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Dollar General Survey 2019

Do you often to visit Dollar General store? Well, in that case, you must not miss the chance to get a prize from DG Customer First. Well, this variety store is offering all the customers to get $1000 gift card for free. But, you have to join the survey in DgCustomerFirst.com. Since you are the loyal customer of Dollar General, don’t miss this chance. To get the detail information about the DG Customer First survey, you can read this article. It can be your guide to complete the survey. So, let’s start the survey now!

About Dollar General Profile

Dollar General is the company that owns a variety of stores in America. This company managed from Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Indeed, you can find Dollar General locations in more than 15,000 area. So, it will be easy for you to find Dollar General Near Me.

DgCustomerFirst Survey Guide
DgCustomerFirst Survey Steps are Availabe in DgCustomerFirst.com

About Dollar General Customer Survey

DgCustomerFirst.com is the official site to join Dollar General survey. It is a program that can make you win $1,000 gift card as the prize. Then, what you need to do in this DG Customer First Survey? Well, you need to make a review about Dollar General overall performance. It will be including the staff behavior, the products they sell, the quality, price, store cleanliness and so on. You must give your honest review about it. Use your latest visit to help you make the review. The task is pretty easy, right? As the reward, you will get $1,000 as the prize. Let’s check out what you need to enter DgCustomerFirst.com.

DgCustomerFirst.com Guidelines
DgCustomerFirst.com Guide to win $1,000 Sweepstakes

What Are The Rules to Enter Dg Customer First com?

First of all, you can’t enter Dg Customer First com without knowing its rules. The set of rules in this survey are important. You need to understand each of them properly. Indeed, make sure you are fulfilling the rules to be a credible participant. So, in the end, you can win the prize of DG Customer First survey. Well, let’s find out what are the rules:

  • Age to entering the survey site

Okay, the first rule, you need to notice your age now. It is because Dollar General survey has limitation age to enter. In this case, you need to be at least 18 years old. If you are not 18 yet, you can’t be a valid participant. It means you are not credible for CG Customer First survey prize.

  • Participant Citizenship

The second rule, you need to know which state valid for the survey. Well, Dollar General survey is not accessible for all states. This survey program is accessible for those who are living in the United States and Columbia. So, you need to be a legal resident in US or Columbia to join the survey.

  • The limitation to Enter Dollar General Customer Survey

The third rule, you have to know how many times you can enter the Dollar General survey. Well, you can’t make your entry as you want to. For each Dollar General customer, you have one chance to enter the survey portal. You only have one chance for each Dollar General Customer Survey period. So, make sure you use this chance very well. It is your only chance to win $1000 gift card from CG Customer First survey program.

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How to Enter Survey in Dg Customer First com Step by Step

All right, you have read about the rules in this survey portal. Make sure you fulfill the rules to be a valid participant. Then, you will get the list of steps to make this survey properly. Indeed, the steps are explained in order already. What you need to do is just following the steps below. Then, you can make the survey until the end. Okay, let’s find out the steps here!

  • Step One: Get The Device

First of all, you need to get the right device. Dg Customer First com is the survey portal to enter the program. It is an online survey program. So, you need to use an electronic device. In this case, you can use any device like a PC or Smartphone. It doesn’t matter what device you choose. But, make sure your device can build internet connection. Your signal needs to be stable. So, you will not get any error page loading.

  • Step Two: Visit the Survey Page

The second phase, you have to visit the DG Customer First survey site. It is where you will give a review about Dollar General. Well, please visit the portal from your browser app. If you have no connection error, you will see the homepage in a few seconds.

  • Step Three: Set The Language

Well, after you see the homepage, what you need to do? You will need to custom the language to apply in Dollar General survey page. The options you have are English and Spanish. Please pick the one that makes you comfortable to communicate. Click upon the link of language that you want to apply.

  • Step Four: Enter the Survey Code

The next step, you will be dealing with the Dollar General receipt. This receipt you get is coming from Dollar General store. This receipt has unique codes that you need to put in DG Survey Portal. So, make sure you keep it safe. Then, please find the survey code on the receipt in your hand. Put the code in the blank field available. Indeed, you will also need the store code and visiting date to put along. Please place each detail in the right fields. If you are sure that you put the correct data, please continue your steps.

  • Step Five: Respond All The Questions

Well, you will see the main part of the survey now. It is the part where you will see the list of questions. However, the questions will be simple and easy to do. They will be about Dollar General performance in general. So, you can find the question about Dollar General staff, products, quality, price and so on. What will you need to do? In this case, you have to answer each question by giving satisfaction rating. Please be honest while you give the review here. Use your latest visiting experience in Dollar General as a reference. Then, you will find it easy to respond to all the questions here. Indeed, don’t need to be afraid to give a bad rating. Your honesty is the most important in this survey program. Once you have done, please submit your review.

  • Step Six: Enter Dollar General Sweepstakes
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You have done with the survey questions. Now, you can enter the Dollar General sweepstakes program. This sweepstake will give you chance to win $1,000 as the prize. What do you need to do? You have to fill your personal data in here. Please write your name, address, email, phone number and so on. Just follow what the page requires you to fill. Moreover, make sure you put the correct details. If you win the $1,000 prize, the company will use this data to contact you back. Of course, you need to give active and correct data here. So, you will be reachable anytime.

How To Get The Locations of Dollar General Near Me?

Well, if you just read about the survey in DgCustomerFirs.com. Then, we will share with you how to find Dollar General Near Me locations. In case you are in a new area, these guidelines will be valuable. You can find Dollar General locations easily. It takes only a few easy steps to arrive in Dollar General. So, let’s find out how!

  • Dollar General Near Me from Google

The first option, you can use Google to help you find Dollar General Near Me. The steps are simple and easy. In the beginning, you have to own an internet access. Then, please visit Google.com from your browser app. After that, you will see the Google search bar. In this bar, you need to put Dollar General Near Me as the keyword. Then, click the search button to get the result. In a few seconds, you will see Dollar General locations list. It will be including the phone number, address, open hours and so on. Moreover, you can get the routes to visit Dollar General store you want. Please click the direction menu to get the routes.

  • Dollar General Near Me from Application

The second option, you can use the Dollar General application. It is the app that accessible through a mobile device. So, to use the app, you must download it first. You can get the app from the application store from your Smartphone. After you have the app, open and access store locator menu. Indeed, you will require putting zip codes of your current location. It helps the system to recognize where you are now. Then, the system can give you options of Dollar General Near Me store. You can pick the one that you like.

  • Dollar General Near Me from Official Website

The last option, you can visit Dollar General official website. In this website, you can access many things like the products, promotions, company details and so on. Indeed, you can also access Dollar General Near Me location. What you need is looking for store locator menu. The store locator menu will help you find Dollar General stores in your area. But, you need to put your location code first. Then, you can get several options of DG Customer First store. It is easy, right?

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How to Reach Dollar General Customer Service?

In some cases, you may have questions about Dollar General. Or maybe you have trouble while finishing the survey in Dg Customer First. Well, you can reach Dollar General Customer Service to get help. Indeed, you have several ways to reach the staff. You can choose one of the options below. Here are the options:

  • Dollar General Phone Number

Make a call can be an effective way to reach Dollar General staff. You can talk directly to the staff and get the direct response. Well, you can ask anything about Dollar General. Indeed, you can make a critic or comment. To call the staff, please dial to 877-463-1553. However, make sure you know the right time to make a call here. The staff will be reachable through work hours.

  • Dollar General Official Site

The second option, you can visit the official site of Dollar General. This site has several menus to access for DG Customer First customers. One of the menus is reaching the customer staff. You can access the “Contact Us” menu from the website. This menu makes you able to send an online feedback for the Dollar General staff. Please visit the page in www.DollarGeneral.com. After that, find the “Contact Us” menu on the menu list. Then, you will see the form to fill with customer feedback. However, you need to put your personal details first. It will be including your name, address, email, phone number and so on. Please make sure that your personal data are correct. Once you have done, you can fill the feedback form. You can share your personal experience about shopping in Dollar General. Indeed, you can make a critic, comment or suggestions. Well, you have limitation character to write here. So, make sure you write it in brief and to the point.

  • Dollar General Office Address

The third option, you can write a letter to the Dollar General. This option is perfect for those who want to attach some hard files along. You can send the letter to the official corporate address. It is in 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, and Tennessee 37072, USA. Please, make sure you are using the formal style in writing the letter. Indeed, use the credible post to send your mail.

Okay, you have read about the survey in Dg Customer First Survey. You also get all you need for this survey. So, you are now credible for this survey. If that so, you have the chance to win $1,000 gift card balance. Of course, that will be fun to shop anything you need using this prize. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. Especially, for those who are new, it can be a smart guide. Indeed, thank you for visiting this page to read the survey guidance. Good luck with this survey and win the prize today!

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