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Starbuck’s Survey Contest 2019

Do you one of the coffee lovers? if yes, then you must be familiar with Starbucks. One of the popular coffee shop brands in the US. It can be a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee. Indeed, the atmosphere will give you a comfortable feeling. It can be a fun place to gather with friends, colleagues or family members. Moreover, you can find the Starbucks Locations easily around The US. The good news, this coffee brand has MyStarbucksVisit program for its customer. The Starbucks survey is a program to get the customer reviews. By joining this program, you have the chance to get a free beverage from Starbucks. Of course, that would be lovely for those who are coffee lovers. So, don’t miss the chance.

About MyStarbucksVisit Survey Program

Starbucks Online Survey is the official survey program of the Starbucks coffee shop. Through this program, you have a chance to get a free beverage from Starbucks. Anyway, to enter this program, you have to visit the official page. It is in There, you need to give your review about Starbucks in general. It can be about the service, staff, taste or anything else. However, you must know what the things to prepare. You will need to understand some of the rules.  So, it is great you find this article. It can be the guide for you to make Starbucks Online Survey. Well, let’s find out what you will need for this survey!

Mystarbucksvisit Steps by Steps Survey
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About Starbucks Company

Starbucks is the coffee company from America. Starbucks starts the business since 1971 in Seattle, Washington. The founder is Gordon Bowker. Starbucks is not only doing coffee business but also the coffee house. You can find more than 28.218 Starbucks Locations. That number of locations is arranged from the headquarters in Utah Avenue South, Seattle. The largest number store will make the customers feel easier to find the nearest one. Starbucks can be a great place to spend your time with your close people. The coffee shop offers various menus to enjoy. It is like coffee beverages, smoothies, tea, and sandwiches, baked and so on. Further information please visits the official page in

MyStarbucksVisit Guidance
MyStarbucksVisit Survey Guidance to Win a Free Tall Beverages

What Are The Starbucks Online Survey Rules?

My Starbucks Visit is welcome for all the Starbucks customers. Well, before you are walking further, then know what you need. It has several rules that you must obey. If you are doing so, you can be a credible participant. Then, you will be credible to receive the survey reward. Anyway, for those who are new, don’t get panic about the rules. They are simple and easy to do. So, here are the rules:

  • Device to Enter the survey portal

It is the online survey program. It means you need to visit the official survey portal. In that case, you have to use a proper device. You will need an electronic device to visit the survey portal. You can use a Smartphone, PC, laptop or Tab. No matter what device you use, make sure it can make internet access. Your internet must be stable to do all the process. So, you will not get any error program loading.

  • The Latest Receipt from Starbucks
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First of all, you have to own a receipt from Starbucks. It is the receipt you get after purchasing something in Starbucks. Well, it means you have to visit the coffee shop first. This receipt has important codes on it. You will see Starbucks Customer Survey codes on it. This code will help you to enter the site. Without the codes, you can’t make your own in this survey. So, make sure you keep this receipt well.

  • Age Requirement

The second rule, you must know the age limit to enter My Starbuck’s Visit. All the customers are welcome, but not all ages are valid to join. Well, in this case, you need to be at least 18 years old or more. If you are not 18 yet, you can’t join this survey. In that case, you can ask help from someone older in your family.

  • Starbucks Online Survey Reward

Like the title says, that you will get a free beverage by doing this survey. Well, the reward is an appreciation from the company for entering this online survey portal. So, you need to complete the task in this survey first, to get the reward. At the end of the survey, you will get Starbucks Coupons. Well, this coupon is redeemable with a free Starbucks beverage.

How to Enter the Starbucks Customer Survey Step by Step?

Well, after knowing about the rules, then you will get the steps here. Make sure you fulfill all the rules in the previous part. For those who are new, you just need to follow the steps below in order. Don’t miss any step to be a valid participant in this survey program. Well, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Starbucks Locations

First of all, you need to do is visiting the Starbucks shop. You need to make a transaction in Starbucks to get the receipt. You need the receipt because it has codes and other details that you need. You can find survey codes, visiting details and store codes on the receipt. You will need those details to make your way in My Starbuck’s Visit. So, you must keep this receipt once you get it. If you need help to get the Starbucks Locations, you can read the guidance after this.

  • Step 2: Visit the Site

Once you own the receipt, now you can visit the Survey Site. It is the official survey portal of Starbucks. To enter Starbucks Online Survey page, you need the proper device. You can use a Smartphone, PC, Tab or laptop. But, be sure you get the stable internet connection for doing this. So, it will prevent you from getting error page loading. If you have not internet access, you can use WI-FI instead. You can go to the place with WI-FI access for free.

  • Step 3: Set Language

The next step, you will be dealing with the language. You can set the language to use in this Starbucks Online Survey. Starbucks Online Survey page has two languages to choose. They are English and Spanish. You can use English or Spanish to apply in the whole portal.  Anyway, choose the one that makes you comfortable to deal with. Please, click upon the language link you want.

  • Step 4: Enter the Codes
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The following step is entering the survey details. Well, you will need the receipt you get from Starbucks. Not only the survey codes, but you also need the other details. You will need the store codes and the visiting date. Then, please place all those details to the proper fields. However, if you are doubt, you can use the receipt sample picture. In this picture, you will see which codes you need to put along. So, you don’t need to worry about putting the wrong codes.

  • Step 5: Fill the Questions

The next step, you will be dealing with the questions. After you pass the login page, you can see the list of questions. However, the questions are simple and easy to complete.  What you need to do is make a satisfaction rating for each question. The questions will be about Starbucks overall performance. So, it will be including staff behavior, menu, taste, price, cleanliness and so on. To help you make the questions, you can use your latest visiting in Starbucks as the reference. Just be honest while giving your response here. Even it is a bad experience, you can share it. Indeed, your honest review here is valuable for the company. It helps Starbucks to make some changes and improvements. So, the next time you can get a better service.

  • Step 6: Feedback Section

Next, you will get a free space to share your opinions. After you give your satisfaction rating, you can add some comments. You will get a space to write anything you want. It is including making comment, suggestion or critics. But, please notice that space has limitation character to write. So, make your comment brief and to the point. Once you have done, please submit it.

  • Step 7: Get The Starbucks Coupons Code

Here is the My Starbucks Visit last step! What you need to do is waiting for the coupon codes. The codes will be your Starbucks Coupons to redeem. Please write down the codes on a paper. Or you can use the receipt instead as a place to write the Starbucks Coupons. Bring these Starbucks Coupons when you visit Starbucks coffee shop. You have a chance to get free delicious Starbucks beverage by redeeming it. However, your Starbucks Coupons have an expiration date to use. So, it will be better to use it as soon as possible. Indeed, your reward will not be able to redeem into cash or another. It is just for the free beverages from Starbucks.

How to Find Starbucks Near Me?

Well, this program is interesting for the customers. But, to enter the page, you have to visit the Starbucks first. In that case, you can find the nearest Starbucks possible from your area. Of course, it will be nice and save your time. Anyway, you have some options to get Starbucks Locations. Here are the steps:

  • Starbucks Near Me from Google
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First of all, you can find the Starbucks Locations from Google. As you know that, Google is the popular search engine in the world. You can find any information you need here. It is including Starbucks Near Me location. Please visit from your browser. Then, put Starbucks Near Me as the keyword in the search bar. Click the search button to get the result. Then, you can get a list of Starbucks Locations. The list will be including the phone number, address, and open hours, and direction. Anyway, if you click on the direction menu, you can get the routes. So, it will be easier for you to reach the Starbucks. However, this feature is the best to work if you are using the Google Map app.

  • Starbucks Near Me from Starbucks Website

The second option, you can find Starbucks Near Me by visiting Starbucks official site. In that case, please visit After you see the homepage, please find Store Locator menu. It is the feature to find Starbucks Near Me location. To use it, please put your current location codes. It will be including the city or zip codes and state. After that, you can get the Starbucks Locations around you.

  • Starbucks Near Me from Starbucks App

The third option, you can use the Starbucks app to get the locations. It is the application for the mobile device user. Well, to use it you have to download the app from the app store. Then, from the inside of Starbucks app, please find store finder menu. You will need to put your location codes like zipping or city codes.  Then, you can access Starbucks Near Me shop. Indeed, this app has several menus that you can access. It is like to check the menu, promotions, and hot offers and so on.

How To Communicate with Starbucks Customer Service?

Well, in case you need a help, you can reach Starbucks Customer Service staff. This team will be the bridge between the company and customers. Starbucks Customer Service team will be available to solve all the customers’ problems. To call the staff, please dial to (800) 782-7282. They will be available from 4 AM to 11 PM.

Well, that is all about Starbucks Customer Survey. You get everything you need to get My Starbucks Rewards. So, the next time you visit Starbucks; don’t forget to participate in the My Starbucks Visit survey. Of course, as a coffee lover, you won’t miss the chance to get My Starbucks Rewards. Indeed, this survey only takes a few minutes to spend. So, you can do it in your spare time. Overall, that is the guidance to participate in Starbucks Online Survey. Further details, you can visit the official page in

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