Dollar General Penny Deals – Ongoing In Store Dollar General Penny List

Hey guys in this article we’re gonna do the penny list for Dollar General for July 10th 2018 in store. If we do get new penny items at Dollar General that does happen on a Tuesday. But you can continue to look for these items weeks and even months after they have become a penny. The penny items do in fact ring up for just a penny at the register at Dollar General.  So you don’t have to do anything. They will automatically ring up at the register for just a penny. If you do want to learn more about Dollar General Penny Deals items I have an article dedicated to teaching you guys how to penny shop at Dollar General.

How to Do Dollar General Penny Shopping?

The first and most important thing is that Dollar General penny shopping is a secret. The second most important thing your mouths may vary.  So something might penny in my area that won’t penny in your area. How does the penny list is wrong? How we get the penny list?  it is leaked from Dollar General employee. It’s not always a hundred percent correct. So keep that in your mind. I do believe that the items on this penny list are going to be correct. Though because I’ve seen them in the clearance section.

dollar general penny deals
dollar general penny deals and dollar general penny shopping list

Not all penny items get moved to the clearance section before they penny out. So make sure you look in the regular place in store for these items. And again remember that penny items are not going to be easy to be found. It will probably take you a couple of tries before you’re actually able to find any penny items. It’s important that you follow Facebook groups who penny shop. And also follow people on Instagram that penny shop. I always recommend that you guys follow me on Instagram.

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What DG Store Penny Deals Item You Can Buy?

These are discontinued items again that the employees were supposed to remove off the shelf. So other stores actually have penny items. The difference is Dollar General says in their employee handbook that the employees are supposed to sell us these items for a penny. As long as they are on the sales floor have that page of the Dollar General handbook. On my website, I will link that below in case you guys want to go to my website and screenshot that on our list.

We have a Jack Link’s beef Speightsteriyaki flavor 2.6 ounces. So it looks like this might be where it’s supposed to be. But they don’t have any at my store. These are the two-point six-ounce bag. So it would probably look like these. Except me obviously teriyaki flavored. The next item on our list is Nestea 23 fluid ounce of lemon and with peach. So they have a peach here sitting on the shelf. But they are out of the lemon. I did go to a second Dollar General and they had the Nestea with lemon and this is 23 ounce as our list says. That it’s supposed to be so is the peach so it looks like these are the correct Nestea that you’re gonna be looking for.

Tomorrow now the second store did not have that Jack Link’s teriyaki bites. So I don’t know if that’s just a really old item. It might be really hard to find. But these Neasteas are looking pretty good. I’m on our list is Libby’s sweet peas 15-ounce cans. So it looks like it’s gonna be there right here. I’m not going to pull it out. I’m gonna leave it there. Because there’s like a whole case of them. And they are in fact 15 ounces. So yeah let’s hope you can find one of these big old things of sweet peas tomorrow. I’ll sure be here first thing in the morning looking for them. By the way, I was at some dollar generals yesterday. Doing like some in-store breakdowns and stuff. And most of them had the sweet peas Libby’s sweet peas 15 ounces in the clearance section.

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So don’t forget to check your clearance section. All right here is our little penny list as you can see. It is pretty small. There, is an item that we didn’t find other than the Jack Links. The one at the bottom there is Nestle sparkling water. That’s lemon flavored. It says the size for that item is the leader to 33.8 ounces.

How to Check DG Penny Deals

And just let you guys know the last four numbers after each item is the UPC number listed on the actual Dollar General employee memo. Therefore the UPC something I want you guys to keep in mind is usually the UPC  does not match up. At least in my experience, I don’t even pay attention to what the UPC is. I just go look for these very specific items in the store. And as I said the Libby’s have been in clearance. So it’s a good sign that hopefully, this list is 100 percent correct. Now keep in mind penny items are not going to be easy to be found.  They are items that were supposed to be removed from the shelf by the Dollar General employees. Lucky for us Dollar General is really bad at communication with their managers in stores. And employees so a lot of the times they don’t send out the penny list. So these items get left on the shelf.

Sometimes the Dollar General and please get busy and they don’t have time to remove the mini items. And sometimes they just neglect to pull them off the shelf.  All together I will also type this out and leave a link for you guys in the description box. So you can go print this list out if you’d like. I was not given any information about purple dot items or any of the other items that are currently on a clearance at Dollar General. I was simply given this very short penny list for July 10th.

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if I get any new information, I of course, will keep you guys up to date. Don’t forget that we do go live every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You guys can come ask questions . Or just say hi. If you’d like forget guys if you want to learn more about penny shopping. I do have a beginner’s guide to penny shopping at Dollar General. So just stay on this website and it will show you the up to date article about DG Penny Deals. Leave me a comment. Below let me know if you like these in-store Penny lists. I know I loved it and now I know what to look for tomorrow. so I think it’s perfect and we’ll see in the next article.

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