Emedley Login – Brief Steps of Emedley Student Login Guideline

Emedley Login page is a website which provides the solutions of e-learning for Health Science Programs. This website is provided by AllofE Solutions. Emedley corporates with many popular universities as the clients. The company commits to innovate to manage the learning program easier. Besides, The company also wants to ensure that every client can reach the goal. Implied by the name Emedley, this website contains the medley solutions. AloffE designs this online site to analyze the data which Health Science Program needs.

About Emedley Login Page

Emedley Login page contains several programs to support the learning process. For instance, it has Emedley eCurriculum to arrange the lesson plan and other teaching materials. Besides, the system also provides Examn. With this program, the teacher can design the test for the students. Then, the students can do this exam online. Another program in this online platform is eClass and Educate. These online programs enable the students to learn the lesson whenever and wherever they are. Furthermore, EduSched is also available online. By accessing this feature, the students can view the schedule of their class. Also, other features available on this site are eValuate and eKeeper.

Emedley Login

The students of any university which becomes the client can use the programs above. But, they have to log into the online system. If you have never used the portal before, you have to register to Emedley Login page. It only requires your email address to process the enrollment. Once you create an online account, you can start using all programs to support your learning process. The Student login process is also easy. You just need to supply the username and password. When you forget your username or password, the system also provides the helpful link for retrieving your login credentials. Go through this article to get the complete guideline to register and log into the website.

How to Sign into Emedley Login Page?

As the students of Health Science Program, you may need some information related to your study. For instance, you may need to view the curriculum and schedule. Besides, you probably need to attend eClas and eXamn. All of the learning programs will enable you to complete your study easily and quickly. Interested in trying all of these programs? You have to log into your account. In order to create this online account, you have to sign up to the login Page. Just visit https://he.emedley.com to complete the registration process. Then, select New User link to start creating your account. The company will ask you to enter your email account. The next, you can follow the instructions provided to set up your account. In this process, you should create the password as well.

Once you have created an account, you can sign into your account anytime. Before you sign into the login page, you have to prepare the login details. First, you need the username. Then, you also need a password. The first password you have is temporary. It means that you can change it anytime. If these details are ready, you can do the login process below.

  • Visit the official portal of Emedley.

To reach this website, you have two options. First, use a compatible browser to access https://he.emedley.com. Besides, you also can look for the login page through the search engine. Just write the keyword Emedley Login on the search bar. Then, you will find the link to enter the login page from the result of the searching. Once you can reach the correct site, you will see the login field in the center of the page. Then this homepage also displays several programs which are available online. Without logging into the system, you only can view the explanation of each program. For instance, you can explore the features of eCurriculum, eXamn, eduSched, eClass, and educate. But, if you want to use one of these features, you must log into your account first.

  • Enter Emedley username.
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Your username refers to your email address. But, you should use the email account which has been registered in your institution. So, the domain of your email account must be the name of college where you are studying. For instance, if you are the member of Stanford University, your username must be yourname@stanford.edu.

  • Enter Emedley Password.

The next, you have to fill out the second field with the valid password. It does not matter if you forgot this password. It is because the login provides a feature for retrieving your password. Besides, you can change this password whenever you want. Changing your password regularly is necessary. It is because you can keep your account secure.

  • Press Login button.

The last step to reach your account is by clicking on the Blue Login button. Then, you can start trying every learning program on this site. For instance, you can access the eClas program or eXamn to take the online test. Besides, you can view your learning schedule through EduSched as well.

That’s all the practical guideline to access the system. If you are getting some problem in entering your account, you should contact Emedley Technical Support Soon. Just call 785 813 9251 to report your problem. Make sure that you contact the Customer Support during the business hours. When you report the issue you face, the Customer Service staffs may ask you some questions. For instance, they will ask about the operating system as well as the browser version you use. It is because most of the users are failed to access the portal since they do not use the compatible browser. The Help Desk staff will assist you to solve your login issue.

How to Change Emedley Password?

Changing your password is necessary especially if you are the new user. When you change your password frequently, you can increase the security of your account. This way, your account will be hard to hack. The way to change the password is different from recovering your password. When you lose your password, you can retrieve it by pressing the link labeled Forgot Password. Then, you can get back your current password by entering your email address.

Besides, if you would like to change the current password into the new one, you have to sign into the login page first. The next, you can apply these steps below.

  • Log into Emedley account.

Only the authorized user who can change the password. So, you have to pass the login process if you want to create a new password. As usual, you have to access he.emedley.com. Then, supply the valid username and the current password in the fields provided. The next, select the Login button to reach your profile.

  • Go to My Setting.

Once you can enter into your account, you should focus on the main menu. Then, you can select the button in the top right corner of the site. Once you click it, there will appear the drop-down menus. This menu contains some sub-menus such as Home, My Account, My Setting, Switch term, Support, and Logout. Since you want to change the password, you have to select My Setting.

  • Enter the new password.

My Setting menu has two options you can edit. First, it is about the general setting. The second, it is about the Security. The next, pay attention to the Security Tab. Here you can enter your new password. After that, you have to confirm it by retyping your new password into the following field. To increase the security, your new password must include the number, letter, as well as special characters.

  • Save Changes.
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After entering the new password, do not forget to save this setting. Press the button entitled Save Changes. This button is available at the bottom right corner of the page. If you are not sure with the password you have just entered, you can cancel this setting by clicking Clear Setting or Cancel button.

  • Logout and re-Login.

After you set up the new password, you can log out from your account. Then, you can try to login by using your new password.

How to Check Your Schedule at Emedley Login Page?

There are a lot of tasks you can do by accessing the system. As the example, you can view the latest curriculum of the program you take. Besides, you can access the online test as well. Then, most of the students in Health Science Program access the login in order to check their schedule. The process of checking the schedule of your learning program is easy. By doing a few steps below, you will be able to view the complete schedule in a semester.

  • Sign into Emedley Student Login page.

You cannot access your schedule unless you sign into the site. So, you have to visit the official site of the Student Login. Just simply visit he.emedley.com to enter the dashboard.

  • Click on Application and EduSched.

When you enter the website, you have to focus on the menu provided in the left sidebar. Then, you have to select Application. There will be a drop-down menu consisting of EduSched, Ekeeper, and Evaluate. Since you want to check your daily schedule, you have to choose EduSched.

  • View Your Schedule.

The portal will display your schedule for this month. Besides, you also can view this schedule on the weekly list. So, the site will only present your schedule on this week. On the right side of the page, you will find a calendar. Just click on the date on this calendar to check the schedule on that day.

What are the Programs Offered by Emedley Login?

In short, we can say that Emedley is a multifunction site. It is because you can access many programs to support your learning process. Just by log into the system, you can try to use any programs provided by AllofE. If you are the first time entering the system, you may not understand the use of each feature. That is why here we present the list of the programs in the portal.

  • Examn.

ExamN is the web-based testing. This assessment system allows the students to access the online test anytime. Besides, the faculty member also can manage the tests. This program makes the administrator analyze the result of the test easily. No doubt, ExamN program can save your time and resources. Furthermore, this system also helps you to create the report of the test based on the standard of assessment. The lecturer or other faculty members can designs the online test easily. It is so since Examn provides the wide range of question types. For instance, they can create the essay, passage, multiple choice, true-false, and dropdown questions. This system also has the performance rubric. Hence, you will be easier to grade the performance or subjective assessment.

  • Ecurriculum.

This program helps the teachers to track the classroom instruction. It consists of the accreditation standards, specific competencies, and the medical topics. Ecurriculum will guide the teacher and students so that they can achieve the goal of teaching learning program. Besides, this system has some features. For instance, it has Overlap reporting, Gap reporting, Session Calendar, Course, and Curriculum Structure.

  • Eclas.
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Another program you can find is Eclas. This system helps the educator to track the students’ performance in the classroom. For instance, it can identify the time spent and the competencies mastered. Furthermore, the features of this program are Time Tracking, Diagnosis Tracking, and Patient Encounter Tracking.

  • Educate.

This program focuses on administering the teaching environment. As the example, it concerns on scheduling tools, learning tools, and curriculum tools. Besides, this program enables the instructors to do all teaching process easily. They can save the energy since they can manage the lesson planning and students exam easily. The features of Educate programs are Polls, Homework, Discussion, Exams, and Evaluation.

  • EduSched.

EduSched helps the administrator to create the schedule management for the students. They can use automated or manual scheduling. Besides, the program also helps them to set up the date range and the number of sessions. Furthermore, this program can limit the number of students which can join the online class. By using EduSched, the school can avoid the hassle of creating the manual schedule. It is because this system uses algorithms. Then, the features of EduSched are Basic and Advance Automatic Schedule as well as Planning Interface.

  • Evaluate.

The next program available is Evaluate. This program provides a complete administration and management system. It is very useful not only for the students but also for the instructor, preceptor, and the clinical site. Besides, this program provides some features such as Course Evaluation, Instructor Evaluation, Student Evaluation, and Preceptor Evaluation.

  • Ekeeper.

The last program provided is eKeeper. The usage of this program is to track the details of the process of accreditation. So, Ekeeper serves as the centralized documentation in a certain institution. Besides, this program can store any files and documents for the Health Science Program. Since it is a cloud-based system, the user can access all files anywhere and anytime. By using this program, the institution can reduce the use of paperwork. Furthermore, the college also can store all important files in a secure place. The features in Ekeeper are Preceptor Management, Faculty Management, and Student Management.

How to Contact Emedley Customer Support?

When you are getting some troubles in using the online system, you have to contact the Technical Support soon. For instance, you are failed to access the page. In this case, contacting the Techincal Support is the smart choice. Since provided by AllofE Solutions, you can get in touch with AllofE Customer Support. Here are some alternatives to reach AllofE Technical Support.

  • By Phone.

To get the immediate assistance from Allofe, you can call their Customer Service. Allofe Technical Support phone number is 785 813 9251. Then, you can dial this number if you are having problems in accessing the website. Besides, you also can contact Allofe Corporate Headquarter number at 785 832 2900. Furthermore, you also can send a fax to 785 840 9019.

  • By Email.

Besides, you also can report the issue when you face some troubles in accessing Emedley by email. Send your email to techsupport@allofe.net. Make sure that you explain the details of problems you face. Also, mention the operating system of the computer you use. Furthermore, you have to write the browser version you use as well. But, if you need more info about Allofe products and services, you should send your email to info@allofe.com. Then, if your email is about sales information request, you can send it to sales@allofe.com.

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