LonghornSurvey – Grab $50 & $1,000 Cash from Longhorn Steakhouse Survey

Are you looking for the best steakhouse in the world? Well, you do not need to travel around the whole world just to find one as Longhorn Steakhouse is the best one to visit. And, do you know that you can take part in LonghornSurvey to get $1,000 grand prize? Yes, it is a program held by Longhorn Steakhouse for all Longhorn customers. If you want to win the prizes, you need to complete Longhorn Steakhouse Survey first. Are you ready to begin getting the pleasure?

About LonghornSurvey

You know that Longhorn Steakhouse always cares about the customers. Here, Longhorn Steakhouse holds an event that will allow all Longhorn Steakhouse customers speak their mind about the restaurant. Yes, LonghornSurvey is an official Longhorn Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey that is accessible online. For information, all Longhorn Steakhouse customers can participate in this program. You just need to own a recent Longhorn Steakhouse receipt that has LonghornSurvey Invitation Code. You will need it to pass the survey portal.

LonghornSurvey login
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As you can see, the survey takes an important role as a place for the customers to share Longhorn Steakhouse feedback. If you are willing to enter Longhorn Survey, you will get a chance to enter Longhorn Sweepstakes page. Yes, it is the page that will give you a chance to win $1,000 grand prize or 100 chances for $50 cash. If you are lucky, you can be a winner and grab prizes home. Isn’t it such a great thing to give a try and spend your three minutes for the sake of $1,000 prizes?

How to Enter Longhorn Sweepstakes Program to Win $1,000 cash?

Fellas! You look like you get it interesting to take part in the survey and enter Longhorn Sweepstakes. Indeed, you can do it through a couple of ways. You can choose the one which you prefer, and they are:

  • Method #1: An Online Longhorn Sweepstakes

The first way is famous among all as you can enter Longhorn Sweepstakes program by visiting the official website. Here, you just have to visit Longhorn portal, and you can complete answering all questions. But, you will need to own a recent Longhorn Steakhouse receipt that has Longhorn Survey Code.

  • Method #2: An Offline Longhorn Sweepstakes

If you do not want to take the survey, you may use the second way. In this case, you just need to prepare a postcard and writing tools. The second way may be best for you who do not have any Longhorn Steakhouse receipt. You can then enter Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes program by sending a mail to Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. The address will be PMI Station, PO Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488-3536 USA.

What Will You Need To Enter an Online Longhorn Survey?

In case you are willing to enter the online Longhorn Guest Satisfaction Survey, you may need some kinds of stuff. They are:

  • A Recent Longhorn Steakhouse Receipt

First of all, and the most important thing for the survey, you need to have a Longhorn receipt. Here, you need to be sure that your receipt owns the survey code. Yes, you will need Longhorn Survey ID number that you can find in the center of your Longhorn receipt.

  • Internet Connection and A Computing Device

The second ones to prepare are the internet access as well as the electronic device. You will need to be sure that you have an internet browser on your electronic device. It is because you are going to take the online survey. If you need a recommendation, you may install Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Browser, and other browsers. And, it will be the best if you get the latest version of the browser for the sake of performance.

  • Personal Contacts

As you are going to enter the sweepstakes, you will need your contacts. They are such as an active and valid email address, phone number, as well as your mailing address. When it comes to Longhorn winners’ announcement, you will get a notification through the contacts you enter.

  • A Writing Utensil

And the last, you are going to need a writing tool such as a pen or pencil. Or, you can also use a marker that you can use to write down the Validation Code on your receipt. Somehow, you may need the code when you are going to claim sweepstakes prizes.

How to Enter an Online Longhorn Sweepstakes Steps Instructions?

First, you may get the passion for taking an online Longhorn Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey. Well, you will find it much better if you follow these Survey Sweepstakes steps instructions. They are:

  • Step #1: Visit Longhorn Survey Website

The very first step which you have to take is visiting the official website. Here, you just need to get your devices such as laptop or mobile phone and launch the internet browser. At the address bar, you guys can click it and type www.LonghornSurvey.com. Yes, this link address then will direct you all to the page.

  • Step #2: Choose A Language

When you reach the survey homepage, you will need to choose a language. As you can see, there are only two languages available. You can either choose English or Spanish language. For the default setting, the survey page will be in English. And, if you want to change Longhorn Survey Sweepstakes page into Spanish, you need to click the link entitled “Haga Clic Aqui.” The page then will be converted into Spanish.

  • Step #3: Read Longhorn Sweepstakes Rules and Privacy Policy

After making sure that the language you set is understandable, you may begin to read Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes Rules. Or, you can also read the Longhorn Sweepstakes previous winners just in case you are curious. Indeed, this third step is optional that means, you can either take the step or just leave it.

  • Step #4: Input Longhorn Survey ID Number
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And then, after setting the language, you may start to enter Longhorn Steakhouse ID number. You should check your Longhorn receipt to get the ID number. For your information, the survey ID number has a 13-digit number. Of course, you should accurately enter the code. Or, you will have to re-input the code that will waste your time. Without this Longhorn Customer ID number, you will not be able to pass the login portal.

  • Step #5: Click “Start.”

If you are pretty sure that Longhorn ID number is all correct, you can click the red square button entitled “Start.” You will go to Longhorn online survey if your ID number is unique and valid.

  • Step #6: Answer All Longhorn Survey Questions

You have passed the portal, and it is your time to answer Longhorn Steakhouse Survey questions. If you see, the questions will be about your last visit to Longhorn Steakhouse. You will need to show your experience and level of satisfaction you get from the restaurant. And, there will be an open question that you have to answer. Here, you will need to send Longhorn Steakhouse feedback such as Longhorn Steakhouse complaints, Longhorn Steakhouse suggestions, Longhorn Steakhouse critics, and other Longhorn Steakhouse comments.

  • Step #7: Get Longhorn Validation Code

You have completed the survey, and now, you will get a unique Longhorn Validation Code. As you prepared the pen or pencil, you will need to write down the code on your receipt. You have to save the receipt until the promotional period ends.

  • Step #8: Enter Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes Page

And then, you will get an offer from Longhorn Steakhouse whether you want to enter the Longhorn Sweepstakes or not. Of course, it will be such as best choice if you agree to enter Longhorn Steakhouse sweepstakes page. You will get a chance to win the rewards.

  • Step #9: Check Longhorn Winners Announcement

And the last, you can wait for the sweepstakes period to end. If you are sure, you can then check the survey site to find Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes winners announcement. At the page, you will get a list of the winners, and you may be one of them. If you find your name, you can grab home the prizes then. Yeay!

How to Enter an Offline Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes Program?

Now, you may get your preference in taking the offline survey. Indeed, the steps will be simple. Here are the offline Longhorn Sweepstakes steps guide to follow:

  • Step #1: Postcard, Envelope, and Writing Utensil

The first thing to do is to get everything you are going to need ready. Here, you will need a postcard that is not too dark in color. It is so as you must write something on your card. And also, you must prepare the utensil for writing. No doubt, it will be better if you get the permanent one instead of using a pencil. For information, you will not need any Longhorn receipt if you want to take the offline sweepstakes program.

  • Step #2: Write Personal Data

The second step that you must take is to write down your personal information. They are such as your complete name, age, gender, as well as your contact details. The contacts will be your phone number, email address, as well as postal mailing address. For the mailing address, you have to write the complete one. Yes, you should mention the street name, the city, the state, as well as the zip code.

  • Step #3: Send Longhorn Sweepstakes via Mail

If you get your postcard ready, you can put it into an envelope. And then, you can address it to Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. The address that you can use is PMI Station, PO Box 3536, Southbury, CT 06488 3536 United States of America.

What are the Longhorn Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

If you are taking part in Longhorn Steakhouse survey sweepstakes program, you will need to follow some rules. They are such as:

  • Rule #1: Longhorn Sweepstakes Participants Eligibility

Alright! The first rule that you must follow is about the eligibility of Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes participants. For your information, Longhorn Sweepstakes program is not open to everyone in the whole world. In this case, you must be a legal resident of United States, or Columbia, or Puerto Rico, or Canada. Besides, it is such a must if you are 18 years old or above when you join Longhorn Sweepstakes program. You know that Longhorn survey program is for Longhorn Steakhouse customers. If Longhorn Steakhouse employees, or Longhorn managers, and other Longhorn staff members, you cannot join the sweepstakes. This rule is also for your family members.

  • Rule #2: Longhorn Sweepstakes Entrance Procedures

The second rule is about the entrance procedure of Longhorn Survey Sweepstakes. As you see, there are two methods that you can take to enter the program. You can either take the online or offline survey. For your information, you do not need to purchase anything to be Longhorn Survey winners. But, you get a chance increase your chance to win $1,000 prizes by taking more sweepstakes. It is because there is no limitation on the number of your participation. The more you enter the sweepstakes page, the more possibilities you can get to win. And, each online survey requires a unique receipt. For the offline sweepstakes, you have to send the postcards separately.

  • Rule #3: Longhorn Survey Announcement of Winners
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You know that not all Longhorn survey takers can be the winners. In this case, you must participate in sweepstakes more. When the period ends, you will need to check the list of Longhorn sweepstakes winners at the website. If you become the winner, you will get a call, or an email, or a post mail announcing you as Longhorn sweepstakes winner. It is a must for you to follow the instruction given such as giving a response within a certain time. If you are late in giving the response or turning back Longhorn winners form, you will get substituted by another potential winner.

  • Rule #4: Longhorn Sweepstakes Prizes Redemption

You have completed all procedurals, and you will get your prize. For information, you cannot win both Longhorn Sweepstakes prizes. And also, when it comes to tax, it is your responsibility to pay for it. It is because Longhorn Steakhouse team will not pay it for you. If you want to get more information, you may visit Longhorn Steakhouse Sponsor’s Privacy Policy at the website of www.darden.com/legal/privacy.asp.

How to check Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes Winner List?

Do you want to check Longhorn Sweepstakes winners? You can then try these ways to get the list of the winners. They are:

  • Method #1: Send A Mail

Alright! In case you want to get a list of Longhorn Sweepstakes winners, you will need to send a mail to Darden Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey 2018 Sweepstakes 4. You can address it to Winner List, PMI Station, and PO Box 750-W, Southbury, CT 06488-0750 United States of America.

Or, you can also send the letter to Longhorn Sponsor. The address should be GMRI, Incorporation, 1000 Darden Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32837 United States of America. No doubt, you will get a list of Longhorn winners in a self-addressed and stamped envelope.  You will get this mail within six weeks after Longhorn Sweepstakes Period. Indeed, you can also send it to Longhorn Sweepstakes Administrator that is Promotion Mechanics, Incorporation. The address will be 87 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470 United States of America.

  • Method #2: Visit Longhorn Sweepstakes Site

You can go to the same site to check the list of the winners. The process will be more effective compared to the offline one. It is because you do not need to wait for the response. You can automatically find the list of the sweepstakes winners.

What are the Longhorn Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

You have followed all rules, as well as steps guide in entering the Sweepstakes program. For the next, you can find out the prizes offered by Longhorn Steakhouse. For information, the grand prize is USD 1,000 that is for one Longhorn winner. And, there will be other 100 Longhorn Second Prizes who will get USD 50 for each winner.

About Longhorn Survey Sweepstakes Troubleshooting

Like it or not, you may somehow find troubles when it comes to completing Longhorn Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. Here, you may find it hard to enter Longhorn sweepstakes portal. These are the troubleshooting and helpful information that you need to know, such as:

  • Troubleshooting #1: Check Internet Connection

The first one to do is to check your internet stability. In this case, you cannot use the internet access that is slow, insecure, and unstable. Of course, this connection will lead you to get an error page. Even more, it will lead to Longhorn Survey page cannot save the Longhorn ID number you input. You have used the code, but you need to re-enter the field. Of course, you will need to get another Longhorn ID number.

  • Troubleshooting #2: Clear Cookies

Second, you may need to go to your browser setting and find the cookies. You have to clear them and check whether the survey site gets blocked or not. If you think the browser turn the website into disabled, you have to make it enabled. Otherwise, you will get your browser does not allow you to access Longhorn sweepstakes portal.

  • Troubleshooting #3: Update JavaScript

And the next, you can analyze the JavaScript and make sure that it is not out of date. Here, you can search on Google search engine about the latest version of JavaScript. And then, you will need to install it and close the browser once the process is done. And then, you can reopen the browser and access the survey page.

  • Troubleshooting #4: Input Longhorn ID Number Correctly

The last trouble that you find at Longhorn portal can be about the ID number you input. Here, you cannot enter the survey page if the ID you enter is not correct.

What is the Longhorn Sweepstakes Privacy Policy?

Somehow, when you enter Longhorn Sweepstakes page, you may worry about your personal information you enter on the page. Well, you should not worry about it as what you can read at Longhorn Sweepstakes privacy policy page. These are some crucial stuff which you need to know about Longhorn Survey Sweepstakes:

  • Use of Participant Personal Information

For information, the information you enter at Longhorn Survey page will be useful for Longhorn Steakhouse research purposes, incentives fulfillment, as well as Longhorn Steakhouse everyday business purposes. Yes, they can be like Longhorn customer service data, or Longhorn survey integrity management, as well as Longhorn Steakhouse website management.

  • Participants Information Security

And about the security, you do not need to worry as Longhorn Steakhouse has professional technical, as well as physical yet administrative safeguards. Of course, they will protect all Longhorn Survey takers information.

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About Longhorn Steakhouse Company Profile

You have understood the details of Longhorn Steakhouse Survey Sweepstakes. Now, you should know more about the restaurant. For information, Longhorn Steakhouse is an American based restaurant chain that focuses on serving steaks. For the first time, Longhorn Steakhouse opened in 1981, in Georgia. You can find Longhorn Steakhouse headquarter in Orlando, Florida. In 2018, you can find there are more than 370 Longhorn restaurants spread in 35 different states of America.

If you see, Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant can be the best place for you to hold your special events. They can be your birthday party, graduations, and so on. Here, you can also use Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Card that you can give to a person you love. They will be able to order Longhorn Steakhouse menu without spending their money. Of course, it is such the best gift for your beloved people. It is because everyone loves enjoying Longhorn Steakhouse menu.

What is the Best of Longhorn Steakhouse Menu?

If you visit Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant, you will get some options for Longhorn Steakhouse menu. For information, Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant serves some traditional steaks menu. In this case, you can order Longhorn Steakhouse Menu starting from chicken, salads, burgers, and beverages. For the best recommendation, you can go to LonghornSteakhouse.com website to find the information on Longhorn Steakhouse menu. And, some of the best menus are:

  • Longhorn Steakhouse Texas Tonion
  • Firecracker Chicken Wraps
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Roasted White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Longhorn Steakhouse Wild West Shrimp
  • Or, Longhorn Steakhouse Chili Cheese Fries
  • And, Longhorn Steakhouse Seasoned Steakhouse Wings

At www.LonghornSteakhouse.com, you will also find other information. They are such as Longhorn Steakhouse Locations, Longhorn Steakhouse Coupons, Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices, as well as Longhorn Steakhouse Specials. Besides, you can also gain more on Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Menu, Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Nutrition, as well as Longhorn Steakhouse Porterhouse for Two Menu, yet Longhorn Steakhouse Nutritional Information. To Get Longhorn Steakhouse Gift Cards and other promotions, you can join Longhorn Steakhouse eCLUB.

What are Longhorn Steakhouse Hours of Operations?

Anyone of you loves to visit Longhorn Steakhouse? If it is yes, you should pay attention to Longhorn Steakhouse hours of operation. So that you know, Longhorn Steakhouse opens starting from Monday to Sunday. On Monday to Thursday, you can visit Longhorn Steakhouse at 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  On Friday, Longhorn Steakhouse hours are 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

How to Find Longhorn Steakhouse Locations?

Now, you can start to search Longhorn Steakhouse locations. You will have some ways to find Longhorn Steakhouse stores, such as:

  • Way #1: Longhorn Steakhouse Near Me

First, you can connect your device to the internet access. And then, you can continue to search Longhorn Steakhouse Near Me on Google. Or, you may also try to search Longhorn Restaurants Near Me, Longhorn Steakhouse Locations Near Me, and so on. You will get the list of Longhorn Steakhouse Nearest Locations. Here, you will also see Longhorn Steakhouse hours of operation which will help you to decide the stores that are open.

  • Way #2: Longhorn Steakhouse App

You may also download Longhorn Steakhouse application on your phone. At the menu of Longhorn Steakhouse locator, you need to turn on the GPS satellite. And, the application will offer you some best places for Longhorn Steakhouse locations. Yes, you will get the information about Longhorn Steakhouse hours here.

  • Way #3: Longhorn Steakhouse Store Locator

And the last, you may check Longhorn Steakhouse locator at Longhorn Steakhouse website. You just have to go to www.LonghornSteakhouse.com. And click the locator menu. Here, you can choose your preferences about Longhorn Steakhouse Locations, as well as Longhorn Steakhouse hours of operation.

At the website, you will be able to find more such as Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices, Longhorn Steakhouse Specials, and Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Menu. If you need more, you may check Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Nutrition and Longhorn Steakhouse Porterhouse for Two. If you want to get Longhorn Steakhouse promotions, you can join Longhorn Steakhouse eCLUB. By being Longhorn Steakhouse member, you will get special offers and other updates about discounts.

How to Contact Longhorn Steakhouse Customer Service Team?

If you want to contact Longhorn Steakhouse customer service, you may need to try some ways. They are, such as:

  • Longhorn Steakhouse Headquarter Address

First, you may be willing to write a complaint letter or any other letter to Longhorn Steakhouse office. The address will be SMG Privacy Office, 1737 McGee, Kansas City, MO, 64108.

  • Longhorn Steakhouse Phone Number

Or, you can also dial Longhorn Steakhouse Corporate Office Phone Number at +1 912 330 8560.

  • Longhorn Steakhouse Official Website

And the last, you can go to Longhorn Steakhouse website that is LonghornSteakhouse.com. You can go to “Contact Us” page and share your Longhorn Steakhouse Feedback. At the website, you will be able to find Longhorn Steakhouse Locations, Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Prices, Longhorn Steakhouse Specials, and Longhorn Steakhouse Lunch Menu. You can also check Longhorn Steakhouse Menu Nutrition and Longhorn Steakhouse Porterhouse for Two just in case you need it.

Well, it is the entire information of Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurant Profile as well as Longhorn Steakhouse Survey Sweepstakes program. Enjoy visiting LonghornSteakhouse.com sweepstakes and best luck in winning $1,000 cash!

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