Dollar General – All Digital Dollar General Breakdown for Saturday’s 5 off 25

Hey guys! In this article, we’re going to do an all-digital dollar general breakdown for Saturday’s five of 25. So this particular breakdown is going to be good for every Saturday. At the time of making this article, all of Dollar General digital coupons are still available. We’re getting this article up super early this week. You guys have like six days to make sure you have all of the digital coupons. Your store has all of the products. And, if not you can do a different option that I’m going to give you. But in this article, this is a really good breakdown of the out-of-pocket.

About Dollar General Digital Coupons

What I think is 520 plus tax we’re going to get laundry products. We’re going to get tulip paper personal care products. In my opinion, this is the ideal breakdown because it’s a little bit of everything.  And, everybody probably needs these items not to mention again. Of course, that is all digital. So, that makes it really great we are happy by the gods of Dollar General digital coupons.

Dollar General Digital Coupons in Store Breakdown
Dollar General in Store Breakdown $5 off $25

This week I’m going to have lots of articles up for you guys. I’ll be sure to link them in the description box of this article. So look down below the article there’s a little drop-down arrow. Or it might even say show more click on that. And look for more important articles that you guys might want to read for this week’s deals. Also, don’t forget to comment and share this post before you leave. So you don’t miss any deals. And let’s get started on our breakdown!

Steps and Tips for Dollar General Coupons

The first two items that we’re going to get are going to be found in the Travel section. We’re going to get this trout sighs dove cucumber melon deodorant. It cost a dollar twenty-five. Then we’re going to get two of the single dove bars of soap. They’re a dollar each shown here in the article. Then we’re going to get to gain items. So, the great thing about this week is we got four gained digital coupons. And, you can get any to gain that you like to get. So you can get the gain liquid 25 loads the gain dryer sheets 105 counts to gain fireworks. Or, the gain fabric softener 48 loads. It’s your choice out of those four products which two you want to get the next item that we’re going to get is a Schick Intuition.

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There are seven dollars, and fifty cents don’t worry if you’re not keeping up we’re going to do an end breakdown at the end. And then I also have this in a printable dock on my website powered by coupons calm side them that we’re going to get Charmin essentials strong toilet paper. It’s six giant rolls it cost $3.75. It says on the package as you can see they’re six equals fifteen rolls the last three items that we’re going to pick up are the Nestle orange sherbet push-ups as you see in this article. Here we’re using that $2 off three Nestle ice cream digital coupons for these. And I’ve seen other people getting the Nestle ice cream sandwiches.

So if you’re ballsy you can switch it out for ice cream sandwiches, I personally know that the push-ups work. So I’m going to get the push ups here is our list of products that we’re going to get first the dove deodorant the cucumber scent found in the Travel section. This cost a dollar and 25 cents we’re going to get two of the single dove bars of soap also found in the Travel section. They’re a dollar each so $1 times two is two dollars we’re going to get a ship intuition razor. These cost seven dollars and fifty cents. We’re going to get any to gain items that you want you can choose from this list.

I have it for you here you can get the gain liquid 19 to 25 load the gain fabric softener 48 loads the gain fireworks 6.5 ounce or the game dryer sheets 105 counts. Now for the sake of beginners in this article, I’m going to be getting a gain liquid, and again dryer sheets all of those gain products are on sale this week for 3 dollars and 95 cents. So we have the gain item one at 395, and then they came to gain item 2 at 395.

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Again I’m getting the gain liquid and the gain dryer sheets. Just in case, you want to copy. Exactly what I do the next item is Charmin toilet paper it’s the sixth giant rolls this cost $3 and seventy-five cents. Then our last three items that we’re going to be getting are the three Nestle orange sherbet push-ups.

These are a dollar each a dollar times three is three dollars our total items equals twenty-five dollars, and forty cents are the coupons that we’re going to be using if you’re new I’m going to show you. Actually what the coupons look like after this so stay tuned to the article. So we have that five of twenty-five digital coupon that’s good for July seventh that we’re using we’re using a dollar off Unilever deodorant.

How to Use DG Digital Coupons?

We used $2 off two Dove soap or body wash we’re using that five dollar Schick intuition razor digital coupon. We’re using that $2 off gain liquid laundry detergent. And, we’re using two dollars off gain dryer sheets 105 counts. We’re using that dollar off Charmin toilet paper for roll or larger. And then we’re using that $2 off three Nestle ice cream digital coupons. This gets all of our totals in-store coupons and manufactured coupons. Again all digital coupons of $20 in coupons so you would pay out of pocket five dollars and 40 cents plus tax those of you who are new.

I’m going to show you exactly what digital coupons. You need to do this deal first what you have to do is go to DG calm. And make sure you physically clip all of these digital coupons to your digital couponing account. Once the yellow plus sign is gone, the coupon has been added to your Couponing account. So, make sure you do that. So, the first digital coupon that we need is this $5 off in a twenty-five dollar purchase or more. The next coupon that we’re going to use is this dollar off Unilever deodorant. That is for the Dove deodorant that we’re getting we’re going to be using this $2 off to Dove soap or body wash.

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That’s for the single bars of Dove soap we’re going to be using this dollar off Charmin for the account or larger. We’re going to be using this to auf gain liquid laundry detergent digital coupon. We’re going to be using this $2 off gain dryer sheets 105 counts or larger digital coupon. We’re going to be using the $5 shit intuition razor coupon we’re going to be using this $2 off three Nestle ice cream digital coupon. So when you get to DG, and you go up to the cash register it is always best if they scan all of your items and hit total.

And then you put your digital coupons in that 500 of 25 are going to come off first. And then all of the other digital coupons that our manufacturer coupons will come off. Then, you’ll pay five dollars and 40 cents plus tax. Now once you put your digital coupons in it will say coupons accepted. So if you don’t know how to put your digital coupons in. I do have an article on my website showing you how to do that coupons com powers my website, go to how to coupon. And, that is a really good place to get started.

Enjoy your DG Digital Coupons

Thank you guys for reading the article. If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments below. I read, and answers all of my comments on every article make sure you share your comment. So you don’t miss any Dollar General deals. We have tons of options coming up for this week. So make sure you stay tuned for all of those articles. We’ll see you in the next article. Bye, guys!

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