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Safeway is the second largest supermarket chain in North America after Kroger. This supermarket offers the best quality products at the fair price. You can shop for your daily need like groceries in this store. Besides, the company also sells the premium products as well as the special item. So, you may not find this product in other stores. For instance, you can purchase the organic lasagna. Headquartered in California, the company can run more than 2200 chains in the US. Although it is a privately owned company, it can employ for about 250.000 staffs. The keys to the success of the business is the customers’ trust and satisfaction. So, this store conducts Safeway Survey to maintain the shoppers’ satisfaction.

About Safeway Survey at Glance

In the beginning, Safeway focuses its business in western and central part of the US. But, it tries to expand the business into the Mid-Atlantic section of the United States. Besides, the management still tries to drive the company into the bigger scale. So, the company decided to merge with one of retailer. Then, this company can be the largest food and retailers in the US. In order to maintain their success in this competitive market, the company should try hard to satisfy every customer. Offering the good product at a fair price is not enough. The company also provides the satisfying service. It is the reason why this company conducts the survey. Moreover, this store also has the employee survey to measure the staffs’ performance.

Safeway Survey
Safeway Survey is available at

Safeway Customer survey can help the company to observe the level of customers’ trust and satisfaction. This way, the survey result is the base to achieve the better operation capacity. This survey is the only way to find out what the company should do to improve their service. It is because the survey identifies the customers’ opinion. So, every survey taker should give their thought about which area of the business which needs to enhance. Both positive feedback and the critical opinion are welcome. The company will listen to every feedback from their shoppers.

This survey gathers the customers’ perception of the products and service. Every company believes that the customers’ satisfaction can be paramount to run their business better. No doubt, the company will be able to take the strategic decision to develop their business. To thank the customers who are willing to take the customer survey, this company offers the sweepstake chance. As the reward, the winner of the sweepstakes deserves to win $100 gift card. Then, they can use this gift card to go shopping.

What are Safeway Survey Rules and Requirements?

If you want to take part in the survey, you need some requirements to prepare. But, you do not to be hectic since you only need the simple thing. These items will support you in completing the customer satisfaction survey. What are they? Check out the list below.

  • Safeway receipt.

Most of the customer surveys require a purchasing receipt, and so does this survey. Make sure you do not lose the receipt from your recent shopping activity. It is because the customer survey needs some details on your receipt. First, you should check whether the receipt contains the survey invitation. Usually, this invitation will have 14 digit survey code. Besides, other receipt details required are the time and date of your visit.

  • PC and reliable internet.
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This survey is available online. Since this survey is done online, you should connect your computing device to the stable internet. The secure and stable internet access will make you easier to finish all the survey steps. In fact, the survey website is very simple, so you will be able to access it even with the slow internet access.

  • email address.

Another survey may require the email address for the sweepstake completion. But, this one is different. In the survey homepage, you have to enter your email account.

With three requirements above, you can start processing the customer survey. As stated before, every survey entrant deserves to enter the Sweepstakes. But, before entering this contest, you should know its rule. So, you can enter this sweepstake successfully. Also, you can increase your winning chance. Thes are the rules of the sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstake entrant.

The company only allows 18-year-old or more sweepstake participant. Besides, this Sweepstakes is only for the legal residents of the United States. Also, the survey limits only the single entry for one person in every sweepstake’s period. So, you can enter this sweepstake every 15 days. In case you have more than one receipt, you can use another receipt in the next sweepstake period.

  • Safeway Sweepstakes entry methods.

You can enter the sweepstakes in two ways. The first method requires a receipt. After making a purchase in this retail store, you will get a survey invitation. Then, after completing the survey steps, you can enter the online sweepstakes. Register for this contest by entering your personal data and contact details. The second method is by sending your sweepstake entry by mail-in. This type of entry does not require any survey completion and receipt. You only need to write down your name, full address (city, state, and postal code) along with phone number on a piece of card. Then, you can send this card to the survey Sweepstakes, c/o StellaService, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York 10004.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

Every week, the company will draw the sweepstake entries. Then, this company will decide ten winners randomly. Every winner will get $100 Gift Card. So, you have the chance to win one of ten prizes every week. In a month, the company provides $4000 gift cards for 40 winners. The team will contact the sweepstakes winner by phone, mail, or email. If you receive this gift card, you can use it to make the purchase. Remember that you cannot redeem the gift card for cash.

How is the Guideline to Complete Safeway Survey?

You will not get any challenging issue during the Customer Survey. It is because this survey is very easy to take. You will only need five minutes to do all the survey steps. That is why you should not forget to take this survey after shopping at the Supermarket. Taking this customer survey is the way to change your shopping receipt into the gift card. Keep in mind that the company offers ten gift cards valued at $100 of each in a week. So, participating in this survey gives you the chance to win one of ten gift cards.

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Furthermore, the survey is the tool to share your feedback about shopping. Every customer will have the different shopping experience. Some customers may have the satisfying shopping experience. For instance, they can find the products they are looking for easily. Besides, other customers may have unhappy shopping experience. For instance, they met unfriendly store attendants. So, they need to tell what they felt in their last shopping. The company will evaluate their service when the customers share their complaints through this survey. As a result, the customers will be able to get the more satisfying service on their next visit.

This article will assist you to complete the survey easily. Just follow our guideline to accomplish this survey. Here is the step by step you need to do at the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Visit Safeway Survey link.

The first thing to do is accessing the Customer Survey portal. Simply type at your web browser’s address bar. Then, your browser will be directed into the survey site. The survey homepage consists of the welcoming and thanking statement from the company for your interest in taking the survey. Then, you will find the example of the receipt in the middle of the page. Under this receipt sample, there is a blank form to enter the survey.

  • Review the sweepstake rule.

At the top of the page, the company lets you view their sweepstake rules. By clicking the blue link, to can open the Survey Sweepstakes official rules. In the new page, you can find out the full information about the sweepstake. This page notifies the sweepstake entrants that no purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes. Besides, you also cannot increase your chance to win the sweepstakes by making the purchase. Moreover, these sweepstakes rules inform you of some information. For instance, you can find out the eligibility, methods to enter, random drawing and prize.

  • Enter the date and hour of your last shopping.

In order to begin the survey, you should enter the date of your last transaction. See your receipt to find out the date of the transaction. Then, hit the calendar icon to select the date and month. After that, you can input the hour and minute as printed on your receipt.

  • Enter the Safeway Survey code.

The next, input 14 digit code which is available on your receipt. Divide these codes into four boxes. So, enter four digits in the first box, two digits in the second box, and four digits in the third and fourth box.

  • Write your email account.
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This survey page also requires your email address. So, enter the valid email address into the box. After that, press the Next button to start the Customer Survey.

  • Answer Safeway Questionnaire.

The survey questionnaire consists of several parts. First, you should state the overall satisfaction you get after visiting the Grocery Store. Then, answer some questions about your shopping trip. There is also a section which you need to rate several areas of the service. The next, the company gives you a chance to leave your comment. This section is the best time to tell the details of your shopping trip. You can share any critics, complaints, or suggestion to the company. Also, you can tell about the best and the worst part of your shopping experience. The more specific comment you give is better.

  • Complete the form for the sweepstake entry.

After answering all questions from the company, you should fill out the sweepstakes form. As with other sweepstakes, this form requires your personal information. So, you need to write down your full name and complete address. Then, do not forget to fill out the contact details including your phone number and email. Make sure that all details you fill in are correct. So, the sweepstake committee will be easy to inform you if you win this sweepstake drawing. The last, submit the survey sweepstake.

How to Contact Safeway Customer Service?

The company has an official website. The customers can find detailed information about Safeway Grocery Store by accessing This official site contains Just for U digital coupon, recipe, and meals, grocery delivery info, etc. Besides, you can view the FAQ page as well. This page is very useful for the customers who have some questions to ask. They can view FAQ to find out the trusted answer from the company. But, sometimes this FAQ page does not contain the question you are looking for. In this case, you should not doubt to contact the Customer Support. Here are the alternative way to get in touch with the Customer Service.

  • By phone.

When you have the urgent issue to ask, you should call the Customer Service number. The Customer Service Representatives are available at 1 877 258 2799. The staffs will give the satisfying answer for your questions. You can ask everything related to the service, product, career, etc. Besides, you can share your shopping feedback by making this call. For instance, you can complain about the bad experience you got when you went shopping at this retail store.

  • By mail.

Another method to deliver your questions and feedback is by writing a letter. Then, you can send it to Safeway Customer Service Dept, 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588.

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