Biglotssurvey – Big Lots Customer Survey Guide and Win $300 Cash

Are you managing a new house? You want to fill your home decoration, but you have a low budget. Here a happy news for you guys! Big Lots Store comes to serve your necessities. With its various great products including its competitive price, you will be such as a queen in shopping. After shopping, you should participate in Biglotssurvey and win $300 cash from Big Lots Customer Survey.

If it is your first time to take part in a customer survey, you need to be sure that you have complete all qualifications at first. Even, there are some rules that you must obey. Without any worries, Big Lots Team provides some easy steps to conduct its customer survey. This article will share about Big Lots Customer Survey Guide, and some qualifications to Win $300 Cash. Stay tuned and happy reading!


About Biglotssurvey

In a marketplace business, the customer satisfaction is the main important aspect to decide the achievable goals. Even if it has lot customers, but to keep them back is not an easy task. So that’s why, in this business area, the owner should update their strategy to keep them back from the innovation, or even the offers. Of course, to know the customer’s willingness, the owner should create a space where the customer able to speak without any doubts or afraid.

At least, a customer satisfaction survey will be the best solution to deal its goal. Besides, this strategy becomes more interesting with the great included reward. This survey is one of the examples of a customer satisfaction survey which is handled by Big Lots Company. Within 5 up to 10 minutes, the customers can complete all questionnaires and rate the assessment about Big Lots performance.

Why Should Take Part in Big Lots Sweepstakes?

As a loyal customer of Big Lots Store, of course, you will never hesitate to take part in Big Lots Survey. Of course, this survey is not your first experience because maybe you have got the benefits after completing your online survey. But, if it is the first experience of the new Big Lots’ customers, you may ensure yourself with some benefits by joining the survey. And, here they are:

  • The first benefit is about to get an opportunity to win $300 Cash from Big Lots Company.
  • With a full of pride, by participating the survey, it means that you are a part of Big Lots growth.
  • Then, you can help the management to improve its performance and compete with Big Lots Competitors.
  • At last, it will enrich your skill and knowledge in sharing the complaints, giving the recommendation through a good and responsible way.

Do you still doubt with the benefits in Big Lots Survey? It may be great for you to list what stuff that you want to buy. Who knows that today is your turn to Win $300 Cash for Big Lots Company.

About the Rules in Big Lots Survey?

Before talking much about the Big Lots Customer Survey Guide, you need to know about the rules first. In line with another customer survey portal, Big Lots Team also decided some rules in this online customer survey. To decide the best winner, it should have some considerations as well to choose the best one. Are you interested to be the part of it? Here the rules are:

  • The Survey Participant Status
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At first, as a good survey participant, you must be at least 18 years old or more when you take the survey. Then, you must be a part of 50 United States Citizens, including District of Columbia. After that, you are not a Big Lots Staff and employee, and even its family.

  • The eligible receipt

The second, to participate in the survey, you need to have a survey invitation number. In an easy way, you may get the invitation through your current receipt. But, please be sure that you survey due to invitation time instruction. Even, you need to keep well your receipt to make sure that it is still in good condition.

  • The language proficiency

The third, you may be sure with your skill to understand English or Spanish to join the survey. Both of English and Spanish will be the language instruction in the online survey. In this occasion, you may choose between them.

  • The registration policy

At last, the survey will be available for one entry per person or email account. It means that you cannot use your invitation number for two different email accounts. If you want to take part again, you need to visit Big Lots Store and get the invitation code again.

Are you qualified to take part in Big Lots Survey? Come on; you may go to the next section and learn about the things that you need to prepare. Just take it easy, you will not face the complicated requisites.

About the Requisites in Big Lots Survey

After knowing about the rules, you may be sure that you have opened you’re large opportunity to win $300 from the survey. Well, here the requisites are:

  • At first, you need to prepare a set of computers. Even, you can use your tablet, laptop, or Smartphone to join the survey.
  • Because it is an online survey, of course, you need to be sure that you have the best internet browser, including its stable internet connection.
  • The next requisite is about your receipt. Please be sure that your receipt is still in good condition. It means that you can see the detail information on that receipt. As you know, that receipt contains the information about survey invitation number, store number, day and date of the last shopping, and even the detail of shopping and bill.
  • At last, you need to have enough time to complete all section of the survey. Within 5 up to 10 minutes, you may finish your online survey.

Which one is the most difficult? I think the answer is nothing. It is your turn to prepare the requisites. And, participate in the online survey. Please be sure that you have kept your shopping list as well you Win $300.

What Should You Share in Big Lots Survey?

Big Lots Customer Survey offers two kinds of the questionnaire; those are a close-ended questionnaire and an open-ended questionnaire. In the close-ended questionnaire, you can give the assessment from the score one to five. It is like the scale-range statements which show the strongly satisfied until strongly dissatisfied.

Then, in the open-ended questionnaire, this page will give you some questions. At that time, you are free to answer on the available boxes. Hence, you may answer in a descriptive way. In general, both of statement and questions will talk about:

  • The quality of products
  • Store cleanliness, security, and pleasure
  • Staff and employee services and manner
  • The price and offers
  • Your willingness to recommend this store to the others, and much more.
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Please keep in mind about your experience with Big Lots Company. You should; you give your true and honest experience. Even, you can share the unpleasant thing that you have ever faced without any worries.

Where to Access Big Lots Survey?

After preparing the requisites, obeying the rules, and even understanding about the survey material, you need to launch your internet browser to the survey website address. In this occasion, you can write down on your internet search bar. Then, you can follow the step by step and Win $300 cash.

Even you can join the survey via in an online way, you may participate in the offline way. With its same rules and qualifications, you may write down your feedback on a piece of paper and send it in 300 Phillipi Road Columbus, Ohio 43228-5311.

About Big Lots Customer Survey Guide

Here the section where you can know about Big Lots Customer Survey Guide. If it is your first time to join the survey, you may follow some step by step below. And, here they are:

  • Step one (1):

Of course, for the first time, you need to go to the survey website address. In this case, you can visit Then, you will see the whole of survey page which allows you to write some information.

  • Step two (2):

Then, you may choose the language option. In this occasion, you may choose between English or Española. Later, the statement, instruction, and question will appear based on your language choice.

  • Step three (3):

The following section will lead you to write down the transaction number, store number, amount of purchase, time of visit, and the date of visit. You don’t need to worry because this page shows you the picture example. So, you can match it with your receipt.

  • Step four (4):

After that, you may click on “Start” button.

  • Step five (5):

You arrive at the first section of the questionnaire. At first, you will see the close-ended questionnaire where allows you rate according to your like or dislike. Then, you may click on “Submit” button.

  • Step six (6):

At last, you can complete your open-ended questionnaire, and share your recommendation. Please be sure that you write the honest feedback. Then, you may click on “Submit” button. Then, you can leave your personal information such as name, address, email, and phone numbers, and click on “Submit.” Automatically, this page will send your feedback fast.

After completing the questions section, a BigLots Sweepstakes Code will appear on your screen. At that time, you can write it down on your receipt. If you are lucky, Big Lots Customer Service will inform you through your personal information. It may be from your phone, email or address. Please be sure that you switch on your phone and email.

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About BigLots Reward and Rules for Redeeming

As the high appreciation for its loyal customers, Big Lots Company offers the great reward for the survey participants. Both of online and offline way, the participant should have the same opportunity to win $300 cash. Of course, that price will be beneficial to fill your home appliances with the great products from Big Lots Store.

When Big Lots Customer Service announce that you are the winner of the survey, you may redeem it on your next visit. But, to conduct its redemption, you need to pay attention to some rules below. Here they are:

  • The first, you can redeem your Big Lots Sweepstakes due to the available time which is instructed by the customer service.
  • The second, your sweepstakes will not be available for any other purchases.
  • The third, you may redeem the sweepstakes in the same Big Lots Store where you get your current receipt.
  • The fourth, your sweepstakes cannot be transferred to the others survey participants and customers.
  • The fifth, the sweepstakes will be available for one person per one visit. So, you must give it back to the customer service to avoid the misunderstanding.

During the sweepstakes redemption, you need to be careful with any deceptions. As you know, Big Lots Company will never ask the payment or the banking information during the redemption process.

About Big Lots Company

Big Lots Company is one of the biggest American Retail stores. It has been headquartered in Columbus Ohio, United States. Today, you can find its branches in more than 1300 stores across the United States. Since more than two decades, these retail stores provide the home appliances products such as Home Furniture, Clothing, Kids and Toys, Food and Beverages, Electronic devices, and even the interior and exterior decoration.

About Big Lots Near Me

Because of its large number of stores, Big Lots Company creates Big Lots Near Me menu on its official website. The customers can visit and choose the menu Store Locator. That menu will be available on the top right side of the site. Then, they can search the nearest Big Lots Store Location through the Zip Code or even state the city on the box available.

Further Information?

Even if you need the more information about Big Lots Sweepstakes, Big Lots Career, Bis Lots Coupon, Big Lots Hours, and even the Big Lots Credit Card, you can find in its main website in Also, you can choose the menu “About Us” to know more about its company. For the other informational bases, you can contact the customer service at 1-866-BIG-LOTS (244-5687). It will be available at 8 AM to 10 PM ET on Monday to Friday, and at 8 AM to 8 PM ET on Saturday and Sunday.

Alright, you have known well about Big Lots Customer Survey Guide. Without any hesitation, you can contact Big Lots Customer Service if you face any troubles. Please be sure that you will be a part to Win $300 cash from the sweepstakes. Wish you luck!

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