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Hello, people in the world! Everyone must know the brand shoes of Converse, and if you want to get special offers from this company, you can join MyConverseVisit Survey. You know, Converse Company will reward with $5 Converse Survey Coupons. Yes, you may use this coupon at any Converse locations. Converse employees will give you $5 discount off for all items you but at the store. Without a doubt, it can be your best experience in shopping the shoes you want.

What is MyConverseVisit?

You know, My Converse Visit is an online customer survey from Converse shoe Brand Company that has a goal to increase the quality of the products and service. If you want to be a part of the development of the company, you may visit the survey. This link then will show you a page where you can send Converse Feedback to Converse Customer Service team. In this case, you will get a chance to share your opinion related to Converse store you visited.

MyConverseVisit survey steps
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If you want to join this survey, you may need to have a Converse Survey Invitation Code. Well, you can get the code on a Converse receipt which you get from Converse outlet. My Converse Visit team will offer you to join Converse sweepstakes to get $5 Converse Survey Coupons. No doubt, it will be amazing for you who are about to purchase items at Converse Outlets. You can join more than one My Converse Visit sweepstakes to get more Converse Survey Coupons.

What Will You Need to Enter My Converse Visit Customer Survey?

If you are going to take part in the survey, you will need to get a preparation. Not to mention, these are the things which you are about to need, such as:

  • Internet Connection

First of all, it is important to have the internet connection. Here, you can get this connection from your mobile data. Or, you can also get it from Wi-Fi facility. But, whatever it is, you will need to check whether it is stable as well as fast. Otherwise, you will need to reload the page, or even worse, your Converse Survey Code becomes no longer valid.

  • Electronic Device

And then, you need to prepare a laptop or a tablet, or a personal computer, or mobile phone. This device then should own connectivity to the internet. Yes, you are about to enter Converse online survey, and therefore, you must go online.

  • Converse Receipt

The third item you must prepare is Converse Survey Code which you can get on Converse receipt. Here, you must make sure that you never use the code before so that it is still valid. If you do not own Converse Survey Code, it is hard for you to enter moreover complete My Converse Visit Survey.

  • Understanding English or Spanish

For information, the survey site only provides English or Spanish languages. If you cannot master one of both of them, it is hard for you to continue. It is so as you must read My Converse Visit rules. You should understand the rules because they will lead you to get $5 Discount Coupon.

  • Writing Utensils

The last one is any utensil which you can use to write some hint on Converse receipt. Yes, you may use pen or marker, but it will be best if you avoid using pencil. The permanent ink will help you well in saving the Validation Code on your receipt.

Step by Step to Complete Converse Survey and Enter Converse Sweepstakes

Good people! You have got all items which you are about to need at the survey. There are some Converse survey steps to follow in order to get Converse Survey Code. They are like:

  • Step 1: Visit My Converse Visit Website

In this first step, you must visit the survey by entering at the address bar. And then, you will reach to the survey homepage.

  • Step 2: Pick the Language
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The next thing to do is to pick the language that you prefer to use at the page. You know there are two languages available that are Spanish and English. Here, you must choose one, so you can read the Privacy Policy.

  • Step 3: Understand Converse Sweepstakes Rules

After deciding the language, you can enjoy reading the rules at this Converse Survey. Absolutely, you must be sure that you pass the eligibility of the survey sweepstakes.

  • Step 4: Enter Converse Store Number

Now, you may continue to enter the first data you need that is Converse Store Number. As you have prepared the receipt, you can start to check it. You know, you cannot skip this step as you must complete all required fields.

  • Step 5: Enter Transaction Code

For the next, you may continue to full the next data that is the transaction code. As you can see from the picture, you can get the code on your receipt. Yes, this survey code is crucial and for that reason, you cannot skip to enter it.

  • Step 6: Answer My Converse Visit Survey Questions

Congratulation! You have passed Converse survey portal, and you can start to fill the survey. You know, there will be Converse survey questions at My Converse Visit survey page. And absolutely, you need to give honest answers to each question. In this page, you do not need to type your answers as you just need to click the bubble that represents your answer. The multiple answers at the page will be a big picture of your experience during your visit to Converse outlet.

  • Step 7: Join Converse Sweepstakes

Yup! You just completed all My Converse Visit survey process and now you get a chance to enter the Converse sweepstakes page. At the page, you will earn the Coupon for $5 discount off. But, first of all, you need to complete your personal information. For example, you can fill your phone number, gender, age, as well as the email address that is valid. If you have done, you may click a button entitled “Finish.”

  • Step 8: Check Email

Finally! You can get Converse coupon that you can redeem at all Converse store. As you need to bring the code for the next visit, you should use your pen to save the code. Yes, write the Converse discount coupon on the back of your receipt. Here, you can show the code to Converse employee, and you will get the prize.

About Converse Sweepstakes Rules

Alright, good people! It seems like you understand the entire steps and tips offered in taking My Converse Visit Survey. Now, may start to find out the rules of the survey program. They are valuable as you must pass the edibility and obey the procedures. They are like:

  • Rule #1: Converse Survey Takers

First of all, you must be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes. If you are going to enter the sweepstakes, you should be 18 years old at the minimum. Not only that, but you also must be legal residents of the United States. More to say, you can join My Converse Visit sweepstakes as long as you are the customers. In other words, if you Converse employees or their family member, you cannot join the sweepstakes.

  • Rule #2: Converse Entrance Procedure

The second rule is the procedure when you enter the survey sweepstakes. You know, you will have to use different Converse survey code for each survey you enter. Yes, you can earn more Converse coupons if you take more surveys. And, at the same line, you may enter more sweepstakes page.

  • Rule #3: Converse Validation Code

And the last rule will be about Converse prizes. You know, you will get a chance to earn Converse $5 discount coupon. When you see the validation code appears on your screen, you must save them to. Without Converse coupon, you cannot redeem the prizes and get $5 Converse gift card. There is one condition that you must follow when you use the gift card. Here, you must purchase $20 at the minimum for the sake of getting $5 discount.

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About My Converse Visit Survey Sweepstakes Prizes

For some Converse survey participants, you may be curious to know the prizes offered. In the first place, you must shoe that Converse team offers you $5 discount coupon. Since the day you earn Converse coupon, you must use the coupon within two months or 60 days. Otherwise, you will find that the coupon is no longer valid.

For your information, you can only use the coupon at Converse outlets. And, you cannot also exchange the prize for cash or free Converse product. Instead, you will get $5 discount off for $20 you spend at Converse store. Here, you cannot combine Converse voucher with other Converse promotions. And if you have more than one coupon, you can only use one for each transaction. Yes, you can get $5 discount per transaction, and if you want to use all coupons, you have to do other transactions.

About Converse Shoes Brand Company Profile

The next thing you may need to know is the information about Converse Company. For your information, Converse Corporation is an American lifestyle shoe and athletic footwear company chain. Converse CEO is Marquis Mills Converse who ran Converse business in 1908 for the first time. In case you want to make a visit, you may go to Converse Headquarter that takes place in Malden, Massachusetts, Boston, America. And then, Converse becomes united with Nike Shoes Brand Company in 2013. So far, there are over 1.9 billion Converse stores that you may find in the whole world.

About Converse Products at Converse Outlets

Whenever you visit Converse store, you may need to find out the best Converse shoes. Indeed, there are a lot of Converse shoes series to purchase. Not to mention, they are like Ladies Converse Shoes, and Converse Shoes For Men or Converse Shoes Mens. Among the choices, you can try New Converse Shoes such as John Varvatos, Jack Purcell, and also Converse Chuck Taylor. Here, you can also buy your kids some best shoes as this store provides Converse Shoes for Kids.

You must agree that Converse sells high-quality shoes products and you do not need to have a doubt in wearing its products. It will be cool if you wear such this shoes brand as one of your best collection. You can also become Converse member to get more Converse promotions. Just in case you should know more about Converse shoes, you may make a visit to

Ways to Find Converse Outlets Near Me

It is undeniable that Converse outlets spread in the whole world and you will find the stores easily. But, in some cases, you may need to get an assist to look for the nearest Converse locations. These ways then will help you much to get the accurate nearest Converse outlets, such as:

  • Converse Locator

First of all, you may start to make a visit to Converse official website at Once you reach homepage, you may find Converse store locator menu. Here, you will find it crucial to enter your place details such as the zip code, street name, yet also city and the state. And then, the best Converse Outlets Locations results will appear on your device. Along with the list, you will find Converse hours of operation information that will help you decide the available stores. You may also get the information of Converse reviews.

  • Converse Near Me Feature
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The second one is the most popular one as you just need to go online and search Converse Near Me. Even if there are so many terms that you can also use, the best of the results will be from Converse Shoes Near Me. Well, if you want to use the other ones, you may try Converse Stores Near Me, Converse Outlets Near Me, or Converse Locations Near Me. As you are online, you can also explore more about Converse office near me, Converse headquarter near me, Converse factory stores near me, and others. Of course, the results will make you able to check Converse hours of operation.

  • Converse Application

If you think you want more, then, you may open your Apple or Play Store to download Converse app. For your information, you do not need to enter your place details such as the zip code and so on. Easily, just turn on the satellite or location, and the application will automatically search for Converse outlets. Yes, you will also get details of Converse hours of operation on this application. It will be nice if you check first the operating hours before you make a visit.

Whichever Converse Shoes Near Me feature you use, you will get the best results for the nearest Converse outlets. For the best recommendation, you may visit as it offers more information such as Converse shoes, Converse price list, Converse customer service contacts, and more.

Ways to Contact Converse Customer Service

You may have been following the steps guide in taking Converse survey sweepstakes, troubles may come. Indeed, you do not need to worry because you can contact Converse customer service. These are Converse contact details for you:

  • Converse Headquarter Address

Just in case you want to make a visit, you may go to Converse headquarter. Or, you may also give a try to send a mail to Converse office. The address will be 160 North Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114 United States. If you write a letter, you must make it brief and easy to understand.

  • Converse Phone Number

Or, you may also dial Converse Inc. office phone number at 1 800 806 6453. This Converse customer service number is not available for 24 hours. Therefore, you need to know Converse Office Hours. Through this Converse hotline, you can send Converse feedback.

  • Converse Email Address

If you prefer to write an email, you can start to send an email to Converse representative email address at Yes, you can send your Converse feedback through this email address. Converse customer service then will give you the best response.

  • Converse Live Chat

If you love to be online and play your social media accounts, you may visit the Converse page. If you want to chat Converse team, you can go to In another way, you may also access Converse Facebook Page that is and Converse Twitter that is

  • Converse Official Website

Last but also the best, you may go to that is Converse website. Of course, you will find all information related to Converse Company as well as Converse shoes. For Converse shoe locations, you will find Converse shoes Neat Me, Converse Factory Stores, as well as Converse Outlets. From the results, you can also find Converse USA and Converse India. Or, you may find Converse shoes such as Converse Shoes Womens, Converse Chuck Taylor, as well as Converse Shoes For Men.

Overall, you can participate in Converse sweepstakes to get Converse $5 discount coupon. Enjoy the survey and enjoy getting the discount off for every $20 minimum purchase at Converse outlets. Have fun!

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