Culvers Survey – The Steps in Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey and Sweepstakes

Welcome to Culver’s Survey and Sweepstakes 2019!

Have you recently visited Culver’s Restaurant? If it is yes, you have to check whether you still keep your previous receipt or not. Then, when you find out your receipt on your pocket or bag, you are lucky as you can take part in the Culvers Survey and win the instant price for the next visit. Indeed, you can take Culver’s Sweepstakes Program that is opened only this year! If you are lucky, you can win the grand prize of $500 Culver’s Gift Card or the daily Butter Burger. Even, we know that some of you are not familiar to visit this restaurant or even take part in its satisfaction survey program. But, it is the purposes of we exist here. We will give you the simple guidelines and procedures in both of the survey and sweepstakes. Just be sure that you stay tuned and enjoy all the details!

What is Culvers Survey?

Well, Friends! You have to know that Culvers Restaurant sets the customers free to share everything of their previous eatery experiences. In this case, the restaurant’s official teams open the large opportunity for you to share any complaints, feedback, reviews, and suggestions for the best quality of Culver’s Restaurant. And, it is the purpose of Culver’s Survey Program. As we see, it is the free program for all customers who have the valid receipt and survey invitation codes involved.

Culvers Survey Guidelins
Culvers Survey Step by Step is taken from

In general, there are two ways to enroll in this program. At first, you have to visit the official website address at And the second, you can call them at 800-984-6186. Both of these ways shows you the digital survey questionnaires that will measure how high you satisfy with Culvers Menu, Prices, Store, Locations, and the overall services.

Culver's Butter Burger Menu
Culver’s Butter Burger Menu for Culvers Sweepstakes Winners

What will You Face at Portal?

Once you access the Culvers Survey Official Site, you will face two kinds of survey questionnaires. First thing first, you will get the series of like-scale questions where they measure your satisfaction level through its score. There are five ranges of scores where they start from strongly dissatisfied until strongly satisfied. Then one thing that you can do is about to tap on the scores and make sure that it represents your satisfaction level. Otherwise, the second section will lead you to face the open-ended questionnaires. It is the free space section where you can type down the descriptive feedback, complaints or even the general opinion. Don’t get panicked when you see some challenging questions related to your previous visit. Overall, the questions at Site will talk about:

  • Menu quality
  • Price lists
  • Speed of services
  • Order rapidity
  • Employee’s friendliness
  • Store hygiene
  • Locations
  • Payment options
  • Reason and range of visit
  • Likelihood to promote and return
  • And, the general problems happen.

The Steps to Complete Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

For the next, you are able to start taking this online survey and prepare the supporting requirements. They are about your compactable electronic device. It can be a laptop, a mobile phone, or even a PC. Then, you will need the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and the strong internet connection. To open the survey site, you will need to submit the series of Culvers Survey Invitation Numbers which is printed on your previous receipt. And, Guys! Here the steps to complete the survey, those are:

  • Step One:

In the beginning, you can switch on the device and run the internet browser. Once you are there, you can type down and get its official survey website. You will get some notification while you can directly tap on “Take the Survey” button.

  • Step Two:
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After that, you can choose your language preferences and use the Spanish version if you need it. But, when you are comfortable to use English, you can skip this section.

  • Step Three:

Then, you need to fill out 18-digit of Culvers Survey Invitation Numbers on the separated boxes. Like we have stated before, these codes are available at the bottom side of your valid receipt. You can click “Start” when you have made sure that those codes are totally correct.

  • Step Four:

For the next, you can start completing section by section of Culver’s Survey Questionnaires. In this case, you are obligated to complete all of the forms without leaving any single voids.

  • Step Five:

And also, you can fill out your complete personal information in the following section. Here, this page will need your full name, address, phone numbers, and valid email account.

  • Step Six:

For the rest, you will receive 4 or 5 digits of Culver’s Validation Codes. And, it will be redeemable for a free Single Dish or Cake Cone for the next visit. Just be sure that you write it down on the available space on your receipt. Of course, you need to show these codes to the cashier then enjoy that free meal.

What are the Culver’s Survey Rules?

Anyway, there are several rules that you have to face when taking the Culvers Survey Program. Of course, it is the consequence while you get the simple survey process with its instant reward involved. Take it easy, Friends! They will not complicate your process as you are right to win this reward. So, here the survey rules are:

  • At first, this survey is valid for the United States Residence with 18 and older. They must not have the blood relation with Culver’s Employees, stay under the same household or even be the part of the employees itself.
  • Each Culver’s Survey Codes is valid for one entrance and within 48 hours of the last visit.
  • The participants are obligated to limit one survey per household and one survey each week. Totally, they have four chances to win this single instant dish and cake cone.
  • Once the participants get the questionnaires at Site, they have no reasons to skip them or even quit before it ends.
  • The validation code is valid in the same Culver’s Locations like the previous visit.
  • Then, this redemption reward is available for one coupon per participant per visit. If they have more than one redemption codes, they can redeem it separately.
  • This reward is not redeemable for cash or even changeable to the other Culver’s Menu Options.

What is Culver’s Sweepstakes?

We have mentioned above that Culver’s offers the sweepstakes program for all customers. It is the free program for everyone who wants to win $500 Culver’s Gift Card or even the daily Culver’s Butter Burger for free. Indeed, they don’t need to make any purchasing to join in this program. But, there are several rules that you have to obey, and here they are:

  • First, this sweepstakes program is valid for AL, CO, AZ, GA, FL, GA, ID, IA, IL, KS, IN, MN, MI, KY, NC, NE, MO, OH, SD, SC, TX, TN, UT, and WI Residences.
  • The participants must be older than 28 years old.
  • This sweepstake will begin on 14 January 2019 at 9:00 AM CST and ends on 27 January 2019 at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Once the customers take this sweepstake, they cannot leave any single voids.
  • Your previous purchasing will not increase the chances of winning.

The Steps in Culver’s Sweepstakes Program

Of course, there are several steps that you have to follow when you want to win $500 Culver’s Gift Card or Daily Butter Burger. And, here the steps are:

  • Like usual, you can visit portal. The sweepstakes link will appear only one time when you access this website the first time. You need to be thorough to see the picture on your screen.
  • Then, you can click on “Take Sweepstakes” menu and tap on “Start Daydreaming” button.
  • After that, you have to fill out the email and confirm it.
  • Well, you can complete some required information. In this case, this page will need information about your email, name, address, birth date, and phone.
  • Guys, you can click on “Continue” then complete the questions.
  • At last, you can set your phone then make sure that you confirm any notification as soon as possible.
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About Culver’s Profile

By the way, Culver’s Franchising System Incorporation is commonly known as Culver’s Restaurant. It is the Privately Corporation that operates the Casual Fast Food Restaurant. It operates primarily located in the Midwestern United States. At the first time, Craig and his family opened the first store in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin. And now it locates the headquarter office on Praire Du Sac, at the same states. For your information, Culver’s today has over than 700 locations across the United States and Canada. Like all we know, Culver’s Menu serves you the various frozen food options, and here the lists are:

Wisconsin Swiss MeltSingle$3.39
Wisconsin Swiss MeltDouble$5.09
Wisconsin Swiss MeltTriple$6.59
The Culver’s DeluxeSingle$2.99
The Culver’s DeluxeDouble$4.59
The Culver’s DeluxeTriple$5.99
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeSingle$3.49
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeDouble$5.09
The Culver’s Bacon DeluxeTriple$6.49
Sourdough MeltSingle$3.39
Sourdough MeltDouble$5.09
Sourdough MeltTriple$6.59
Mushroom & SwissSingle$3.39
Mushroom & SwissDouble$5.09
Mushroom & SwissTriple$6.59
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconSingle$3.59
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconDouble$5.29
Cheddar ButterBurger with BaconTriple$6.79
Cheddar ButterBurgerSingle$3.09
Cheddar ButterBurgerDouble$4.79
Cheddar ButterBurgerTriple$6.29
ButterBurger CheeseSingle$2.99
ButterBurger CheeseDouble$4.59
ButterBurger CheeseTriple$5.99
ButterBurger “The Original”Single$2.79
ButterBurger “The Original”Double$4.29
ButterBurger “The Original”Triple$5.59
Sandwiches & Favorites
Pork Tenderloin – Basket$7.29
Pork Tenderloin$4.29
North Atlantic Cod Filet – Basket$7.89
North Atlantic Cod Filet$4.89
Grilled Reuben Melt – Basket$7.69
Grilled Reuben Melt$4.69
Chicken Tenders (Regular or Buffalo) – Basket4 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Tenders (Regular or Buffalo)4 Pc.$4.99
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Basket$7.29
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$4.29
Beef Pot Roast Sandwich – Basket$7.19
Beef Pot Roast Sandwich$4.19
Includes Fries or Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans or Cole Slaw, and Dinner Roll
North Atlantic Cod Dinner2 Pc.$9.29
North Atlantic Cod Dinner3 Pc.$11.29
Fresh Fried Chicken Dinner2 Pc.$5.99
Fresh Fried Chicken Dinner4 Pc.$8.29
Chopped Steak Dinner$6.69
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner6 Pc.$8.19
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner10 Pc.$10.99
Beef Pot Roast Dinner$7.19
Salads & Soups
Hearty SoupRegular$2.79
George’s ChiliRegular$2.89
Garden Fresco Salad (Grilled Chicken)$6.49
Garden Fresco Salad$4.19
Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad (Grilled Chicken)$6.49
Chili SupremeRegular$3.29
Chicken Cashew Salad (Grilled Chicken)$6.49
White or Chocolate Milk$1.69
Soft DrinkSmall$1.69
Soft DrinkMedium$1.89
Soft DrinkLarge$2.29
Root Beer FloatSmall$2.29
Root Beer FloatMedium$2.99
Iced TeaSmall$1.69
Iced TeaMedium$1.89
Iced TeaLarge$2.29
Bottled Water$1.69
Side Salad$1.89
Onion Rings$2.69
Mushed Potatoes$1.89
Green Beans$1.89
Crinkle Cut Fries$1.89
Cole Slaw$1.89
Chili Cheddar Fries$3.49
Cheese Curds$3.49
Mixers, Shakes & Malts
Concrete MixersMini$2.69
Concrete MixersShort$3.09
Concrete MixersRegular$4.19
Concrete MixersTall$4.99
Additional Topping$0.25
Add Nuts$1.00
Cones & Dishes
Chocolate, Vanilla, or Flavor of the Day
Waffle Cone1 Scoop$2.79
Waffle Cone2 Scoop$3.49
Waffle Cone3 Scoop$4.09
Cake Cone or Dish1 Scoop$2.29
Cake Cone or Dish2 Scoop$2.99
Cake Cone or Dish3 Scoop$3.59
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How to Locate the Nearest Culver’s Locations?

If you want to take part in the Culvers Survey or even try its special menu, you are better to visit its nearest locations. As we see above, there are over than 700 Locations in the Midwestern United States. To ease your work, here the ways to locate the nearest Culver’s Locations, those are:

  • Install Culver’s App

The first way that you can do is about to install its mobile application. It will be easy to find the app on Google Play Store and iTunes Portal. Meanwhile, you can get the app link at site. Inside the app, you can locate Culver’s Store Locator and type down the state and city or the series of postal codes. Within less a second, you will receive the detail of hours, phone numbers as well as the nearest locations.

  • Use Culvers Store Locator

For the next, you can visit as its official website address. Then, you can go to the top-right corner of the page at “Find Your Culver.” It is the store locator that will help you to find the nearest Culvers Locations from your current positions. And, Friends! Here we give you a few lists of Culver’s Locations in the United States, those are:

AddressPhone NumebrsHours
2415 US-14 E, Richland Center, WI 53581(608) 647-7790Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
1855 S, US-231, Crawfordsville, IN 47933(765) 359-1960Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu
2781 US-34, Oswego, IL 60543(630) 551-4960Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
8554 US-42, Florence, KY 41042(859) 534-0625Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu
405 W US-30, Carroll, IA 51401(712) 775-2600Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
1702 W Hwy 50, O'Fallon, IL 62269(618) 624-8430Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
Overland Pointe Marketplace 8600 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223(913) 402-9777Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
35 Old Pleasant Grove Rd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122(615) 553-2735Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
2924 Buford Drive Northeast, Buford, GA 30519(678) 714-7000Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu
3400 Mallory Ln, Franklin, TN 37067(615) 224-9811Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
9455 N Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077(847) 983-8860Closes soon ⋅ 10:30PM
1855 S, US-231, Crawfordsville, IN 47933(765) 359-1960Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Thu
8554 US-42, Florence, KY 41042(859) 534-0625Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Thu
100 S, US-12, Fox Lake, IL 60020(847) 629-5383Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
Culver's Store Locator
Culver’s Store Locator Picture is captured from
  • Access Google Map

For the next, you can visit or then type down “Culver’s near me” on the search bar. It is the way to locate the nearest locations of Culvers and give you the detail of them.

Well, it is all you need to know about Culvers Survey. If you have any questions about this restaurant, you can contact Culver’s Customer Service at 833-224-7670 or 608-643-7890 for any problems related to Culvers Login or customer survey entrance. They are ready from Monday to Friday at 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Central Time. Thanks for staying on this page, see you soon!

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