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When we discuss Brookshires Grocery Company, then we will agree that BGC does a very good service and care to the employees. Even if we are the new part of this company, we are sure that this company is the best company to work. This big American grocery retail chain created BGCForMe to serve the employee necessities through this employee portal.

This article will help us to understand about Brookshires Grocery Company, BGCForMe Employee Portal, The qualifications, and even the Brookshires Groceries Company’s Login Guide Step by Step. We don’t need to worry because this employee portal will never allow us to pass the complicated steps to access BGC For Me Login Page. Please be sure that we read all information in this article. Stay tuned and enjoy reading!

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For your information, this employee portal will bring you a lot of advantages to all Brookshires Grocery employees. Through Brookshires Grocery login portal, you can start to explore all information you need. They are including your Brookshires Grocery work schedule, Brookshires Grocery paystubs, and so on. In short, you can say that BGC login portal will allow you to access all Brookshires employee benefits. You can access it online to start to log in to your Brookshires Grocery account.

The Overview about BGCForMe

According to the Texas Monthly Magazines, Brookshires Grocery Company is awarded as “The Best Place to Work.” So that’s why there are more than ten thousand employees across the United States. Even, this company runs more than a hundred superstores in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Aside from this large number of the employee, BGC Management needs free space to reach them all.

Walk in line with the use of internet and technology, Brookshires Grocery Company created an employee website portal to ease their work business. The management calls its website as BGCForMe. This is a private website which is given to the authorized user only. Any individual can use this portal for monitoring, accessing, and even disclosing any generated information. To reach that benefits, at least we need to activate our Account.

Why Should BGFForMe?

Brookshires Grocery Company divided its management into some department. In general, this company divided the management within Retail Stores Team, Pharmacy Team, Warehouse and Transportation Team, Facility Services Team, and Corporate Office Team. Just in case, our team or the chief need to communicate in a fast way to manage a project. So that’s way, Brookshires Groceries Company’s Employee Portal is the best solution to deal its goals. There are some benefits that we can get through the portal. Here, they are:

  • Firstly, we can access the Paystub chart, schedule, rates, history both of computable data and printable.
  • Secondly, we may get the easy communication line including email access, sharing, and so on.
  • Thirdly, through our Brookshires Groceries Company’s Account, we can access Brookshires Groceries Company’s incentives in an easy way.
  • Fourthly, BGC For Me Sap NetWeaver Portal provides a secure space to manage our personal information, job schedule, and job plans.
  • Fifthly, without any worries, we may keep our secret data related to job performance through our Account.
  • Sixthly, this employee portal offers a large job reference, history, and information to support our job performance.
  • Lastly, we can recheck our data in an easy way and access our account within 24 hours of operation. No matter we get our holiday at home, we can open our account and run our job as well we come in the office.

Even though this portal has guaranteed its security privacy, we need to aware ourselves to keep our account well. However, we have to be responsible for our account as well this company will not tolerate with any account abuses through Brookshires Groceries Company’s Portal. Indeed, this company will take the formal action of such individuals or even the groups.

What Should You Prepare in Brookshires Groceries Company’s Portal?

Before knowing about Brookshires Groceries Company’s Login Step by Step, it is better to know about the qualifications to access this employee portal. Similar to the other employee portals, we need to prepare both the eligible devices and even the credential number to open the secure website. And, here the qualifications are:

  • BGC For Me Credential Number

At first, we need to make sure that we have a the Credential Number. It is such as the ID number or username including its password. As a current employee, we may not confuse to enter the number because we have our active account. But, for the new employee, we need to activate it first. To get that identification number, we can ask the Human Resource Development team. As you know, the team will give us the temporary password which we can change it to the security policies.

  • The eligible devices

Then, to access the portal, we should prepare a set of computers. Also, we can use a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. Please be sure that our devices have a stable and secure internet connection. In this case, it is better to use the same computer or device when we access Brookshires Groceries Company’s Account.

  • The connection
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The next qualification is about the connection. As mentioned above, this employee portal is a kind of online management platform. Of course, we should be sure that our devices have the best internet browser including its stable internet connection.

After completing all qualifications above, we can open our account without nobody can prohibit us. The first qualification in this employee portal is about our status as well we are the part of Brookshires Groceries Company team. No matter we are a full-time worker or the part-time worker in any positions, we have the same opportunity to access and enjoy the benefits of this employee portal.

How to Access Brookshires Groceries Company’s Portal?

In no doubt, the current BGC Employee often use this portal to help its job. However, this portal is such as a smart tool where the employees can get what they want and need in an easy way. Also, BGC For Me is the easy portal where we access through some simple way. Here the explanation is:

  • Via the website address

The first way is about to launch the internet browser to BGC Employee Portal Address. At that time, we can visit Once we access that address, we will see the BGC Employee Portal Landing Page.

  • Via the mobile access

The second way is about to access with our mobile phone. In this case, we can access the official site through the internet browser on our mobile phone. Indeed, we can download BGC For Me App to manage the job through our phone. That application is available in Google Play Store for Android users and iTunes for Apple users.

To download that app, we must visit, or open Google Play Store or iTunes then choose the app. After that, we can click on “Install” menu, and allow or to update its features. We can tap on the box “I Agree” to lead our mobile phone run that application.

About Brookshire Groceries Company’s For Me Login Guide Step by Step

Well, we have understood about the benefits, qualification and how to access the login portal. Then, it is the first time to learn about what are the steps to log in to your account. And, here they are:

  • The first (1) step:

As usual, the first thing to run is about launch our internet browser to Brookshires Groceries Company’s website address. At that time, we can type Remember, that website address is a closed-site to BGC Customers. It is especially for the employee only. Even, for the customers, Brookshires Grocery Company provides an official address in

  • The second (2) step:

Once, we arrive at the Login Landing Page; this site will allow we to type our Credential Number. It includes the User ID and password. Be careful; this section is sensitive section where we must give the correct ID and password,

  • The third (3) step:

Then, we can type our user identification number on the first box. For our information, that user ID Numbers are the combination of our SSC Number and Employee ID.

  • The fourth (4) step:

After that, we can give the password on the second box. Please be sure that we give the right password. Even if we are unable to connect, we may check our password twice.

  • The fifth (5) step:

At last, we can select the “Log on” button, then we can explore the menu.

When we get a temporary password from we HR Team, we should change it as well to keep our secured account. At that time, we can go to the website, then choose the menu “Password Station.” The next site will allow us to give the information about our User ID. Then, we can click on “I Agree” button. We only need to follow some easy instruction to recover our temporary password. And, change it into the new one.

About Brookshires Groceries Company’s Login Possible Issues

Because of a large number of the users, maybe we will get some troubles in accessing Brookshires Groceries Company’s Employee Portal. But, please keep in mind that how well this company serves the employee as well, it provides some informational bases to help us fix the problems. And, we don’t need to worry because the problems in login procedure is not a habitual problem that often appears. The common problem that often comes to the the user is unable to sign in. Here the possible appearing causes are:

  • The unstable internet connection, the first causes can be from our connection. When we face this problem, we can find out the stable internet connection location, or even we may check our mobile data account.
  • The unreachable page, the second causes may come from the page is interrupted by any causes. At this moment, we can contact the IT Team to fix our problem, or we need to wait until the page is reachable enough.
  • The wrong credential number, the third cause can be the incorrect user ID or password. When we have checked our Brookshires Groceries Company’s Credential Number and still unable to access the account, we may go to BGC For Me Recovery Page to create a new password.
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After trying all ways above, but we still get troubles to access Brookshires Groceries Company’s, we can call the HR Team or maybe call Brookshires Customer Service to solve the problems. At that time, we may directly go to their room or even we can dial to some informational bases. For the detailed information, this article will discuss it later.

About Brookshires Groceries Company’s Recovery Page

As explained above, we may get some troubles to access the Account. When the cause is from the incorrect credential number, we can go to the Recovery Page and fix our wrong number. Here the detail is:

  • Step 1:

As usual, we must go to

  • Step 2:

Then, you can click on the menu “Password Station.” Once we click on that button, the site will lead us to Brookshires Groceries Company’s Recovery Page.

  • Step 3:

After that, we may type our User Identification Number. Then, we will see two options where you can choose I Disagree, or I Agree. At that time, without any worries, we can click on the blue button which says “I Agree.”

  • Step 4:

The following section will ask you to pass some instructions to fix your wrong or forgotten password. You may reset your account and get the new one.

Just in case you have any troubles with your password or ID Number, you may fix it by asking the HR Team or visiting the Recovery Page in Password Station menu.

About Brookshires Groceries Company’s Contact Information

The other way that you can do is about to dial the informational bases. For your information, Brookshire Grocery Company gives its employee the large space to share every complaint or problems related to the job business. As a result, you can contact these informational bases not only for the account issues but also for the others employee issues. And, here they are:

  • For the account problem, you may dial at 1 888 313 4015. Or, even you can go to the plan website at
  • Then, if you have any problems with personnel, Payroll, and benefits, you may call at 1 (800) 825-4536.
  • No matter you have decided your Plan, you should discuss your Plan with the Corporate Office Team to make the better Plan. To deal this purpose, you can contact Plan Information Team at 1 (800) 825-4536 and choose Option #4.
  • At last, for the Alert Line, you can phone 1 (800) 932 5378 or launch your internet browser at

Remember, that the informational bases above are special for the Brookshires Grocery Company’s employee. For the customer’s problem, this company has prepared the special customer care number that is available at Brookshires Hours and Operation.

The Early History of Brookshires Grocery Company,

In 1992, Wood T and his five brothers built a grocery store which was called as Brookshires Brothers. At that time, Wood and his brothers set out his store strategy into chain store concept which invented with such as Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, the Kroger Company, and capturing lots inspiring entrepreneurs. This chain tried to carve out the profitable position in the east of Texas Market.

About Brookshires Grocery Company Today

For our surprise, Brookshires Grocery Company has been expanded into more than 150 supermarkets in some popular regions as this article mentioned above. This company runs three main tasks; those are Brookshire Grocery and its complete services supermarket, Super 1 Store with its self-service warehouse format, and Ole Foods which caters to the Hispanic market. Hence, this company respects and apply its long tradition in its business management. For example, those are about the friendly services, cleanliness, and technological services.

What Can You Find in Brookshires Store?

As explained before, you may know more about Brookshires Company, including its products through Brookshires Official Website at As its loyal customers, we will be addicted to Brookshires Stores. Besides we get the best product quality, we can get the great price including its friendly services. In general, this store sells some products, such as:

  • Bakery
  • Floral
  • Delicatessen
  • Fresh Fish and Seafood
  • Salad
  • Pharmacy
  • Gasoline

As well you get those products in Brookshires Store, you may get the easy ways to order the products. Both of in-store or online will give us the same services either we get the same offers and discounts.

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Brookshire Grocery Company Near Me

Because of the large numbers of the branches location, Brookshires Management created the “Store Locator” Menu to find out the nearest Brookshires Location from our domicile. To reach this goal, we can visit, then chose the menu “Store Locator.” When we click this menu, this page will lead you at At that time, we can find the nearest location by choosing the state or Zip Code.

How to Apply Brookshire’s Career?

Once you are interested in this company, we may apply your resume and find out the suitable position by searching in Brookshire’s Career Menu. Here the steps that we can follow, such as:

  • Step 1:

We may go to the main website at, then choose the menu “Career.” This menu is available on the bottom side of the website.

  • Step 2:

Then, you will come at page. At that time, we may check the available job position by clicking on “Job Posting” menu. There, we will see the job position list.

  • Step 3:

If you are interested in one of the job qualification. We can click on the link and learn about the qualifications, job description, including its benefits and incentives.

  • Step 4:

After that, you can click on “How to Apply” menu. That menu will be available on the left side of the website. That menu will give us the instruction to apply your resume.

  • Step 5:

At first, we need to download the Application through the available link. Then, we can fill it with some required information. And, you may send it to Brookshire Grocery Company, Attn: HR Staffing P.O. Box 1411 Tyler, TX 75710. Even if we prefer to send the resume to the email address, we can send it at

About Brookshire Customer Feedback

Brookshire Grocery Company offers a Customer Feedback through some Brookshire Customer Care. In this case, the company wants to give the direct link to the customers to be a part of Brookshire’s growth. In this space, the company wants to hear what the customers want and need, even evaluate which part that need improvement. To deal this customer feedback, the customers can follow the ways below. Here they are:

  • Call the customer service; the customers can dial at 1 (888) 937-3776, and talk directly with the customer service.
  • Send the email; then the customers should send the email trough Brookshire Main website at, then choose the menu “Contact-us.”
  • Send the mail, at last; the customers can send the recommendation, complaint, and suggestion by mail. In this case, the customer can write on a piece of paper then send it to the nearest Brookshire Store Location.

About Brookshire Headquarter Information

At last, this section will give you the information about Brookshire Grocery Company Headquarter. Here, you can find out the customer care information which you can use it as well you have any issues about Brookshire Franchising, Brookshire Products, and even the Brookshire Products Nutrition. Here the detail is:

  • Brookshires Headquarter Office,

This company is headquartered in Texas USA. When you have an issue and want to share it via mail address, you can send it in 1600 West South West Loop 323 P.O. Box 1411 Tyler, Texas 75710 USA.

  • Brookshires Customer Service Number,

You may contact the customer service orally in Brookshires Hours and Operation. In this occasion, you can dial at (903) 534-3000.

  • Media Inquiries,

When you are a part of media journalist member, you can contact the Public Relation Department. This part is ready to serve the media through the email address. You can send the message to

  • Website address,

For the further information about Brookshires Grocery Company and all about it, you can explore its official website at

  • Brookshires Social Media Account,

Then, you may get the latest information through the social media account. For your Facebook account, you can add Then, for your Instagram account, it will be available at At last for YouTube and Twitter account, you may follow and

Well, you already have got the detail information about Brookshires Grocery Company and even about the BGC For Me Login Step by Step. Just in case you get some hesitation about this company, you need to open the website and learn about how well this company serves its employee. As you know, by joining as Brookshires Employee, you will get some benefits such as Medical and Dental Insurance, Vision Plan, Employee Stock Ownership Plan up to 401k besides its competitive salary. Then, by having the Account, you can improve your work performance. Come on, take your achievement and enjoy working!

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