BurlingtonFeedback – The Steps to Win $1000 Burlington Gift Card

Welcome to Burlington Guest Survey Portal 2019

Hello, Coupon Seekers! Do you want to win a coupon discount for a famous restaurant or stores? We are here to give you the awesome information about BurlingtonFeedback Guest Satisfaction Survey Program. Through this program, you are able to win $1000 Burlington Gift Card. You can use this card at all Burlington Stores and purchase all of the products that you want. The main thing that you can do is about to visit one of the nearest Burlington Stores in your city then purchase at least one of its product. Once you get and pay the products, you will receive the receipt which contains the serial numbers of Burlington Survey Invitation Codes. Like usual, this code is the key to open the whole part of Burlington Feedback Questionnaires. So, Friends! Please stay tuned and enjoy reading!

What is BurlingtonFeedback?

First of all, you have to know what BurlingtonFeedback is. From the name, we can guess that it is the official site of the Burlington Guest Satisfaction Survey Program. Like usual, the customers can take its online survey at www.BurlingtonFeedback.com Portal then fill out the digital survey questionnaires. Well, Friends! This survey accommodates the free space where you can share the feedback, complaints, and suggestions about the previous shopping experiences.  Of course, you should not hesitate to share both positive and negative feedback. On the other side, Burlington Official Teams uses this portal to explore the deep customer’s opinion and suggestion to the best of its next performance. Well, it helps them to observe the progress then know what are the weakness, strength as well as the next threat.

BurlingtonFeedback Guides
BurlingtonFeedback Guides are taken from BurlingtonFeedback.com

Once you hope to win $1000 Burlington Gift Card, you need to get one of Burlington Coat Factory Store. There, you can shop anything you need and pay it using cash or even your credit card. Shortly after complete the payment. You are able to receive a receipt where it contains a key to access BurlingtonFeedback.com Portal. By the way, you are able to take the other survey entrance. And, it is about to take the email survey and sweepstakes. In this case, you are better to follow these simple survey steps, and those are:

  • First of all, you need to prepare an electronic device and internet access.
  • For the next, you can run your email application then start typing down the sentences. Before it, you can type down “Burlington Store Survey and Sweepstakes Entry” as the title.
  • Then, you can begin typing down the feedback and detailed feedback or reviews on that paper.
  • Below the input, you are better to mention the detail of your personal information. It is essential to state the complete name, address, email, and phone numbers.
  • For the rest, you can send your email to Service.Stores@Burlington.com.
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BurlingtonFeedback Guides
BurlingtonFeedback Guides

What are the Qualifications at Burlington Survey and Sweepstakes?

Meanwhile, there are some qualifications that you should know before deciding to take part in this survey. Then, if you want its prize, you have to make sure that you match the qualifications. With no talk too much, here the qualifications are:

  • At first, Burlington Guest Survey is accessible for only the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia Residences.
  • Then, you must be over than 18 years old when entering BurlingtonFeedabck.com Portal or even access the email survey entrance.
  • After that, you must not be the part of Burlington Employees, sponsors, as well as its immediate family or their household teams.
  • Once you take this survey and sweepstakes program, you must agree with any terms of services. And one of them is about to complete the survey with honest reviews based on your real experiences.
  • When you take Burlington Coat Factory online survey, you have to be ready with two language preferences. And, it is about to be free to choose between English or Spanish.

What are the Terms of Services of BurlingtonFeedback Survey and Sweepstakes?

Well, you can get the complete and detail Burlington Feedback Terms of Services at www.BurlingtonFeedback.com Portal. But to help you, here we show you the lists of terms of services that you must obey, and here they are:

  • About the participants

First thing first, you have to make sure that you match all the qualifications that we have stated above. It is the main rule that you must obey if you want to elect in winning $1000 Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card.

  • The Survey Invitation Codes

Each participant of Burlington Feedback must have valid survey codes. Like all we know, it is available within your current Burlington Receipt. Even, that code will be accurate within seven days of the last visit. One code or receipt will only valid for one entrance and not usable for the second and more.

  • Survey Period

You can participate in this survey as long as its survey period is open. For your information, it starts from February 7, 2019, and will ends on August 6, 2019. So, there are seven entrance periods that you can apply. Just in case the period is over, you should not be sad where you can wait for a while. Sure, the next survey period will be open.

  • The entrance procedures
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After that, you only have an opportunity to enter the survey in each survey period. Also, it must be valid for one survey entrance in the same household.

  • The Winner’s Selection

The winners of BurlingtonFeedback and sweepstakes are chosen based on the random drawing method. And, this process will be fully done by the official team of Burlington Customer Service. Your total amount of purchasing will not impact the winner’s possibility. Even, the winner’s decision is final, and no one can be interrupted. Anyway, the next alternative is possible if a candidate winner does not respond to the calls or resend the confirmation.

  • About the winner’s information

Burlington Coat Factory Teams will choose twelve winners in this survey and sweepstakes program. So, they will inform the two winners each month. Once a winner appears, the teams will inform through their personal message or email. And of course, the candidate winners must respond to it within five business days.

  • The Winner’s Responsibility

Meanwhile, each winner must complete and return the Affidavit and Eligibility Release within seven days of the previous confirmation date. If you miss this chance, you may lose the chance to win $1000 Burlington Gift Card.

  • Reward Condition and Distribution

Friends, the reward on this survey is $1000 Burlington Gift Card. Even, you cannot request a cash reward or even the other products. You will receive this reward through mail shortly after completing the confirmation. At least, when you don’t receive the reward within two up two-three months, you can contact Burlington Customer Service to fix it.

What are the Questionnaires at BurlingtonFeedback.com Portal talk about?

Alright, there are several questionnaires that you must know when you take the online survey entrance. Thus, it is better to prepare the answer then you can complete the survey as soon as possible then take a chance to win the sweepstakes. And, here the questions talk about:

  • The store services
  • Products quality
  • Price list
  • Cashier and staff friendliness
  • Store location and friendliness
  • The range of visit
  • Likelihood to promote to the others
  • Willingness to return in the next days
  • And, the problems on your previous visit.

For your information, you have to get ready to face two kinds of survey questionnaires. At first, you will get the like-scale statements and the range of scores. And the second section will set you free to share the feedback and reviews using words and sentences.

The Steps in Burlington Feedback and Sweepstakes

Alright, there are several devices that you have to prepare when you want to take the online entrances. Like usual, you will need a personal electronic device, internet browser and of course the strong and stable internet connection, One thing that will be important is about your current Burlington Receipt that it keeps your survey invitation codes. Well, Friends! Here the steps are:

  • Step 1:
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In the beginning, you will need to get ready with your phone including internet access. Then, you can start accessing www.BurlingtonFeedback.com Portal. You can read the “Sweepstakes Rules” to make sure that there is no qualification missed out.

  • Step 2:

Once you get this site, you will get the English survey version. If you don’t want to use this language preference, you can use Spanish by tapping on the menu.

  • Step 3:

After that, you must fill out the series of survey codes on the separated boxes. You have to make sure that you give the codes correctly. And also, you need to select the date and time of the previous visit.

  • Step 4:

For the next, you can start the rate following questionnaires. Like we have stated before, it is the first section that will show you several like-scale statements with its range of scores. Tap on the scores that represent your satisfaction level.

  • Step 5:

And then, you can type down the descriptive opinion or feedback based on the appeared questions. In this case, you need to state it straightly because this site may limit you up to 1200 characters only.

  • Step 6:

Finally, you can get the sweepstakes section. You can take it and complete the form. It will ask about your complete name, address, email, and phone numbers.

  • Step 7:

For the rest, you can quit from www BurlingtonFeedback com Page and set your phone nearby and easy to reach.

About Burlington Coat Factory

Well, Burlington Coat Factory is the national off-price department store retailer. It was founded in 1972 by Monroe Milstein in Burlington Township, New Hersey, United States. Today, it has more than 631 stores across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, as well as District of Columbia. And so that you know, this store sells these kinds of stuff, such as:

  • Clothes
  • Baby Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Home Decoration Items
  • And, the various gifts.

And, it is all about BurlingtonFeedback and the steps to win $1000 Burlington Gift Card. If you need something more about this store, you can visit Burlington Coat Factory Official Website at www.Burlington.com Portal. We hope that you can win this sweepstake and see you soon!

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