reward.

Baja Fresh Social Media Contacts

As the advance of technology, the restaurant will give the best recent information. Therefore, the restaurant is accessible at some of the most-used social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  • Facebook Account:
  • For Instagram, it is available on Instagram Account:
  • interest Account:
  • And, Twitter Account:!/bajafresh
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Baja Fresh makes its social media contacts in four variants account for the reason each customer may have different accounts. Actually, all of the Social Media accounts are all the same. Only one or two features distinguish them. For example, on Facebook and Instagram makes you possible to have a live chat. In which, you can ask anything about the restaurant and they will answer your message as soon as they notice it. While on Pinterest and Twitter, you only can make a comment and wait for them to reply to your message.

Ways to Contact Baja Fresh Corporate Customer Service

In case you need to fill an Online Baja Feedback Survey Form or other things to ask, you can contact the customer care service. Here they are:

  • Kahala Brands Baja Fresh Corporate Office

You can send a letter to Kahala Brands Headquarter address: 9311 E Via De Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Or, you can call Kahala Brands Phone Number: 866 4-KAHALA or 866 452 4252. And the last, it will be nice to send an email to Kahala Brands Email Address:

  • La salsa Irvine Baja Fresh Corporate Office

In case you want to send a letter, you can send it to Baja Address. It is 320 Commerce, Suite 100, Irvine, California 92602, United States. And if you want to call the Phone Number, here is the number: 1 949 270 8900.

Baja Fresh Official Website

In gaining more information about Baja restaurant, you can visit the website. It is at There will be some information about the restaurant, hot promotions, Baja Fresh Locator, and so on. The second website is Yes, it is the official website that you can visit. There will be various rewards that you can earn based on the rules.

Baja Fresh Store Locator

In case it is the first time you want to visit the store, you can use Baja Fresh Locator. Trough this feature, you can check or contact the nearest local Baja Fresh. In using this tool, the company requires you to enter City and State or Zip Code. You can also search Baja Fresh Near Me to find the Nearest Baja Stores.

So, guys, you get the points? Yep! You are right. By participating Baja Fresh sweepstakes, you can save my money a bit and get food in an inexpensive way. Baja sweepstakes can be the best answer now. Try to visit the restaurant and take the survey sweepstakes program. Best luck!

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