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Hi, Food Explorer? How far do you get the eatery experiences from across the world? And, have you ever got experience with the Mexican Cuisine? If you are not, we suggest you get the experience of it and realize how great they create a combination of meat and beverages. Even, you should not go too far just to get Mexican Cuisine while you can visit Taco Cabana Restaurant in the United States. Then, to help you explore more Taco Cabana Menu, it should be good to use $1 Taco Cabana Coupon on every visit. Guess how? It is easy! You only need to take part in CabanaCares Survey and share your last eatery experiences at or Right now, we are going to talk about Cabana Cares Survey Guides and help you to grab your instant reward without passing any difficult issues. So, are you ready Friends?

What is CabanaCares?

Alright, the survey beginners may be not familiar with a customer survey program purpose. Anyway, CabanaCares Survey is the official and legal guest satisfaction survey program which is held by Taco Cabana Restaurant. This program is only accessible via online at Inside of this portal, the participants will receive the digital survey questionnaires which they measure how high they are satisfied with Taco Cabana Menu, services as well as the store appearances. Cabana Cares Survey Program also offers the participants with the instant reward of $1 Taco Cabana Coupon Discount which is redeemable in the next visit.

CabanaCares Step by Step Guides
CabanaCares Survey Guidelines are taken from

The main thing that you must do when you are interested in taking part in CabanaCares Survey is about to get one of the nearest Taco Cabana Locations and observe its general performance. Once you reach the store location, you have to keep your eyes on every inch of the restaurant’s services, appearances as well as the employee’s attitude. It is a great idea where you can get easy to answer the questions as well as respond to the statements. Even, you don’t need to hesitate to share both of your positive and negative reviews just in the case previously you get your bad eatery experiences.

CabanaCares Guidelines to win $1 Coupon Discount
CabanaCares Guidelines

Who is Eligible to Take Cabana Cares Survey?

By the way, you have to know that several customers are eligible to take part in CabanaCares Survey Program. Thus, before accessing the Taco Cabana Guest Satisfaction Survey Official Site, it is better to gain more information about the participant’s qualifications. Once you meet them, it should be good to access the site directly and grab your instant reward. So, here the qualifications are:

  • At first, you must come from or be the legal residence of the United States.
  • Then, you have to be at least 18 when entering Guest Satisfaction Survey Portal.
  • After that, you are able to take part in this survey if you have at least experience at any Taco Cabana Locations. Sure, it must be proved with your current receipt.
  • You don’t need to worry as Cabana Cares Online Survey Program is only accessible for the real customers. In other words, Taco Cabana Employees, sponsor, subsidiaries, their families or even whoever who live in the same household with them are not eligible to take the survey.
  • And next, you must be eligible to use and understand English in both oral and written instruction.
  • At last, you have free time around five until ten minutes to complete the survey questionnaires.
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About CabanaCares Terms of Services

Beside of the qualifications, you have to get ready to obey the Terms of Services in Taco Cabana Cares Survey Program. These terms of services will regulate your survey program and protect the credibility of your survey. So, to get you $1 Taco Cabana Coupon Discount easily, it should be good to get more attention to these Terms of Services, and those are:

  • About the Entrance

First thing first, it should be good when you remember that you only have one chance to participate in the Cabana Cares Survey Program. Also, you must limit one survey for the same household.

  • The Survey Process

Once you reach out Portal, you have no reasons to skip the section or leave a void. In other words, you have an obligation to complete all lists of questionnaires.

  • The Receipt

Like we have mentioned before, the main requirement in Taco Cabana Survey is about your series of survey codes. And, it is available on your receipt. For information, this code will get expired after two days of the previous visit. And you as the owner of the receipt do not have the authority to duplicate or even re-use the codes on the following survey entrance.

  • The Reward

As we all know, the reward in Cabana Guest Satisfaction Survey is $1 Taco Cabana Coupon Discount. This reward is not redeemable for cash or even substitutable with the other Taco Cabana Menu.

  • The Redemption Process

Once you have got the validation codes from Cabana Cares Survey Site, you can directly go to the same Taco Cabana Locations as you have recently visited. You have to show that codes to the cashier or customer service as the prior activity before requesting the reward. The redemption process is valid within seven days of the last survey entrance. Even, you can only redeem one receipt per visit for a participant. Just in case you own more than one receipt, you can use it in the separate days.

What Have to Provide to Access Official Site?

Well, you have all detail about Cabana Cares Participants Qualifications and the terms of services. Now, you are able to provide some useful devices to access Cabana Cares com Portal. You still have a few times to provide them all, and here the lists of devices are:

  • As usual, you will need a secure electronic device. It should be good to use a PC or Laptop instead of a Smartphone.
  • Then, you can get the survey site even if you have installed the latest version of the internet browser. In this case, you can use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
  • After that, you must ensure that your device has a high-speed internet connection.
  • Next, you must place your previous Taco Cabana Receipt beside you. It keeps important information to open the survey questionnaires.
  • At last, you can put a writing utensil on your pocket to write down the validation code.
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What Need to Do to Complete CabanaCares Survey Questionnaires?

Great! We know that you are curious with Cabana Cares Survey Questionnaires and cannot be too patient to use $1 Taco Cabana Coupon Discount. However, you have completed all the requirements and have got ready with the Terms of Services. And, here the step by step actions that you can practice to complete Taco Cabana Survey then win your coupon discount. And, here they are:

  • Step 1:

First of all, you can start going online and visit the official site of Taco Cabana Online Survey Site. As all we know, it is available at Portal.

  • Step 2:

Second of all, you have to submit some digits of Cabana Cares Survey Invitation Numbers on the appeared box. If you have checked the code’s correctness, you can click on the “Next” button.

  • Step 3:

After that, you can start rating on the like-scale statements. In this section, you will get some range of scores where it will represent your level of satisfaction. Just be sure that you choose the reward honestly based on your real feeling.

  • Step 4:

Alright, we know that the like-scale statements sections will not satisfy you. In the second section, you can feel free to give descriptive feedback based on the appeared questions. Somehow, the questions will lead you to give complaints, opinions, comments, feedback, and suggestions.

  • Step 5:

Once you have completed all of Taco Cabana Survey Questionnaires, you can get the series of validation codes appearing on your screen. At this time, you are better to write it down on your receipt.

  • Step 6:

Congratulation! You can bring your receipt to the previous Taco Locations then redeem your free reward. Of course, this discount voucher can help you to enjoy the menu without getting worried about the cost.

About a Few Lists of Taco Cabana Locations

So, you can start taking CabanaCares Survey by visiting one of the nearest Taco Cabana Locations. Anyway, you are easy to get the lists of locations by following these simple steps, those are:

  • Way 1# Run Google Map Application

First thing first, you are able to run the Google Map Application or even access Portal. Once you get the homepage, you can type down “Taco Cabana near me” or specifically state the city of your current positions. Within less a minute, this map will show you the lists of Taco Cabana Location include the detail of hours and phone numbers.

  • Way 2# Access Taco Cabana Store Locator
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And, the second way is about to access Portal then choose the menu “Find a Location.” There, you need to type down the city and state or the series of zip code. You will get the lists of locations to include Taco Cabana Hours, Customer Service Phone Numbers as well as the detail of deals and promotions. By the way, to give you the references, here a few lists of Taco Cabana Locations, those are:

AddressCustomer Service Phone NumbersHours of Operation
6867 W US Hwy 90, San Antonio, TX 78227, USA+1 210-675-7558Open 24 hours
110 US-80, Mesquite, TX 75149, USA+1 214-329-9247Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
1205 N Hwy 77, Waxahachie, TX 75165, USA+1 972-923-7781Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
701 Texas Ave, College Station, TX 77840, USA+1 979-693-1904Open 24 hours
6500 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA+1 505-821-0203Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
3301-01 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, USA+1 505-836-1650Open 24 hours
20745 Highway 59 N, Humble, TX 77338, United States+1 281-319-4626Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
25657 US-59, Kingwood, TX 77339, USA+1 281-354-0198Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
3721 N Hwy 75, Sherman, TX 75090, USA+1 903-892-0419Closed ⋅ Opens 6AM
  • Way 3# Install Taco Cabana Application

For the rest, you are able to install the Taco Cabana App from Google Play or App Store. Once you install this kind of app, you can run the store locator access and get the lists of locations from your current locations.

About Taco Cabana Restaurant Profile

Then, you have completed the Cabana Cares Survey, and it is the time to get more information about Taco Cabana Restaurant Profile. Do you know? Felix Stehling founded this Restaurant in 1978. It is the subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group Incorporation that places the headquarter office in San Antonio Texas. In line with its name, Taco Cabana is the kind of American-Mexican Casual Restaurant. It serves the various kinds of Mexican Meals likewise Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadilla. On September 2014, this restaurant had more than 166 Restaurants that is located in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

About Taco Cabana Headquarter Office Teams

Just in case you need to ask more questions about Taco Cabana Franchising System, the careers opportunity as well as the detail of its company, you are able to get the headquarter teams at:

  • At first, you can get them via phone at 1-210-804-0990 or 1-210-283-5500.
  • Or, you can send a fax at Taco Cabana Headquarter Fax Numbers at 1-210-804-1970.
  • Or, you can send a mail-in letter to PO Box 8910 Tesoro Drive Suite 200 San Antonia, TX 78217, the United States.

Well, it is all about CabanaCares Survey and the steps to win $1 Taco Cabana Coupon Discount. We are glad of hearing you happy with Taco Cabana Menu and Services. Don’t forget always to take part in Cabana Cares Survey and share your awesome eatery experiences. See you!

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