Dominos Feedback – Easy Steps to Enter Dominos Survey to win Free Pizza for 1 Year

Domino’s Free Pizza Survey 2019

Hello good people! Are you looking for the best place to spend after work all day? Well, of course, you need to get a place with the delicious food inside it. The delicious food will make you happy and recharge your energy. Anyway, consider taking pizza as your dinner will be so great. In this case, you can visit Dominos Pizza restaurant. It offers you various delicious pizza and comfortable place. Indeed, after you order the pizza, you can join the Dominos Feedback program. It is the survey program for all Dominos customers. Well, the winner of this program will get free pizza for a year! Does it sound fantastic? Well, you should not miss this chance. Let’s go visit Domino’s Pizza and win the reward. For those who never join Dominos Feedback before, don’t worry about it. You get all you need in this article. Please keep reading to prepare what you need. Good Luck!

About Dominos Pizza Company

You must be ever heard about Dominos Pizza restaurant. But, have you know about Dominos Survey program? Well, before we going further, let’s find out about Dominos itself first. Dominos Pizza is the brand of fast food restaurant in the US. It serves pizza as the main popular menu. The Domino’s Menu is various. You can taste the chicken wings, pasta, sandwiches, and some desserts. Domino’s Pizza starts the business since 1960. The main office is in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, US. As the biggest seller for pizza, it has about 13,811 Dominos Locations. Of course, it will not be hard to find Dominos Locations in your area. Indeed, for further information please visit Domino’s Pizza website. It is in Here, you can access Domino’s Menu, promotions, online order, get the location and many more.

Dominos Feedback Guidance
Dominos Feedback step by step guidance from

About Dominos Customer Feedback

As the loyal customer of Dominos, you have the chance to get free pizza for a year. Well, what you need to do is joining Dominos Feedback program. This survey program is designed to get customer reviews. The company wants to know how its performance so far. If the survey result is bad, the company will make some improvements. So, in the next visiting, you will get a better service. Dominos Survey has the list of questions that you need to answer. Those will be about Dominos overall performance. So, you need to experience the situation in Dominos Locations. Indeed, you need the receipt from Dominos to enter the portal. Without it, you can’t make your way in this feedback page.

Dominos Feedback Guidance
Dominos Feedback Guidance Step by Step

What Are The Domino’s Feedback Rules?

You have to know about the rules before entering the portal. It is important to make yourself valid to enter the survey. So, in the end, you can claim the reward. Well, the rules are easy and simple to do. Even for the newcomers, it will not be hard. Okay, let’s find out what are the rules to join this Survey:

  • Own a Valid Receipt
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First of all, you need a receipt from the restaurant. This receipt shows that you are the true customer of Dominos Pizza. Indeed, this receipt has unique codes that you need to enter the survey page. You will need the survey code, store code and visiting details on that receipt. Besides, you will use this receipt to redeem the coupons. So, make sure you keep the receipt after making an order in this restaurant.

  • The Participant Resident Status

The second rule, it will be about your residential status. This Feedback is open to all Dominos customers. Whoever visits the restaurant can participate in the survey program. But, this Dominos Customer Feedback is accessible through Ireland and UK. It means you need to be a legal resident in UK or Ireland.

  • The Participant Age Requirement

Well, Dominos Customer Feedback has age limitation for its participants. As the participant, you have to be at least 18 years old. Then, you can’t be credible if you are less than 18 years old. In that case, you can ask companion from the person that older than you. For example, you can ask help from the family. Of course, they will be happy to help you.

  • Status Against The Company

The next rule will be about your status against Dominos Company. As you know that, This feedback is accessible for the loyal customers. But, the employees are not allowed to enter this program. It means the staff’s family members are also can’t enter the feedback program. So, before taking the survey, please notice your status.

What Are The Steps to Enter Dominos Customer Feedback Program?

All right, you have read about the rules. It means you know that you are now credible for this program. Then, what you need next is the guidance or steps to make Dominos Survey. Well, the steps are quite simple. What you need to do is following the steps below in order. Make sure you are not skipping any step. So, in the end, you can be valid for the Dominos Pizza Coupons. Well, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Get A Device to Enter Domino’s Customer Feedback

The first step you need to do is to get the device to enter the feedback portal. You know that Dominos Survey is an online format. So, to enter the page, you have to use an electronic device. In this case, you can use various devices. It is like a PC, Smartphone, laptop or Tab. It doesn’t matter what device you use. The important is your device is able to make internet access.

  • Step 2: Go to Domino’s Official Page

The second step, you need to visit the Feedback official page. Please open your browser app to visit the official page. Indeed, make sure you have the stable internet access to enter the Survey. Of course, you don’t want to get an error page loading here.

  • Step 3: Put the Survey Code
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After you see the Feedback page, you need to grab your receipt. It is because you need the survey codes on it. Indeed, what you need is not just the survey codes. But, you also need the store code and visiting date. Please place them all in the proper fields available. After you are sure that you make the right input, please continue your step.

  • Step 4: Respond the Survey Questions

In the following step, you will see the list of questions of Feedback. Those are the questions that you need to answer honestly. The questions will be about the performance in general. So, it will be including the staff, Domino’s Menu, taste, cleanliness and so on. Use your latest visiting in Dominos as a reference to answer them all. After you have done, please submit your review. Indeed, you will also get a free space to write your comment. You can share your comment, critics, or suggestions. But, please take attention while you are writing here. You have the limitation character to write. So, please use it wisely.

  • Step 5: Enter The Sweepstakes

Well, after you make the review, you are closer to winning the Pizza Reward. The next step, you have to fill your personal data to enter the sweepstakes. Please put your name, address, phone number, email and so on. Make sure you are filling the correct data. The company will use it to contact you back later if you win the sweepstakes.

How To Find Domino’s Near Me?

Knowing about Domino’s Pizza maybe makes you hungry now. Well, you can take a ride and visit Dominos Pizza restaurant now. Indeed, you can visit the location in your area. Of course, it will save your time and cost. Then, the question is how to find Dominos Near Me locations? Anyway, you have several options for doing that. You can choose the one that you want. Here are they:

  • Dominos Near Me from Google

First of all, you can use Google to find Dominos Near Me location. Anyway, Google is the popular search engine in the world. People are using Google to find any information they need. Please visit from your browser app. Then, put Dominos Near Me as the keyword in Google search box. Click the search button to get the result. After that, you will get a list of the Locations list. This list will contain some useful information. It is such as the phone number, address, open hours and direction.

  • Dominos Website

The second option, you can use the Dominos website to find the Locations. Please visit the website in After you see the homepage, please find “Store Locator” menu. It is the feature for the visitors to find the Dominos restaurant around them. Put your location details like zip or city codes. Then, you can access Dominos Near Me in your area. It is easy, right?

  • Dominos App
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The following step is you can use the Dominos app. It is the app that accessible through the mobile device. So, to use the app you have to download it first from the app store. Then,  open the app to find the store locator menu. After that, put the city or zip code of your area now. Later, you can access the Near Me location. Moreover, this app has some useful information for you. You can access the Domino’s Menu, promotions, membership and so on.

How To Reach Domino’s Customer Service Team?

The Customer Service is the team to help solve customer problems. It is including to receive critics, comments, or suggestions. This team is like the bridge that connects the company and customers. There are some options to reach the staff. You can contact them through call or online feedback. The company wants to make you feel easier to communicate with them. So, you can pick the one that you like. So, here are the options to contact the Customer Service:

  • The Customer Service Phone Number

The first option, you can make a call to the Customer Service staff. It can be the fastest way to talk to the staff. Please dial to 734-930-3030 to make a call. Indeed, you need to call at the right time. It will be great if you call the staff during work hours.

  • Official Website

The second option, you can use the website to reach the staff. In this case, you can send an online feedback form. It is perfect for those who like online communication. You can do it anywhere and anytime. Well, what you need to do first is visiting the company official website. The address is in After you see the homepage, please find “Contact Us” in the menu list. After clicking upon this link, you can see the feedback form. Please put your information details first. They will be including your phone number, address, name, and so on. Then, you can fill the feedback form. You can share anything about Dominos here. It is including to make critics, suggestions, and comments. Once you have done, please submit it.

Okay, we come to the end of this survey guidance. You have read about Dominos Feedback program, the rules, and guidelines. Indeed, you have known how to contact the Dominos Customer Service in case you need a help. We hope that this article can help you who want to join the Dominos Survey. Anyway, if you just visit Dominos Pizza restaurant, don’t forget to join the survey. Of course, you don’t want to miss the chance to get Dominos Pizza Coupons. It is redeemable with the Domino’s Menu as the reward for free. Indeed, you can enjoy it with your family, friends or your lover. Thank you for reading this and good luck!

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