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Hey guys in this article we’re gonna take a look at the August PNG for 2018 bars. I know these are expected to come out Sunday, July 29. Obviously, I got these super early and I wish I could give you the information of where I purchased mine. But the fact is the lady I purchased from she just doesn’t have enough to sell to everybody. So she asked me not to mention where I buy these from. Otherwise, I would love to share with you. I know that’s crafty.

I’m sure that in your house, you will have one of P&G products. Not to mention, this brand has various daily need products. The products range from the baby to adult’s need. For instance, you can find some brands of baby diapers and baby wipes. Besides, for adult, P&G produces body care. As the example, you can purchase shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, etc. No doubt, some P&G products will be on your shopping list. So, you must be happy if you can have P&G coupon. With this coupon, you can save more money. It is because the coupon offers the interesting discount. You can save $1 up to $5 for each product. Luckily, the P&G insert discussed in this article contains many coupons you can use.

P&G coupons
P&G coupons are taken from P&G Insert

How to get P&G Coupons Giveaway Prize

In fact, you can purchase this P&G insert. But, as I stated before, I cannot tell where to buy. It is because this P&G coupon insert is the very limited edition. But, you should not worry since you can participate in the Giveaway program. You can search this program on Youtube or Instagram. There will be several people offer this giveaway. For instance, the content creator at Youtube who can have thousands of subscribers. Sometimes they will give you some prerequisites to do. First, you have to follow their social media accounts. They will give you the link of Facebook or Instagram account. Then, you can mention them. Usually, they will announce the winner on the live video. Once you win this giveaway program, you have to respond to their email. If you do not reply to their email within 24 hours, they can cancel you as the giveaway winner.

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If you are the lucky winner, you will get this P&G insert for free. You do not need to pay the shipping cost. What you need to do is just respond the winner notification quickly. It is because the P&G Store coupon insert period is very short. You do not want to receive the useless P&G insert, do you? So, if you really want this coupon, you have to be quick in responding the email. This way, you can receive the P&G insert soon. The next, you can decide which coupons you will use for shopping. You can even use all the coupons printed on this P&G insert.

About P&G Insert

You guys know what I found so odd about this PNG insert. So as I was taking pictures and I guess that’s why I’ve never really noticed this before. But they put all of the good coupons in the back of the insert like I almost did. This insert preview backward because the good coupons are in the back. I find that so odd it seems like P&G would want people when they open up the newspaper. And see the inserts that they wouldn’t see good coupons. So they would continue to look through the coupons. Not like the crappy ones that are a little crazy to me. But as you can see some of these are pretty good. It seems like they are mixing it up a little bit this month. Which I’m a little excited about.  I’m so glad we’re getting buy one get one free for the breeze. And then two dollars off Swiffer was a little disappointed in the three dollars off three gain unless that works on like cheap dryer sheets. Or something that’s not too good of a coupon.

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The List of P&G Brands Coupon Discount

You must be curious about what P&G products on discount. Once you receive P&G insert, you should read page by page slowly. You do not want to skip any coupon, do you? As stated before, I suggest you read the P&G insert backward. It is because there are many products with the big discount there. I believe you can save more if you use the coupons in this P&G insert. If necessary, you can buy all the products on discount. You can keep it as the stock for the next month. It is because you perhaps cannot get this discount next month. So, you should not miss this chance. It is a good time for shopping for P&G products. If you cannot wait for what products on sale, you can see the list below. Please notice that the list below only contains some of P&G Brands Coupon discount. Then, if you want to know more about the discount, you must have the P&G Insert on August Period.

  • $2 off Luvs diapers
  • $1 off Crest Mouthwash
  • $1 off Oral B adult toothbrush
  • $1 off Pepto Bismol liquid
  • $3 off Align Prebiotic Supplement Product
  • $1 off vaporub product
  • $2 off Gillette Invisible spray deodorant
  • $2 off Olay bar soap
  • #3 off Venus razor
  • Buy one get one free Pantene shampoo
  • $5 off Three Pantene product
  • $4 off Two head & Shoulders shampoo
  • $4 off Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner
  • $2 off Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner

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