KohlsListens – Get $10 Kohl’s Coupon Discount at Kohls Guest Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to Kohl’s Guest Satisfaction Survey 2019!

Hi, Kohls Customers! Are you recently visited Kohls Department Store? If it is yes, you are lucky because you can share your experience at KohlsListens Survey Program. In this program, you will be free to share the complaints, feedback or the suggestion to the better quality of Kohl’s Products and Services. And at the end of the survey, you can grab the instant prize of $10 Kohls Coupon Discount. If it is your first survey experience, don’t worry! It becomes our pleasure to be your nice survey guides and help you complete and finish the survey successfully. One thing that you can do right now is about to prepare your writing utensil, write down the important information then keep on reading this page until the end of the section. So, are you ready, Friends?

What is KohlsListens?

So, KohlsListens Survey is the online guest satisfaction survey platform that is established by Kohl’s Department Store Company. As the name, Kohls Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey Program offers you the free space to talk and share the personal opinion, feedback and reviews about the previous shopping experiences. Of course, the customers will get the direct link where Kohl’s Company will react for the reviews you shared. Obviously, you should not worry about stating both of the positive and negative feedback while it will help the company to improve its performance.

KohlsListens Step by Step Survey
KohlsListens Survey Homepage is captured from www.KohlsListens.com

Right, to be the parts of Kohl’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Participants, you need to visit one of the closest Kohl’s Locations and get the shopping experiences. Sure, it is important to purchase a product at the store and get a valid receipt. So that you know, this receipt let you get into www.KohlsListens.com Portal by its series of validation codes. And interestingly, you will finish the survey section with nothing while you can grab the free reward of $10 Kohl’s Coupon Discount. What an interesting reward offer!

KohlsListens Guidelines and Rules Details
KohlsListens Guidelines are taken from www Kohls Listens com Portal

What Have to Provide to Access www.KohlsListens.com Official Site?

The second, you need to spare a few times to prepare some devices that will be very helpful to launch Kohls Listens com Survey Portal. No doubt, these items are the requisites to run Kohl’s Department Store Survey Portal without getting the difficult login troubles. Well, here the list requisites are:

  • First of all, you have to prepare the supported electronic device such as personal PC, Laptop, Tablet or even an Android Device.
  • Then, you must own the latest version of the internet browser. And here, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even the Internet Explorer.
  • For the next, you have to ensure that you have been connected to the secure and secure internet connection.
  • For the rest, you must get ready with the writing utensil and the current Kohl’s Receipt. For information, this receipt has some useful information to access the whole Kohls Guest Survey Questionnaires.

How to Win $10 Kohls Coupon Discount at KohlsListens.com Site?

For the next, you are ready with all of the requisites and no doubt you can take part in Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Program. Yes, it is a great time to win $10 Kohl’s Coupon Discount and use it for your next visit. So, Guys! Here the steps are:

  • Step 1:

First of all, you can choose one of the latest versions of the browser then launch www.KohlsListens.com Survey Site on its search bar. When you have reached the homepage, you can read the “Privacy Policy” and get more details about this survey.

  • Step 2:
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Friends, you are going to get the English survey version when you access Kohls Listens com Page for the first time. But, you should not worry if you are not confident using this language. Yes, you can change it into Spanish by tapping on the blue link which says, “Espanol.”

  • Step 3:

For the next, you can submit 4-digit of Kohl’s Store Numbers on the first box. And, you can submit 16-digit Kohl’s Survey Invitation Codes on the second separated boxes. As all we know, it is the important basic step, so you need to ensure that you submit the codes properly.

  • Step 4:

After that, you can click on “Next” and start taking the survey.

  • Step 5:

The following section will be more perfect where you need to face the first type of Kohl’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Questionnaires. In this case, you are able to get the series of like-scale statements where you can rate them with some scores. Sure, you can choose the scores based on your personal satisfaction’s feeling.

  • Step 6:

Well, Friends! If the series of like-scale statements does not satisfy you, you should not worry as you can get a more challenging survey section. And here, you will get some opened-questions that talk about your personal opinion about Kohl’s Services, Products or overall performances. In this case, you will be free to share the complaints, comments, and feedback using words and sentences.

  • Step 7:

When you have completed both of the survey sections, you will get the validation code appearing on the screen. Congratulation, you write the code on the blank space on your current Kohl’s Receipt.

  • Step 8:

Just be sure that you have written down the validation code correctly. And now, you can “Submit” your Kohl’s Survey Questionnaires and quit from the page.

  • Step 9:

It is the most awesome survey section. Yes, Friends! It is the time where you can visit the previous Kohl’s Locations and redeem your validation code. As all we know, you are going to enjoy $10 Kohl’s Coupon Discount.

What are the Rules in KohlsListens Survey Contest?

So, Friends! You need to know that there are some rules that you must obey once you want to win $10 Kohls Coupon Discount. But, you should not worry because it will not stop you from winning this reward as everybody has the same right to claim it. Well, here the rules are:

  • About the Participants

The first important thing is about the participant’s eligibility. Yes, Kohl’s Online Survey Site is only accessible for only the customers who are the legal residences of the United States. At the time entering the page, they must be more than 18 and don’t have the blood relation with Kohl’s Employees.

  • The Receipt

And then, you have to know that the survey codes on your receipt may get expired. In this case, you can use it within 48 hours of the previous visit. Just in case you miss the date, you cannot use the same survey codes. And it means that you need to return to any Kohl’s Locations and purchase anything to get the new receipt.

  • The Entrance’s Procedures

Alright, every each of Kohl’s Customers has one opportunity to participate in KohlsListens Survey Program every week. Totally, they have four opportunities in a single month. In this case, you must limit one survey entrance in a household.

  • The Survey Process
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Once you reach Kohl’s Department Store Survey Portal, you have an obligation to complete all survey sections without leaving any single sections or parts.

  • The Reward’s Condition

As we have mentioned before, the participants of Kohls Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey will get $10 Kohl’s Coupon Discount instantly. Yes, they can redeem the validation code with the coupon discount. Even, this reward is not redeemable for cash or even combinable with the other Kohl’s Deals.

  • About Redemption’s Procedures

Even, the redemption process will be available within seven days of the last survey entrance. It will be valid in the same Kohl’s Locations of the previous visit. You cannot duplicate, transfer or even sell this receipt to the others. The Step to redeem your reward is about to come to the store, meeting the customer service then show your receipt which included with the series of survey invitation codes. Only one redemption process is valid in a day. Even, when you have more than one receipt, you must redeem it in the separate days.

What are the Reasons for KohlsListens Entrance Troubleshooting?

Anyway, you should remember that some possible issues will disturb you to access Kohl’s Listens Survey Official Site. Even, you should not get panicked as they are not a serious problem. And, here the reasons for those problems are:

  • KohsListens.com Server Busy or under maintenance
  • The un-supported electronic device
  • Poor internet connection
  • Your old version of the browser
  • Or, the wrong store number or survey codes.
  • At last, the expired Kohl’s Survey Invitation Codes.

How to Get in Touch with Kohl’s Customer Service?

Then, when you need to call the customer service and need their help for any survey login troubles, you can get them via phone at 855-54-5705. Even, the detail information about Kohl’s Products, membership program, Kohl’s Careers and even the company itself, you can visit its official website at www.Kohls.com.

What do You Know about Kohl’s Department Store?

So, it is the best time to talk about Kohl’s Profile after we are master in accessing KohlsListens Survey Program. Anyway, Kohl’s is the largest American Department Store because of its number of locations. In recent 2013, it operates for over than 1.158 Locations across the United States. Of course, these numbers are increased in year by year. For information, Kohl’s was founded in 1927 by Maxwell Kohl. The early first store was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Right now, it has the headquarter office at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the USA with Michele Grass as the CEO.

What does Kohl’s Department Store Sell?

Even, Kohl’s is the department store that sells many things you need in life. But specifically, this store serves and helps you to perform stylish in any situation and conditions. So, Friends! Here the products that you can buy Kohl’s Stores, those are:

  • Home Appliances
  • Bath and Bed Supplies
  • Family Apparels
  • Shoes and Slippers
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Sports and Fitness Aids
  • Swim Appliances
  • Clearances and many more.

How to Access “Kohl’s near me” Locations?

Just in case you need to contact the local Kohl’s Customer Service to ask about Kohl’s Credit or current catalog, you are better to access “Kohl’s near me.” But, what is that? Well, it is the simple feature that will help you access the closest Kohl’s Stores and get the detail of address, local customer service phone numbers as well as Kohl’s Hours of Operation. To access this feature, you have three ways, and here the details are:

  • Through the Google Map
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First of all, you are able to locate the nearest Kohls Store at www.Maps.Google.com or even run the Google Map Application on your Android or Apple Device. Simply, you only need to type down “Kohl’s near me” on the search bar then click on “Search.” Meanwhile, you also can type down the specific state or city of your current position. Sure, you don’t need to wait for a couple of hours as a result will appear within less than a minute.

  • Via Kohl’s Store Locator

One best feature at Kohls.com Portal is about to access the store locator. It is the best feature to locate the nearest Kohls Stores including the details of hours, services, coupons, as well as the local Customer Service Phone Numbers. Friends, to give you a few references for the locations, here we give you a few lists of Kohl’s Locations in the United States, and here they are:

AddressCustomer Service Phone NumbersHours of Operation
Prairie Market 2500 US-34, Oswego, IL 60543, USA+1 630-554-2996Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
Blue Star Shopping Center 1701 US-22 Ste 12, Watchung, NJ 07069, USA+1 908-490-1107Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
5679 S US Hwy 41, Terre Haute, IN 47802, USA+1 812-298-8504Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
3333 N US Highway 31 S, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States+1 231-947-3713Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
12305 US-27, Clermont, FL 34711, USA+1 352-394-0441Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
Phillipsburg Mall 1200 US-22, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, USA+1 908-387-0953Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue
Turtle Creek Crossing 6053 US-98, Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA+1 601-264-7052Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue
126 U.S. 287 Frontage Rd S, Mansfield, TX 76063, USA+1 817-473-4851Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
Office Depot 8646 US Highway 17 Bypass South, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, USA+1 843-650-3323Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
Sunset Valley Homestead 4805 W U.S, US-290, Sunset Valley, TX 78735, United States+1 512-358-7607Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
9595 S Delaware Ave, Tulsa, OK 74137, USA+1 918-299-5073Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
3561 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226, USA+1 316-636-1126Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
301 N 46th St, Rogers, AR 72756, USA+1 479-636-8809Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
634 Pacific Dr, American Fork, UT 84003, USA+1 801-492-4113Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue
Bend River Promenade 3188 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97703, USA+1 541-382-7300Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue
  • Use Kohl’s App

For the rest, you can download Kohl’s Application from Google Play Store or App Store. Even, you will be easy to get the link at www.Kohls.com Portal. Once you activate and run the app, you can choose the menu “Store Locator” as like at Kohls Official Website. By typing down the city and state, you can locate the nearest store with the details of hours and local customer service phone numbers.

And, we have talked many things about KohlsListens as well as Kohl’s Department Store itself. We are happy to share this wonderful information and enjoy this $10 Kohl’s Coupons together with you all. Thanks for supporting us and see you in the next post!

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