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Who does not love shopping? We all must agree that every single person on this planet must love shopping. Even if we do not buy anything, the sensation that we get when we shop is awesome. Well, we can feel such this experience in Jewel Osco supermarket. This supermarket offers us Jewel Survey that will give us a chance to win $100 gift cards. In case we find it interesting, we can visit its page. Believe it; we cannot imagine what kind of awesome items we can get with $100 coupon. Can we?

About Jewel Osco Company Profile

So, we are about to take the Jewel Customer Experience Survey. It will be best if we let the company introduce itself. For our information, Osco Incorporation is such a supermarket chain. We can find the headquarter in Chicago. The Osco stores spread in different 185 locations. If we want to find the nearest stores, it is best to use the Osco locator with the keyword “Jewel Osco Near Me.” The results then will guide us to go to the Osco nearest locations.

Jewel Survey
Jewel Survey Information is available at

If we want to shop some groceries, Osco becomes the best place to go. Believe it or not, this successful company was a delivery service of door to door coffee. Today, the company has reached its success as it has been running the business since 1984. The store today has expert pharmacists that complete the services. We can consult our health at Osco Stores and buy find everything we need. If we want to know more, we can visit its official site.

About Jewel Shopping Experience Survey

We know that Jewel Osco is one of the best supermarkets that we can go shop with best feelings. but sometimes, we may get a bad experience. Indeed, we should not worry as we can take Osco Customer Satisfaction Survey. Jewel Osco Survey is such an online survey held by Jewel Osco. In this online survey, we will be able to speak our mind about the market.  We can give some negative or positive comments. The feedback that we give to the supermarket will mean a lot. It is because we can help the company to give better services and products to the customers.

One of the most interesting parts that we can get from Jewel Survey is that we can enter the Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes here will give us a chance to win $100 gift card. We can finish the survey within five minutes. Of course, it the survey is worthy to take as it will give us other benefits. We can add some points that we can redeem for some items. If we find this fact is interesting, we can visit the site. The survey is about our overall satisfaction when we have shopping experience.

What Are the Jewel Survey Rewards?

Talking about Osco Survey without talking about the prizes will be useless. It is because we need reasons on why we should take the Feedback Experience Survey. Here, we will get the Osco Survey Validation Code. if we are lucky, we can be the Osco Sweepstakes Winners. The rewards that we will get are $100 gift cards. We can use this gift card for the next visit to Osco stores. Yes, we can buy some items using this card.

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How to Take Jewel Osco Survey?

So, we are going to take the Guest Satisfaction Survey and we do not know how to do it. Indeed, the steps are as easy as a piece of cake. We can finish it in less than five minutes.  The survey will only be available online. For the sake of $100 Osco gift card, we need to follow the survey guidelines. Starting from the rules of the survey and sweepstakes, we can continue to take some survey steps.

What are the Jewel Osco Survey Rules?

These are some preparations that we have to take before we start taking the survey. besides, there will be some Osco Survey basic rules that we should obey. They are:

  • First, we will need a recent Osco receipt that has Osco Invitation Survey Code on it that we can call as Osco Cashier Number
  • Second, it is a must for us to prepare a device such as a laptop or a smartphone
  • Third, we need an internet connection that is fast and stable
  • Fourth, capable of understanding English as the survey uses this one
  • Fifth, we should be mature enough for the Sweepstakes that we have to be 18 years old or older
  • We are a US legal resident and we have the ID card as the proof

Step by Step to Take Jewel Sweepstakes

We are ready to take the Osco Survey and now, we can follow the guides. Here are the steps that we can follow. In this case, it is crucial to make sure that we follow all steps as we cannot miss one. Also, it is best to make sure that the internet connection is stable as if we reload it, we may not able to continue. It is because the Osco invitation survey code will not valid. So, here the steps are:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, we should go to the survey official website at Once we reach the survey homepage, we can see our receipt. we will find the Osco store numbers and its detailed location. We need to input that data on the survey login portal.

  • Step #2:

For the next, we can start inputting the time as well as the date when we visited Osco supermarket. We can check these details on our receipt. In inputting this data, we can click the tiny symbol of a calendar. Then, we can choose the date, month, and so on.

  • Step #3:

Now, we can continue to fill in the Jewel Osco Cash or Operator Numbers. Once we have done with this one, we can type our active email address. We can type it down inside the long box at the bottom part.

  • Step #4:

Once we have done with the Jewel Survey operator numbers, it is best to start giving the rates to some statements. In this case, we will need to choose a number as a representative of our satisfaction. For instance, 1 point is for disappointed and 10 points for obviously satisfied. In this step, we will see some statements about how friendly the employees, as well as the quality of the foods. Besides, we have to answer the questions whether the cleanliness is enough or not.

  • Step #5:
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If we have rated the entire statements asked by the survey, we can give suggestions. Here, we can mention some improvements that we think they are necessary.

  • Step #6:

Almost the last, we can write a description of the reasons we disappointed or satisfied. This feedback will be important for the supermarket to improve their market quality. If we think we have done with that, we can click the button entitled submit to finish the survey.

  • Step #7:

The steps do not end here as we need to enter the Sweepstakes. Here, the survey page then will ask whether we want to enter the Osco Sweepstakes. We can click the button entitled yes if we agree. But if we do not want the $100 reward card, we can click no.

  • Step #11:

Oops! We click the yes button and now we have entered the Sweepstakes. The page then will require our personal data such as phone and so on. if we are such the Sweepstakes $100 winner, we will get a call or email. It is best to respond the notification fast to claim that rewards.

How to Contact Jewel Osco Customer Service Team?

Jewel Osco is a supermarket brand that has “Good Things Are Just Around the Corner” slogan. As it opens in 1899, the company may create mistakes in giving the services. As good customers, it will be gentle if we talk directly to the staff instead of updating status on Facebook with waves of anger. Of course, the company has a customer service team that will help us when we need something. We can ask some questions, give feedback and even complaints. Here are the Osco contact details that we can try. They are:

What are the Jewel Osco Postal Mailing Addresses?

First of all, we may need to write a complaint letter to the Osco company. It is fine as it will be the warning for the company to give better services. Here, it is important to make the problem specific and detail. For instance, we should add the date and time when the problems happened. Or maybe, we can explain our efforts in trying to find the way out. It is also important to give our personal contacts as the Osco team may need it. So, here are the Osco office’s addresses that we can try:

  • At first, we can write to Osco Customer Service. In other words, we have to send the letter to Customer Service Support Center. The address is at M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038 United States
  • For the next, we can reach the Public Affairs Department if we want to talk about Osco press or maybe the media. The address of this office is at 150 E Pierce Road, Itasca, Illinois 60143 Unites States
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What Are the Jewel Osco Support Numbers?

We do not have time to write a letter but we want to talk to the Osco representatives. Well, we can start to get our smartphone and call the Osco customer service numbers. Here are some of the Osco phone numbers that we can dial, such as:

  • In case we want to talk about the Retail Store Corporate, it is best if we dial 877 276 9637 and the representatives will help us
  • If our problem has no relation to the media Inquiries, the staff then will suggest us to call at 630 948 6000
  • Now we have troubles with the Accessibility Issues, we can start dialing 877 276 9637 or maybe this one 630 948 6068 and we will see how the employees will help us
  • For the Osco Corporate Office Phone Number, the office staffs are on the hotline at the number of 1 630 948 6000 and we call them in the Osco office hours
  • And the last, we can call the Osco Customer Service Number at 1 877 932 7948

What is the Jewel Osco Email Address?

We are such a busy person but we want to complain so much to the Osco company. Well, it is okay as long as we do not insult the team. As customers, we need to be professional in giving feedbacks. It is okay to use sarcasm as long as it is not frontal and lead the law to punish us. One of the best ways to be a professional customer is by sending an electric mail. We can send it to Mary Frances. The email address that we can send to is If we think we need another address, we can visit the Osco official website and go to the menu entitled contact us.

What are the Jewel Osco Official Websites?

Who does not love scrolling Instagram, Facebook, and other social media all day long? Our parents! Yes, being addicted to the internet is not good unless it has benefit or advantages for us. For instance, we may in a rush to ask something or give complaints. We can visit the official website at There will be some useful menus that we can click for the sake of information. We can make use of all features of the website as it is free for all customers.

In case we want to discuss our problems with the survey, we can visit the Osco’s Customer Survey website at We can download the tutorial or maybe check the winner announcement for $100 gift card.

Yes, we have read enough information about Jewel Osco Survey and now we can start to take the survey as well as Jewel Osco sweepstakes. For the easiest way of gaining information, we can use the application for Android or iOS. So, keep shopping and win $100 gift card!

Jewel Survey – Win $100 Gift Cards & Get Points at
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