My Subway Card – How to Fill Up, Activate and Register Subway Card Balance?

Subway Card Registration Steps

If you are the loyal Subway Customers, we suggest you purchase My Subway Card then get the easy shopping at all Subway Locations. Yes, it is virtual money that you can use to shop Subway Sandwich without cash. The first thing to do is about to order My Subway Card Balance and register your login account. Indeed, you can join in My Subway Reward and grab your Subway Reward. For the next, the process will be simpler because you only need to manage your card, check your Subway Card Balance as well as fill it up if you need it. This day, we are going to talk about My Subway Gift Card Details, My Subway My Reward Program and all the things you need to know about Subway Restaurant. So, it is better to stay tuned and read our information carefully.

What is My Subway Card?

Alright, you may need to know what My Subway Card is before officially purchasing it. Anyway, we have stated above that it is a membership card login Platform which is launched and operated by Subway Incorporation. This platform allows the Subway Card Users to manage, control as well as check their balance. Anyway, they can access or Subway App then submit the series User ID and password. So guys, My Subway Card Login System will help the cardholder to manage its card without meeting Subway Customer Service in person.

MySubwayCard Login
MySubwayCard Login Homepage

You know, Subway Restaurant also launches a Subway Gift Card for all its customers. In line with the Subway Card, both of them are such as a meal voucher that you can use anytime and anywhere as long as you have enough balance. But specifically, Subway Gift Card allows you to send the card to your friends, family or even for a corporate’s used. So, Guys! We need to keep in our mind that both Subway Card and Subway Gift Card is the useful member card that will help us enjoying Subway menu easily.

My Subway Card Login Guidelines
My Subway Card Registration is available at

What are the Benefits of My Subway Card?

For the next, we need to inform you about the benefits of My Subway Card because it may be important for all of you. By the way, we will never get bored to recall you that Subway Card gives a lot of benefits for us. Then, here the details are;

  • First of all, My Subway Card is a great platform to check your Subway Card Balance, manage that card as well as fill it up with some cash.
  • Sure, it is simpler to manage your card via online instead of coming to Subway Restaurant or meet the customer service in person.
  • This membership card helps you enjoying Subway Menu easily without paying with cash. Indeed, you can use this card in the United States and Canada.
  • Next, My Subway Card Balance provides you the various balance options. It starts from $5 until $500. Even, it is available for both US Dollars (USD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  • This card is performed interestingly. It has the eye-catching design, simple and colorful. Meanwhile, you also can custom your card and put your personal images or identity.
  • Your registered card also helps the Subway Company to replace the remaining balance just in case it is lost, stolen, damaged or even unreadable.
  • At last, this card leads you to win some Subway Rewards. As long as you use this card, it will automatically convert the point that will be redeemable for some rewards. Not to mention, you can get a free Subway Cookie, sandwich or even a free beverage.
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How Many My Subway Card Points do We Need to Redeem Subway Rewards?

Yes, we have mentioned above that Subway Card will automatically convert the points as long as you use this card. In this case, you can use it to pay your menu order, fill up the balance or even send your left balance to your other subway card or even Subway Gift Card. Well, anything the transaction, you will get points for it. And for that reason, you are right to redeem the points with some rewards, and here the details are:

Card PointsReward
10 pointsone cookie
15 pointschips (single serve size)
20 pointsone fountain drink
30 pointscoffee or bottled drink
35 pointsbreakfast sandwich
50 pointsregular 6-inch sandwich
75 pointsregular or breakfast Footlong
100 pointspremium flatbread or Footlong

Does My Subway Card Expire?

Basically, Subway Card will never expire, and you don’t need to pay any fees in connection with its use or even any fines for dormancy. So, you should not hesitate to keep your card even you don’t have any left balance. But somehow, Subway offers some Promotional Subway Cards which it has expiring balances involved. However, you are easy to get the detail because it shows the valid start date and the expiration date in front of the card.

Where Can We Buy a Subway Card?

Well, before accessing My Subway Card Login Platform, sure you need to buy a Subway Card at first. Anyway, there are some places where you can buy a Subway Card. And, here they are:

  • Way 1: Get Subway Locations

First of all, you are able to visit one of the nearest participating Subway Locations. Remember, this offer is available throughout the United States and Canada. To get the places, you can access Subway near me locations on Google Map, Subway App or even access the store locator at Once you get the restaurant, you need to meet Subway Customer Service then order a card. Indeed, the teams will automatically activate your card.

  • Way 2: Buy it via Online

Meanwhile, you also can get that card online. The platform is available at or Both of these platforms give you a space to order a card. Of course, you can also run MySubwayCard Registration and Activation process instead. In this case, you may need to fill some personal information, chose the card’s details, make a payment then wait for the card. Subway teams will send it via mail or email.

  • Way 2: Get it on some Participating Stores

Besides of Subway Restaurant, you can purchase Subway Membership Card at any authorized resellers, retails as well as the online stores. Anyway, you also need to follow some simple process when you buy a Subway Card in this place. As usual, you must complete the personal information, card’s details, make payment and get your card is ready.

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Anyway, for the Subway Corporate Cards, you need to contact My Subway Card special teams. Of course, you will need to order a huge amount of cards, so you need to make a discussion with them. Well, they are available at:

  • At first, you can get them via phone at 1-888-445-9239.
  • Or, you can send an email to
  • And, you can post a mail to Subway Card Program Value Pay Services LLC Attn: Corporate Sales 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 800, Miami, FL 33156.

How to Order Subway Card via Online at Portal?

For the next, it will be very special because you can order Subway Card via online at www My Subway Card com Official Website. To access this portal, you need to prepare a smartphone or laptop, the latest version of the browser as well as the secure internet connection. Don’t forget to prepare your M-banking or PayPal to pay the balance as well. With no talk too much, here the steps are:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Page

In the beginning, you can switch on your electronic device and set up the internet connectivity. Once you get the internet search bar, you can type down “” or even visit Subway Official Website at

  • Step 2: Choose the menu

Then, you can click at “Buy Card” at the first menu option. Over there, you will get two gift card options. It is about to “A Friend” or “For Me.” Sure, you can click at the “For Me” menu. You can click at, “Continue” button.

  • Step 3: Choose the Card

For the next, you can click at “Continue” then choose the kind of card. In this case, you can send the e-Gift Card, and it will be delivered via email. Or, you can send a Physical Card that will be sent via mail. In this page, you also need to choose the kind of Dollar that you use. As we have stated before, you can use USD or CAD.

  • Step 4: Select the Design

Well, you can select your Subway Card Design. Inside of this portal, you can choose one from 26 prepared designs. Indeed, you can custom your card with your personal images or photos. Then, click on the “Continue” button.

  • Step 5: Choose the Balance

And then, you can choose your card balance. The amount is available in $20, $30, $50 and $100. But, you are possible to type down your preference amount on the available box. In this page, you also can add the quantity of your card.

  • Step 6: Check out the Cart

Once you have completed the shipping details, you can add the order to your cart. Sure, you can check it out and make sure that the order details are completely correct.

  • Step 8: Complete the Payment

For the rest, you can complete the payment and choose the banking details you have. Well, Fellas! Let’s directly pay your order then you can finish this process peacefully.

How to Register My Subway Card Account?

When you have ordered a Subway Card, you need to register your card so you can protect its safety as well. However, we have explained about the detail Subway Card benefits of the previous subtitle. And now, it is the best time to show you the steps to register My Subway Card account, those are:

  • Step 1: Get the Site
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First thing first, you can access So that you know, it is the Subway Reward Program platform. Once you get the homepage, you can choose the “Join Now” menu.

  • Step 2: Create a New Account

For the former Subway Card Users, you can directly access My Subway Card Platform by submitting the registered email address and password. But, for the new ones, you can click at the menu “Sign Up.”

  • Step 3: Complete the Form

Well, you need to complete some form. In this case, you must submit your complete name, email address, choose the country, give the active phone numbers as well as create a password. In this case, you must make a strong password which matches with the password’s instruction.

  • Step 4: Click the Agreement

Guys, you also need to tap on the agreement. It is about your confirmation that you would like to receive any emails, bonus reward, surprises, deals and even more. You can read the “Privacy Statements” for the details.

  • Step 5: Join Now

Finally, you can tap on “Join Now.” It means that you can use this email and password to login My Subway Card platform and manage your card as well as possible. Even, it also means that you can start using your Subway Card at any participating Subway restaurant locations.

Meanwhile, you can install Subway App from Google Play Store, App Store or even This app will support for PC, Android and Apple Devices. Once you get it, you can access the registration and login MySubwayCard Portal as well.

How to Check My Subway Card Balance?

Once you have used your Subway Card, you may need to check your card balance regularly. Well, it is a piece of cake where you can check through some ways. Well, here the ways are:

  • At first, you can check your Subway Card Balance via offline by coming to the nearest Subway Locations. Over there, you can meet the customer service then swipe your card at the point of sale terminal (POS). This machine will show you the detail of your card.
  • The second, you can check it via phone by calling at 1-877-697-8222. The card teams will ready with Subway Business Hours of Operation.
  • Then, you can run Subway Mobile Application then check your card balance. In this case, you may need to log in your My Subway Card account and go to the balance menu.
  • At last, you can visit Portal. As usual, you need to log in your registered account then check your Subway Card Balance peacefully.

So, it is all about My Subway Card and the steps to check and register your Subway Card Balance. We hope that it can be useful. Thanks for your support and enjoy your Subway Menu. Take your time!

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