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If you want to shop for groceries, you can go to the supermarket or market. You can find food stores and supermarkets easily. Then you need to make a choice taking into account several aspects. First, you can choose a convenient shopping place. Customers want to explore a supermarket or a clean shop. Then you can find products easily. Second, you can choose supermarkets or stores that offer cheaper prices. Here you can save on groceries. Third, choose a store that has a profit program for you. We have a solution for the third point. Here you can take part in the draw through MyShoprite Experience. They have gift cards that you can use to shop there.

MyShopriteExperience is a survey portal and how to enter sweepstakes. You can do both in one process. Enter your opinion through the Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey. Because this supermarket can grow and give satisfaction to customers. So suggestions and criticism are ways to get feedback from consumers. You will not finish empty-handed. Because they have a Shoprite Customer Sweepstakes program that you can follow. If you don’t get the chance to take part in the draw, they have Shoprite Coupons. So this is a shopping place that suits you. Because they have several aspects that we discussed earlier.

Myshoprite experience
Myshoprite experience survey page

Shoprite Supermarket Profile.

Before you take advantage of MyShoprite Experience, read their profiles first. In this section, we can explain the year of growth of the Shoprite business. Because they are popular supermarkets in the United States. They set up the main office in New Jersey, New York. They have outlets in 6 states of the United States. You can find this shop in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.

The history of the establishment of this business began in 1946. That year they had problems with wholesalers. Because traders cannot buy products at reasonable prices. If you buy retail, the price will be more expensive. But, they get high prices for wholesale goods. So the Del Monte Foods staff gave an idea for this problem. Traders can set aside money to buy products. After buying products, they can share products with other traders. They pay 1000 Dollars for each trader. This collaboration lasted a long time and succeeded in establishing Wakefern Foods. Then in 1951, they used the name Shoprite. Here are some facts from the growth of the Shoprite supermarket.

  1. Shoprite Supermarket has 48 affiliates. Then they manage 296 Shoprite outlets.
  2. They have distributors to deliver products to consumers. Wakefern Food Corporation is a distributor company for Shoprite.
  3. You need to know that Shoprite is the biggest food ingredients supermarket in New Jersey.
  4. They don’t stop with that achievement. In 2011 Shoprite was a popular supermarket in Greater Philadelphia. You can help them survive through this survey process.

In this section, we have information for the profile and history of Shoprite. In the next review, we will help you prepare for the MyShoprite Experience process. You don’t need to hesitate to try your luck. Because the way you need to follow is quite easy. Simply put, consumers can answer questions from Shoprite. Then you can join their reward program.

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Shoprite Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules.

In this section, we will discuss the survey and sweepstakes rules. You can visit the sweepstakes rules page on the survey portal. First, you need to visit the official website for the Shoprite Gift Card Survey. You can visit them at Next, visit the sweepstakes rules link to read the program’s rules. Third, download the rules for surveys and sweepstakes. If you get into trouble, you can skip this section. Because we have a complete review of the sweepstakes program rules. So, keep reading to get points from the survey process. Here is the Shoprite Gift Card Survey Rules.

  1. Sweepstakes Entry Period. First, you can find out the survey period and sweepstakes. Because you can do the survey process in this period. If you miss this period, your chance will be lost. You can do the survey process starting October 1, 2018. Then, this period ends on September 30, 2019. So, you have 12 chances to win the Gift Card.
  2. Survey and Sweepstakes Method. Second, you need to know how to take part in the sweepstakes program. You can choose one of two ways to follow the sweepstakes. Remember, you can only give one vote for each survey period.
  • MyShoprite Experience Method. First, you can use an easy way to follow the sweepstakes. Yes right, you can complete the survey first. Here you need a sales receipt to get the survey code. In the final stage, you can fill out the form to take part in the sweepstakes.
  • Post Card Method. Postcards are the second way to take part in the sweepstakes program. Here you need to fill a postcard with your identity. Write your name, email, and address to enter the sweepstakes. An important part at this stage is filling in the subject of the letter. You can see the subject of the letter on the survey rules page.
  1. Check your eligibility.
  • Shoprite has outlets in 6 states of the United States. 5 of the 6 countries have regulations for the age of the population. If you are 18 years or older, then you have the opportunity to take a survey. Then, Delaware uses 19 years of age as the minimum limit for taking surveys.
  • You are a resident of the United States.
  • You don’t work as a staff at the Shoprite Supermarket.
  • You have no family relationship with Shoprite staff. Or you are not in one household with them.
  • Staff at sponsor companies and Shoprite business partners cannot take surveys.
  1. MyShopriteExperience Rewards. Well, after you finish the survey process, you are entitled to a reward.
  • On this occasion, they have a sweepstakes program for you. If you join this program then you have the chance to win 22 Grand Prizes. You can get a reward in the form of a Shop Rite Gift Card. One gift card is worth 500 Dollars.
  • If you cannot take part in the draw, they have Shoprite Coupons. You can get it right after completing the survey. Here you can make a coupon with a validation code. They give you 30 days to use the coupon. If you miss this time, your coupon will expire.
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MyShoprite Experience Preparations.

Before you take the survey process, we need to explain the survey preparation. Because you can get problems for this process. First, your survey process is slow. This problem can come from an internet connection. Second, your website has a problem. On this issue, you only need to close the website. Then you can open it another time. Third, you forgot the information about your visit to Shoprite. Here you need to have a store receipt. If you just shop from the Shoprite shop, save the receipt until your survey is complete. Because you can only see the survey code in the store receipt. If you don’t want to get into trouble, then follow a few steps below.

  1. Select the Shoprite Gift Card Survey device. Computers and laptops are the main choices for this process. But, a tablet or smartphone can help you in dynamic conditions. This device does not affect the survey process and sweepstakes opportunities.
  2. Support stable internet connection. If your survey is slow, then you need a lot of time for this process.
  3. Transaction receipts at the Shoprite Supermarket.
  4. Pen to write validation code.
Myshoprite experience
Myshoprite experience survey steps

Shoprite Customer Survey Sweepstakes Steps.

At this stage, you can conduct surveys and take part in sweepstakes. Have you read their profile? This basic knowledge can help you rank this supermarket. Then you need the experience to give feedback to them. If you haven’t visited there, then you need to get their sales receipt. Then you can observe the condition of their shop and products. Or you can remember several other aspects of service. So, don’t worry about the survey questions and answers. Because you can pass this stage easily. Here are some ways to complete MyShoprite Experience.

  1. Visit their official survey portal. The first step, you can visit first. So you can activate the device you choose. Then open the internet browser to find the Shoprite survey page. If you get into trouble, ask for help from your closest friend. They will take you to land on the customer satisfaction survey page.
  2. Select the language of the survey portal that you want. Skip this process if you are able to speak English. If you are not familiar with English, they have Spanish for your survey. Click on the Espanol button for setting the portal language.
  3. Enter the Detail Store Receipt. The third step you can issue your sales receipt. Because on this page they ask that you complete the visit information column. You can find answers from this column in-store receipt. Look at the sample receipt for better instructions. There they give a sign for the detailed receipt that you need to enter.
  • Set the date of your visit to the Shoprite Supermarket. On this page, you can set the date of the visit via the calendar icon.
  • Set the time of your visit according to your sales receipt. Click on the box provided to enter the time of your visit.
  • Complete the Store Number column. Here you can see a 3 digit number in the store receipt.
  • Fill in the register number column of your store receipt.
  • Fill in the transaction number column of your receipt.
  • After you are finished on this page, click on the start button to start the survey.
  1. Do your MyShoprite Experience now. They have 10-15 questions in this survey. So, you only need 5 minutes. Because the survey questions on this portal are easy and simple. You only need to choose one of the multiple choice answers. Or you can choose one of 5 satisfaction ratings. Then don’t worry about the opinions you enter. This process does not affect the results of the draw.
  • Choose the way you shop at the Shoprite Supermarket. What do you know about Shoprite From Home ?. Here you can choose your grocery product from home. Or you can use Shoprite Delivery.
  • Rate your satisfaction with the Shoprite Supermarket. You can give them an overall assessment.
  • Enter your transaction amount.
  • select some of the products you buy.
  • Enter feedback for aspects of shop facilities.
  • Rate Shoprite staff.
  1. Take part in the sweepstakes program. Complete the drawing form to join this program. Fill in the telephone number and e-mail fields to enter the sweepstakes. If a validation code appears on your screen, you can make a coupon. Write the code in-store receipt.
  2. Wait for a call or email from them. If you are lucky, they will notify you by phone or email. If you get a Shoprite Coupon, redeem this coupon with a reward. You only have 30 days.
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Get your Shoprite Weekly Deals now.

If you are not lucky to get sweepstakes, we have another way to get Shoprite Deals. They have a Shoprite Mobile App that can help you. Here you can access Shoprite Near Me. Or you can get some benefits shopping through the application. If you can’t wait to use this advantage, download the application through Google Play. Here are some of the advantages of using Shoprite Mobile App.

  1. They have the Shoprite From Home feature for you.
  2. You can create a grocery list for your next shopping time.
  3. You can use the application to find the product you want.
  4. Get digital coupons from your shopping process through the application.
  5. You can access recipes from the application.
  6. Get e-flyers to see product promos from them.

Shoprite Customer Service.

  1. Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. Mailing Address.

ShopRite Customer Care

PO Box 7812 Edison,

NJ 08818

  1. Social Media.
  • Facebook : @shoperite.supermarket.
  • twitter : @ShopRiteStores.
  • Instagram : @shopritestores.
  1. Official Website.

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