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Enjoying a sweet chocolate ice cream is the best choice to boost our mood. In the midst of difficulties, busies, and even the heartache, chocolate and ice cream are the best friends to cheer us up. Dairy Queen Restaurant comes as its ice cream specialist menu to call the ice cream’s lovers. Are you a part of them? Come on, choose your favorite ice cream taste and take part in DQFanSurvey.

No matter you have not joined in an online survey yet, DQ Fan Survey offers its easy online survey. With some range scale statements, you may give your assessment about Dairy Queen’s performance. Even if you felt uncomfortable with this restaurant, you may share your concerns without any hesitation. This article will help you to learn about Dairy Queen Survey Guide, DQ’s Sweepstakes, and the qualifications on it. Stay tuned and enjoy reading!

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About DQFanSurvey

As long the development in the food business, this marketplace always grows through its innovation, product, promotion, and even its management system. Also, the internet and technology give the direct impact on the development of this marketplace. In a basic concept, customer satisfaction is the important foundation for business sustainability. So that’s why the owner tries to keep them well to be their friends in sharing every complaints and wish.

Even if it looks so dramatic, in fact, customer satisfaction media becomes the most famous tool to keep the customer’s willingness to stay in and come back. To walk in line with its fact, Dairy Queen Restaurant created Dairy Queen Survey for its loyal customer. By this online survey media, the owner can know and observe what is happening in its customers and select which part needs the improvements.

Why Should DQ Fan Survey?

When you have spent your much time by enjoying your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking in this fast food restaurant, you may be sure that Dairy Queen has been your best friend in your eating moment. Of course, you even face the unpleasant thing as well you also get the best experience from this restaurant. As a loyal customer, you should want to get the best services always including the best food indeed. Here, you may share your wishes trough Dairy Queen Fan Survey.  At least, by participating in DQ Fan Survey, you will get some benefits, such as:

  • This online survey will allow you to learn how to be a good customer as well you share the complaint in a good way.
  • You will get a large opportunity to get some discount on your next visit.
  • With a full of proud, you will be a part of Dairy Queen’s growth.
  • Of course, you are going to enjoy the best restaurant performance, and it will make you satisfied as the customer.
  • You may enjoy the delicious dishes in Dairy Queen Restaurant without any worries about the expensive bill, and much more.

About the Rules in DQ Fan Survey

It will not be too much if you know about the rules in DQ Fan Survey. Even if you are the new survey taker, you should know about the rules well and obey it in order to get the reward from the online survey. And, here the rules are:

  • The survey takers status
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At first, to be the qualified survey takers, you should be at last 18 years old customers and be the legal resident of 50 regions in the USA. Even, you may make sure that you are not a part of DQ’s employee including its family.

  • The Survey Invitation Code

The second is about DQ Fan Survey Credential Number. In this case, the survey takers should have the survey invitation number. In an easy way, they can get it by visiting Dairy Queen Location and order a meal. After payment transaction, they will get a receipt which contains its number.

In this occasion, the survey takers may ensure that they join Dairy Queen Survey due to the date which is appeared on the receipt. If they join in more than the appeared date, they may lose the chance to win the reward.

  • The registration process

The next important rule is about the survey takers’ account in DQ Fan Survey Website. Every survey invitation number will be available for one person, one email account per one survey process. It will be banned if they use the invitation number with two or more different email account.

  • The language skill

At last, Dairy Queen Survey will appear in three languages; those are English, Spanish, and French. To complete all section well, please be sure that you are master to understand one of those languages.

About the Qualification in DQ Fan Survey

Before knowing about the step by step in the survey, you should know about the qualifications to conduct the online survey. Almost similar to the others customer survey portals, you should prepare such as:

  • You have a set of computers, laptop, tablet or the mobile phone. Then, it must be connected with a stable internet connection.
  • Your survey will be useless when your devices don’t have the internet browser. So, you must install the best internet browser to support your online survey process. The internet browser can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or much more examples.
  • Your current receipt must be in good condition as well you can see the detail information inside. That receipt contains not only the survey invitation number but also the information about the purchase number, store, the date and hours of the last visit, and so on
  • Then, you have a free time to run all sections of the survey. No matter that this survey will not spend your much time, but this survey will be available for any specific time instruction. Once you miss that time, you will lose one of the survey sections. Unfortunately, it is going to impact your chance to be the winner.
  • No matter lots people forget about the last qualification, but as a new survey taker, it is better to pay attention to every small this. In the last qualification, you should prepare a pen or pencil to write down your DQ’s Sweepstakes Code.
About The Dairy Queen Survey Guide Step by Step

Well, it is your turn to learn about the Step by Step to take the survey. In this case, this survey page will give you some range scale statement which needs your score. It starts from score one to five. Score five will show the strongly satisfied; even score one will show the opposite. With a full of hope, you may rate based on your experience with Dairy Queen Restaurant. Here the detail steps are:

  • Step one (1):
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As usual, you may start by visiting the survey official page. In this occasion, you may open your internet browser then type www.DQFanSurvey.com. That website address will take you up to the Dairy Queen Survey Website.

  • Sep (2):

Then, you can send your 19-digit survey invitation code. Please be sure that you type it carefully. Even, you can see the illustration by seeing the appeared picture.

  • Step three (3):

After that, you can choose the language instruction. As mentioned above, you should choose between English, Spanish, or French.

  • Step four (4):

Afterward, you must enter the date and time of your last visit. You can see this information on your current receipt.

  • Step five (5):

The following section will lead you to indicate the kind of purchase that you have done. It may be Carry Out or Dine in.

  • Step six (6):

Then, you should check the box where show Dairy Queen Products. You may click on the menu that you have ordered. The menu choices are such as beverage, cake, treat or food.

  • Step seven (7):

Here, you may start to give your assessment by giving the rate on the statement. Overall, the statement will talk about the products quality, price, store cleanliness and pleasant, staff manner, service, and your likelihood to come back including recommending the restaurant to the others.

  • Step eight (8):

Dairy Queen Restaurant gives you a chance to share any troubles in this section. There is a blank box where you can fill it with your problem regarding your experience with its fast food restaurant. Even if you don’t have any complaints, you may skip this section.

  • Step nine (9):

Then, you can explore your descriptive answer through this section. This online site will show you some classification questions where you can answer it on a freeway.

  • Step ten (10):

In the last section, you can leave your personal information as well to help the customer service to inform the announcement. In this occasion, please be sure that you give the nearby and active email and phone number. Then you may click on “Submit” button. Automatically, this section will send your feedback fast.

No longer after clicking on that button, this site will show your DQ’s Sweepstakes Number. At that moment, you can write it down to your receipt and keep it as well the customer service decides the winners. If you are a part of it, the customer service will announce you through your informational bases.

About the Reward in DQ Fan Survey

As a high appreciation from the company, you will get a chance to win a special discount after completing the online survey. For the qualification and amount of discount may be different in any Dairy Queen Location. For the lucky customers, you may redeem your DQ’s Sweepstakes after getting the information from the customer service. Here the rules in redemption are:

  • At first, you should redeem your sweepstakes due to the time which has been instructed by the customer service.
  • Then, you can redeem your reward in the same Dairy Queen Restaurant where you get the current receipt.
  • After that, DQ Survey’s reward is un-transferable. So that’s why you cannot give your reward to another people.
  • The reward is available for one survey takers, per visit per one redemption. At that time, the cashier or staff may ask your receipt back and keep it to avoid the misunderstanding.
  • Afterward, you are not able to redeem your reward with cash or any other purchases.
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Dairy Queen notices you be careful with the survey or redemption transaction. Even, this management will never ask about the bank detail, driving license number, or even request for any payments. Even if you get that information, please immediately call the customer service and make sure that it is a kind of deception.

About Dairy Queen Restaurant

Since 1940, Dairy Queen came as its chain of a fast-food restaurant with a specializing menu in soft ice cream. It has modified its menu into some various dishes into it has some food categories including breakfast, lunch, dessert, snack, and even the cake menu. Today, this restaurant made up into more than 6.000 franchising across the United States and Canada.

DQ Hours

Dairy Queen Hours and Operation depends on its location. But often, it operates every day, and start at 11 AM to 9 PM. While sometimes, this restaurant can start early at 10 AM. To get the detail information about the hours and operation, you may check in your local DQ Store and ask the customer service there.

DQ Locations

For your information, Dairy Queen runs for more than 6.000 branches in more than 20 regions in the USA. Because of its large number of stores, you may confuse to find the nearest location of this restaurant. To ease this difficulty, the management creates Dairy Queen Near Menu on Dairy Queen Official Website. In this case, you may visit www.DairyQueen.com then choose the menu “Store Locator.” You can search the nearest location by Zip Code, State your city and even see the list location.

Need Help?

Even if you get some troubles and want to get the immediate answer for Dairy Queen Customer Service you may dial at 1-866-793-7582. It will be available at 7 AM up to 11 PM CST. Also, you can visit its official website at DairyQueen.com for the complete information about DQ’s Company, DQ’s Career, including its menu and offers.

Well, it is your turn to turn on your computer or mobile phone and launch your internet browser to Dairy Queen Survey Website. Who knows you will be lucky on this online survey, and get a chance to enjoy snacking in Dairy Queen Restaurant without no worries about the budgeting. See you there!

Rate your experiences with the company listed on this page from 1 to 5 stars.

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