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Express Department Store Feedback 2019

To be fashionable, every person needs to fulfill their apparel needs. The personality sometimes can be seen from the suit people wear. So, it is important to wear the suitable ones. Indeed, you can fulfill your fashion needs by visiting the Express store. It is one of the fashion brand retailers in the United States. With more than 600 Express locations, you can find the store easily in The US. Moreover, if you are purchasing something here don’t forget to join MyExpressFeedback. It is the survey program for all Express customers. As Express Rewards, you can get 15% off discount. Well, to get the complete details you can read this article. You will find out what you need to win the Express Coupons discount.

About Express Company

Before you enter, it is important to notice about this Express company. Express is the fashion brand retailer from America. This fashion brand is providing apparel needs for women and men. To serve the customer, Express has about 641 locations to visit. They are spreading over US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Anyway, this fashion brand starts the business since 1980. The CEO, David Kornberg manages all the stores from the headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Well, further details you can visit Express official page. It is in Through this page, you can access many things about Express. It is including Express Near Me location, products, new arrival, promotions and many more. If you get questions, please feel free to reach Express Customer Service.

What Are The Rules to Obey in Express Customer Survey?

Before taking the Express Feedback, it is important to notice the rules. The entire participant needs to fulfill all the Express Feedback rules. Then, you can be credible for earning the Express Coupons discount. You can use it in your next shopping in Express store. So, here are the rules:

  • Valid Receipt from Express

First of all, please go get yourself a receipt from Express. You will need this receipt to enter the survey portal. It is because this receipt has the Express Customer Survey codes on it. Without the codes, you can’t make your way in My Express Feedback. Indeed, this receipt has an expiration date to use. It is available within 14 days. You can see the expiration at the bottom side of the receipt. Anyway, you need the receipt from store transaction only.

  • Age Limitation to Enter the survey

This survey has the age requirement for you to obey. You need to fit the requirement to be a valid participant in the survey. In this case, you need to be 18 years old or more. Well, if you are not 18 yet you can’t make your way in Express Feedback. As the solution, you may need to be accompanied by someone older. Indeed, you can ask someone from your family to help.

  • Your Status Against Express

The next rule, you have to make sure your status against Express Company. The survey is accessible for all the valid customers. So, it means all the staffs are not valid for this Express Feedback. It will be including the staff’s family members as well. So, make sure you are not the staff of Express or its family member. This survey needs to be objective. So, the internal people may give subjective ones.

  • Express Coupons Rule
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At the end of the Express Feedback process, you will get Express Coupons. It is a 15% discount to shop in Express. This coupon is available to use within 90 days. More than 90 days, you can’t use this Express Coupons anymore. Moreover, the Express Coupons are not valid to redeem with another promotion. So, if you have more than one coupon, use it at a different time.

How to Fill Express Customer Survey Step by Step?

Well, you have read about the rules. Then, all you need is the steps to make this survey. Indeed, for those who are new, you need this guide. The steps will lead you to the right ways. In the end, you have a chance to win 15% Express Coupons. So, here are the survey steps:

  • Step One: Device to Enter Express Survey Site

First of all, go get the device to access this online survey. Express Feedback is an online survey program. It means you have to use the electronic device to enter it. The device you can use is like PC, Smartphone, laptop or Tab. Then, you need to get a stable internet access. It doesn’t matter what internet provider you use. The stable internet will prevent from getting error page loading. So, you will not spend a long time to make this survey.

  • Step Two: Go to Express Official Page

After you get the device, please open the browser app from your device. Then, visit MyExpressFeedback page. Make sure you get the stable internet to avoid error page loading.

  • Step Three: Set Language in Express Customer Survey

The next step, you will be dealing with language to set. This survey has two languages to set. They are English and Spanish. Please click on the language that you prefer. After you click upon the language, the whole feedback will turn into that language.

  • Step Four: Put Express Customer Survey Details

In the fourth step, you need your Express receipt. You need to put the codes on it. What you need is survey code, store code and visiting details. You can find them all on the receipt. So, make sure you keep this receipt safe with you. Indeed, to redeem your reward, you will need this receipt again.

  • Step Five: Respond to Express Customer Survey Questions

In the next page, you will get a list of questions. The questions are about Express overall performance. It will be including Express staff behavior, products, quality, price and so on. What you need to do is giving satisfaction rating. Please rate each question with your own opinion. You need to respond to each question honestly. Use your latest visiting experience as a reference. Don’t be afraid to give the bad or low rating. If it is true, you can share it here. Your honesty is valuable for the company. They can use it to make some improvements. So, the next time you may get a better service.

  • Step Six: Fill Express Feedback
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After you have done with the questions, you have feedback spaces. It is the spaces that you can use to write your opinions. You can share anything in your mind about your impression while visiting the Express. For example, you can make critics, suggestions or comments. Indeed, you can also share the issue that has not been mentioned yet. Anyway, you have a limitation character to write here. So, it will be better to make it short and brief. After that, you can submit your feedback.

  • Step Seven: Get Express Coupons

After a few seconds, you will see Express Coupons code. It is the unique codes to claim your reward. Please write the codes on paper. Then, bring it in your next shopping in Express. You can claim the 15% off discount by using this coupon.

How to Find Express Near Me Locations?

After you heard about My Express Feedback, maybe you want to visit Express store. By shopping here, you will get a chance to win 15% Express Coupons. You can use this coupon to get a discount on your next shopping. Well, in case you are looking for Express location, you can use the guide below. Here are the tips to find Express Near Me stores:

  • Express Near Me from Google

First, you can access Express Near Me from the Google. As you know, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. People are often to use it to find the information they need. Please visit from your browser app. Then, in the Google search bar put Express Near Me. Click the search button to get the result. In a few seconds, you will get a list of Express Near Me stores. This list will be including Express open hours, phone number, and direction and so on. To get the routes, you can click upon direction link. It will be the best work with the Google Map app.

  • Express Near Me from Express Website

The second step, you can use the Express website to help. In this site, there is a feature to find Express Near Me. It is store locator feature. After you click upon this menu, you need to put location codes. Please put the zip codes and state to the field available. After that, you can access Express Near Me location. Indeed, through this website, you can get more details about Express. You can do the online shopping, check the new arrivals, promotions and so on.

  • Express Near Me from Application

The last option, you can use the Express application. It is the app to use in a mobile device. Indeed, to access this app you have to download it first from the app store. Then, please put the location codes of the current location. You will get the Express Near Me location as the result. Anyway, you can choose the one that near to your location.

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In case you have questions, you can reach Express Customer Service. This Express Customer Service team will be ready to help you. Indeed, there will be several ways to reach the staff. You can decide which step is suitable for you. So, here are ways to contact Express Customer Service:

  • Express Customer Service Phone Number

The first way, you can reach Express Customer Service through a call. It can be the fast option to reach the staff. What you need to do is calling in 1(888) 397-1980. By calling, you can ask anything to the staff. It is including making critics and suggestions. The good thing is you will get the direct response. Indeed, the Express Customer Service team is available 24/7. So, you can reach them anytime.

  • Express Customer Service Mail Address

The second way, you can send a letter. This step is great for those who need to attach some hard copy files. Indeed, please make your letter stay in a formal style. After you have done, send it to Express official mail address. The address will be in 1 Express Drive Columbus, OH 43230. Make sure you are using the credible post to send it.

  • Express Official Website

The last way, you can use the Express official website. This option is great for those who like online communication. This website has a feature to connect you with the Express Customer Service team. What you need to do is visiting Express page in After you see the homepage, you need to find the “Contact Us” menu. Here you will get a form to fill. It will be about your identity form and spaces to write your feedback. Please, put your name, address, phone number, email and so on. Put them right in the available fields. Make sure you are giving the active and correct data. Then, you can start to write your feedback in the spaces given. Please make sure you make it brief and short. You may get a limited space to write. Indeed, by visiting the page you can access more details. It is like do the online shopping, check the new arrivals, promotions, location and so on.

All right, that is all about My Express Feedback program. Of course, you find it easy and simple to do it. So, the next time when you visit the Express, don’t miss the chance. Keep your receipt to join this survey program. Win the Express Reward to claim a 15% discount. However, the Express Coupons may not last forever. SO, it will be better to use it as soon as possible. Of course, it will be fun to get a less price for your fashion needs. Well, thank you for reading this guide. Hopefully, it can help you to make it. Good luck!

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