BeallsFlorida – Steps to Win $500 from Bealls Florida Survey

Everyone loves to go shopping. No matter what the reason, does the shopping will increase someone’s happiness? Indeed, you can fulfill your needs like footwear, accessories, some clothes or even houseware. Well, in that case, you may want to check the BeallsFlorida department store. It is one of the largest retailer companies in the US. So, it will be perfect for you to find what you need. Moreover, by purchasing something in Bealls Florida, you have the chance to win $500 gift card. Do you know how? Well, all you need to do is joining the Bealls Florida Survey. Then, if you are curious how to run the survey, keeps reading this article. You will get the steps guide and preparation you need.

About Bealls Florida in General

Before going further, it is important for you to know a bit about Beall’s Florida. It is the retailer company in the United States. This company has three main focuses in business. They are Bealls Department store, Banulu Bealls and Bealls Outlet Store. Anyway, to find these chains is easy. You can find more than 500 Bealls Locations over the USA. The CEO, Steve Knopik manages all the Bealls Location from the headquarters office. It is in Bradenton, Florida. This retailer company does the business since 1915. Indeed, if you want to access more information about Beall’s, you can go to the website. Please access from your browser app. Here you can do the online shopping, check the new arrivals, check the products, promotions, membership, the Locations and many more. Indeed, you can contact the Bealls Customer Service by visiting contact us menu.


Well, is the official page of Beall’s Florida survey program. It is the program to all customers. This Survey main idea is simple. You just need to give your review or feedback about Beall’s Florida. This review will be about your satisfaction level over the performance. You can use your latest visit as the reference. Indeed, if you get a bad experience, don’t doubt to mention it here.  You are free to speak your mind. By joining this survey, you are helping the company to be better. It is because your company will use your review to make some improvements. So, in the next visiting, you may get a better service from the the team. Indeed, you can also win $500 gift card as the reward of this survey.

beallsflorida login Step by Step Guidelines
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What Are The Rules To Obey in Beall’s Florida Survey?

Anyway, if you haven’t participated in any customer survey, it is important to know the rules. You have to fit with all the rules here to be eligible. This Survey rules are simple and easy to do. You can access the rules through the survey page. But, here we make it simple for you to understand. So, here are the Survey rules:

  • Age Requirement to Enter the Survey

The customers are welcomed to join the Survey. However, the customer must fulfill the age requirement that mentions here. You need to be at least 18 years old to join this program. Indeed, if you are not 18 yet you can’t make your way in.

  • The Participant Resident Status
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The second rule, you have to know about the states that allow to accessing the Survey. This survey program is accessible through the US. It means you have to be a legal resident in the United States.

  • A Valid Receipt

The third rule, you have to own a valid receipt from Beall’s store. It is the proof that you are the real customers. Indeed, you will need the Survey codes on it. Well, without the codes you can’t enter the survey portal. To get this receipt, you must make a transaction first in any Beall’s store.

  • Bealls Florida Survey Entry Limitation

The next rule, you must know the survey entry limitation. You can’t take more than one entry for one email address per period. So, for one survey period, you just have one chance to enter the portal.

  • Your Status in this Company

The last rule is about the participant status in this Company. As you know in earlier, This survey is for all the customers. Well, the employee cant joins this survey program. It is including the employee’s family members. So, make sure you are not one of those parts. Then, you can be a valid participant for this Bealls Florida Survey.

Bealls Florida Login Guides
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How to Complete Bealls Florida Survey Step by Step?

After you read about the survey rules, it is the time to get the steps guide. For those who are new, please don’t get panic. All you need to do is following the steps below in order. But, be sure you have done fulfill all the rules. Then, you can be credible for the reward. Anyway, here are the steps to make the Survey:

  • Step 1: Get The Device to Enter Beall’s Survey

The first step, please go get the electronic device. This Survey is an online survey. So, you will need the device like a PC, laptop or Smartphone. Indeed, you must get a stable internet access. It is no matter what internet provider you choose. Just make sure your access will not interrupt your process. Of course, you don’t want to get an error page loading.

  • Step 2: Visit the Survey Page

After you get the device, now please open the browser app inside your device. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or another app similar. From the address bar, please put the correct survey address. The address is in Click the search button to get the result. In a few seconds, you will see the Survey homepage.

  • Step 3: Click “Take The Survey”

In the homepage, you will see a link with “Take The Survey”. To continue, please click upon this link. Indeed, there will be also a link to read survey term and condition. If you want to make sure something, you can check the term and condition first.

  • Step 4: Put the Survey Details
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The following step, you have to grab the receipt. It is because you need to put the Bealls Florida Survey codes. The codes are available on the receipt you get. Indeed, you will also need another survey details. So, make sure you keep the receipt safe with you. Then, please put the store location where you shop. Indeed, you will also need the date and hour of your visiting. All those details are available on the receipt. Anyway, if you are doubt, you can use the receipt sample picture. This picture will help you to show which codes you need. Use this picture as your guide to put the correct receipt details in this survey page.

  • Step 5: Answer The Survey Questions

After you have done with the survey codes, then you will get a list of questions. The next page, you will give respond to the questions. Those questions are about Beall’s Florida overall performance. It is including the staff, products, quality, price, cleanliness and so on. What you need to do is giving the satisfaction rating for each question. Indeed, you must be honest while answering all of them. Use your latest visiting in this restaurant as a reference. If you get a bad service, don’t think twice to share it as well.  Your honesty will help the company to make some improvement for its performance.

  • Step 6: Add Comments or Suggestions

After you have done with the questions, you will get a space to write. In this part, you can share anything about Bealls Florida. It is including making comment, suggestion or critic. Indeed, you have limitation character to write in this space. So, make sure you are writing in brief and to the point. Anyway, you can also put your personal experience when visiting in this store as well. It can strengthen your opinion about Bealls Florida. After you have done, please submit this review.

  • Step 7: Enter the Sweepstakes

All right, you have done with the Survey. Now, you can enter the sweepstakes. This program allows you to win $500 gift card as the prize. You can use this gift card for shopping in the store. Well, before you submit the sweepstakes, put your personal data first. It is including your name, address, email, phone number and so on. Make sure your contact details are active and reachable anytime. The company will contact you later if you are the winner.

How To Find The Bealls Florida Near Me Locations?

Okay, good people if you are looking for Bealls Near Me location, here is the guide. You will get several options how to find Bealls Location. Indeed, to reach the nearest one is beneficial for you. You don’t have to spend a long distance. Indeed, you will not need to cut your precious time. Anyway, here are the steps to find Bealls Florida Near Me:

  • Bealls Florida Near Me from Google
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Bealls Near Me is accessible to find from Google. Anyway, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Of course, it has some abilities that beneficial for all the users. One of them is it can give fast, valid and reliable information source. Please visit from your browser app. In the Google search bar, please put Bealls Near Me as the keyword. Then, click the search button to get the result. As the result, you will see the list of locations. This list will be including the phone number, address, open hours and direction. However, you can get the routes if you click direction link. That feature will be the best work in the Google Map app.

  • Bealls Florida Near Me from Application

The second option, you can get the Location by using the app. It is the app that accessible through a mobile device. So, to use this app you have to download it first from the app store. After doing the installation, please open the app. Find the menu to access its Location. Indeed, you have to provide your location codes. It is such as zip or city codes.

  • Bealls Florida Near Me from Website

The last option, you can access Bealls Near Me from the official page. Please visit from your browser app. Then, once you see the homepage, find the store locator. It is the feature from the website to find the nearest store. To get the access, please put your zip codes and state. Then, you can get the Bealls Florida Near Me location in your area. Pick the one that closes to your area now.

How to Contact Bealls Customer Service Staff?

In case you need to reach the Customer Service, you have some options here. The staff is available in several media to contact. So, it will make the customer feel easier to reach the staff.  Well, here are the steps to reach the Customer Service staff:

  • Phone Number

The first option, you can call the Customer Service staff. However, they are not available to call for 24 hours a day. So, make sure you know the proper time to call. They will be available from 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. Then, on Sunday the Customer Service staff will be available from 10 AM to 8 PM. Anyway, you can call the representative staff in 1 (941) 747-2355 or 800-569-9038.

  • Mail Address

The second option you can send mail to Bealls Customer Service team. In this case, you can write a letter to the Bealls Customer Service team. You can share the critics or suggestions. Please direct your mail to P.O. Box 25207 Bradenton, FL 34206-5207. Make sure to use a proper postcard and post sender for this process.

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