MyWawaVisit – Take Wawa Customer Survey and Win Wawa Gift Cards

Wawa is the relaxing place to order some food or drink. Besides, you can refuel your vehicle in this store too. Wawa is the privately owned business. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Wawa also operates in other cities. For instance, you can find this store in Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland. Nowadays, there are over 645 Wawa chains. When you want to get all day stop food, beverage, and fuel service, you can come to this store. To keep their business performance, Wawa creates a survey named Mywawavisit.

About My Wawa Visit

My wawa visit has the aim to collect the feedback from Wawa customers. Besides, the goal of this survey is helping Wawa to make the improvement in the product and service quality. Wawa values the customers’ thought and concern. So, this company welcomes the genuine opinion from the customers. Then, Wawa will offer the gift card as the reward of the survey. Therefore, you should try to take Wawa survey. Not only sharing your feedback, but you also can grab Wawa gift card.


You need Wawa receipt to enter this survey. You can use the shopping receipt as well as fuel pump receipt. Make sure that your Wawa receipt contains the survey code. It is because you will need Wawa survey code to enter My Wawa Visit survey page. Then, you should answer some simple questions related to your shopping experience in Wawa. You can share your honest thought about Wawa chain store. Besides, you should let Wawa know what you feel about the quality of their service. Your opinion plays the vital role to improve the service given by Wawa.

Upon completion of Wawa Visit survey, you will get a chance to enter Wawa sweepstakes. Then, you can win a gift card if you are lucky. The amount of the prize may vary. It depends on the promotion printed on your receipt. Sometimes, the winner of Wawa survey sweepstakes can get $100 or $250 gift cards. When you become the winner of the sweepstakes, you can use this gift card to go shopping in all locations.

What are the Rules of Wawa Visit Survey?

Before you contribute to the survey, you should understand the rules and the requirements. Knowing these details will enable you to get through the survey easily. First, you should know what you need to take part in the survey. The main thing you should prepare is receipt. Without this receipt, you cannot enter to Wawa customer feedback survey. It is because you have to enter the survey code as well as store number to open the survey. So, you should ensure that the receipt you get from Wawa contains a survey invitation code. Besides, you will need a PC, tablet, or mobile phone to access My wawa visit online survey.

After knowing the requirements of Wawa survey, it is the time to review the rules of survey. These are the rules of My Wawa Visit survey you should obey.

  • The participants.

This online survey is open to all residents of United States. This survey is available in 50 states and District of Columbia. But, the survey takers must be at least 18 years old.

  • Purchasing.
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You do not need to make a payment to win the sweepstakes. Besides, the survey is also free of charge. What you need is only the receipt. The amount of the money spend on your receipt will not affect your chance to win the sweepstakes.

  • The sweepstakes drawing.

Wawa will draw the sweepstakes entry randomly in all locations. Besides, Wawa will give one prize in every state. For instance, Wawa will take one winner in the state of PA, NJ, DE, VA, and MD.

  • Sweepstakes Limitation.

Wawa only limits one survey and sweepstakes for each survey code. Besides, in each entry period, Wawa limits one prize for one person.

  • Prize.

Wawa provides different prize based on the location. If you enter the sweepstakes in the states of PA, DE, NJ, MD, and VA, you can win $250 gift card as the prize. Besides, the sweepstakes held in Florida State will give $100 gift cards. The lucky winner of the sweepstakes will get the announcement via mail. So, make sure you fill out the personal and contact information correctly.

How are the Steps to Enter My wawa visit Survey?

Do you like enjoying the fresh food and hot coffee at Wawa? Or, you may like pumping gas at Wawa near you. When you come to Wawa, you may have your opinion about the service given. For instance, you think that Wawa staff is not courteous. Besides, sometimes the location is not clean. If you want to share your negative or positive feedback, you can take the survey. This survey is the elegant way to give your feedback. Besides, you can enter the sweepstakes after completing My Wawa Visit. Then, you can compete to win $100 or $250 gift card as the prize.

However, Wawa sweepstakes are not available for the Wawa employees. Besides, the immediate family of Wawa employees is also not eligible for this survey. In short, anyone who is associated with Wawa company is not eligible to enter the online survey. Here are the steps to complete this customer survey.

  • Visit the survey portal.

The only way to start the survey is by visiting This address will bring you to the Customer Satisfaction Survey site.

  • Change the language.

The default language of Wawa survey portal is English. But, you can change the language into Spanish. Just simply click on Espanol link under the Start button.

  • Enter the survey code.

Then, you have to look at your receipt to find the survey code. When you have found the code, you can insert it in the section provided.

  • Input the store number.

The next, you should find the store number printed on your receipt. The store number usually consists of 5 digits. Then, you should press Red Enter button.

  • Start Customer Survey.

After that, you should answer all of the questions displayed at the survey portal. It becomes your chance to give your feedback concerned to its product and service. The topic of the questions is about Wawa menus, products, service, and location. Your feedback must be based on the real situation you have experienced. It is because the honest feedback can improve the future service.

  • Enter the sweepstakes.
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The site will display a message which tells that you get an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes. Before agreeing to enter the sweepstakes, you should review the rules and the privacy policy. One of the rules is that the participant should be eighteen years ago or more. Besides, you must be the legal US resident. If you are eligible for the sweepstakes, you can click on Next button.

  • Fill out your contact details.

After that, you have to input your personal information. Then, make sure that all entries you made are correct. Wawa will notify you by mail or phone if you win this sweepstakes entry. When you finish the survey and sweepstakes, you will receive a message telling that you have entered the sweepstakes.

How to Check the Gift Card Balance?

When you can win the survey sweepstakes, you will get a gift card. With this gift card, you can purchase any products in the store. For instance, you can order food at Wawa. Besides, you also can use this card at Wawa fuel pump. In fact, you can get the gift card not only from the sweepstakes. But, you also can purchase the gift card from Wawa. Since its gift cards are not reloadable, you should often check your Wawa gift card balance. You can try these methods to find out your gift cards balance.

  • By phone.

The first method of checking the amount of money in Wawa gift card is by phone. So, you can ask Wawa customer service how much balance you have in your Wawa gift card. Then, you have to call 877 217 5366 to check the amount money you have in your Wawa gift card.

  • In store.

Second, you can ask the Wawa store crew to check your balance. For instance, when you come to Wawa store, you can ask the cashier to view your balance. They may ask your Wawa gift card number.

  • Online.

The last method, you can check your gift card balance online at Wawa website. Here are the steps to check Wawa gift card balance online. First, you should go to After that, you should enter your Wawa gift card number. The next, you should input Wawa pin number. You can find this PIN number on the back of Wawa gift card. The next, state that you are not a robot by clicking the box. Finally, you should select Get Balance button to see your card balance.

How to Contact Wawa Customer Service?

Whenever you have questions about Wawa, you can contact Wawa customer support. The qualified customer service staffs will give you the satisfying answer. But, before calling Wawa customer service, you should review the information on Wawa website. It is because Wawa online site contains much useful information for Wawa customers. For instance, you can search the info about products, location, gift cards, career, etc. Besides, you can even build your Wawa menu and find out a number of calories. If you want to try this feature, you can access Wawa nutrition calculator.

Besides, you can review the questions at Wawa FAQ. This page contains the most questions asked by Wawa customers. When you can find the same question on this page, you do not need to contact the customer care anymore. In contrast, if you cannot find the same questions on FAQ page, you can try these methods to reach Wawa customer service.

  • By email.
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Wawa has set up the Contact button on their website. So, you should click on Wawa Contact Us link at Then, Wawa site will ask you to fill out the form. For instance, you have to write your name along with e-mail address. Then, you have to choose the type of your question. The last, you can write your question in details. Then, Wawa will reply to your questions via e-mail.

  • By phone.

Perhaps, you think that waiting for the email reply takes a long time. So, you have to find another way to get the quick answer from Wawa customer service. In this case, you need to call Wawa customer care. Then, you can reach Wawa customer service number at 1 800 444 9292. The customer service will respond to you as soon as possible.

How to Use Wawa Nutrition Calculator?

When you have a meal at Wawa, you not know the nutrition contained in your food. Knowing the calories in the food is necessary for the people who are in the diet program. Besides, you should find out the nutrition on Wawa’s menu as well. Since Wawa has the various menu, this store does not provide the list of menu nutrition. But, the good news is you can access Wawa nutrition calculator. This feature allows you to build your menu. Then, you can calculate the nutrition as well as the calories contained. If you do not want to have some ingredients on the menu, you just simply can remove it. Then, when you order this food at Wawa, you should tell the waiter that you do not want to eat the certain ingredient.

So, how can you count the calories at Wawa menu? By using Wawa nutrition calculator, you can count a number of carbs, salt or sugar intake. So, if you want to know what nutrition contained in your Wawa meal, you should access this nutrition calculator. These are the steps which help you to get started with Wawa nutrition calculator.

  • Access Wawa Nutrition Center.

Firstly, you should access This link is going to take you to Wawa Nutrition Center page. This page can help you to customize your meal. So, you can build or remove the ingredient in your Wawa menu.

  • Choose the categories of the menu.

Then, you can select Wawa menu categories. After that, you can choose the menu items which you want to order in Wawa.

  • Review My Selection.

Under My Selection section, you can view the nutrition in your menu items. Then, you also can find out the ingredients are there for your meal. If you have an allergic, you can remove the ingredient you do not like.

  • Review My Meal.

The last, you can explore My Meal section. In this part, you can know the total calories in your meal.

MyWawaVisit – Take Wawa Customer Survey and Win Wawa Gift Cards
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