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Scentsy is the international fragrance firm. In the beginning, the company is only a small family business. But now, it becomes the leading company which uses the direct selling strategy. The products from the company are various. For instance, this fragrance company provides the scented wax, cosmetics, bath products, laundry items, etc. The company sells the products by using multi-level and direct selling strategy. Besides, Scentsy also uses the party plan technique. The company recruits the multi-level salesperson in order to offer the products. These sales persons are known as Scentsy Consultants. Moreover, it also provides Scentsy Workstation to help the consultants to manage their work.

About Scentsy Workstation at Glance

Nowadays, Scentsy has hundred thousands consultants. With this huge number of the consultant, the company is difficult to manage all of the sales persons. That is why the role of this site is very crucial. For the consultants, the system serves as the back office. Through this website, they can make an online order. So, they do not have to visit Scentsy branch to order the products. Besides, the consultants also can track their online sales. Then, by logging into the Workstation, they can get the training to increase their sales skill. The last, this workstation is also useful to view their commission. This Workstation makes their job easier. It is because they can do a lot of tasks at home.

Scentsy Workstation

Working as Scentsy Consultant is beneficial. You can set up your own working hours. It means, you can work whenever you want. So, everyone can be the consultants. Although you are working in a certain company, you still can become a consultant. You can work at the weekend or in your spare time. Scentsy Consultants are also the right job for mothers who do not want to leave their children. They can earn money while looking after their child. As the consultants, you can meet many new people as your customers. This way, you will be able to improve your experience. There is no employer and employees in the portal. It is because all the people in this company are family. They work together in order to achieve their goals.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Scentsy Consultants?

The aim of Scentsy business is not only to gain the profit. But, this company wants to make your life better. Scentsy offers a fun way to work.  You do not need to go to the office every day. Besides, you do not face the traffic jam as well. Every consultant can manage their working time by themselves. This flexible working schedule is the reason why many people want to be the consultants. Besides, the company offers the competitive commission as well. These are the reason for people like to be the consultants.

  • Get the Income and Bonuses. The company offers the income and bonuses for the product they sell. The more products you can sell, the more bonuses and income you will get.
  • Incentives and Rewards. The company also offers the rewards for the consultants who have worked hard. For instance, it offers the vacation for the consultants who can achieve the certain target sales.
  • Fun work.
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Scentsy encourages all of its consultants to be themselves. They can work while finding the friendship. Besides, every consultant will experience the great adventures when they sell some products. They can choose the best selling strategy.  For instance, they can offer some products in person. Besides, they can sell the products online as well. Furthermore, you can build your own team and become the leader. This way, you can motivate other people to gain the better life.

How to Become Scentsy Consultant?

For the reasons above, Scentsy Consultants becomes the dream jobs for many people. When you become the consultant, you will be able to access the site. Joining Scentsy Consultant is an easy process. By registering online, you can be the consultant and start your own business. Here we present the step by step to enroll the consultant.

  • Visit Scentsy official website.

The first step of online registration is visiting In the website, you can explore the products provided. Besides, you can search for some careers and the opportunity to be the consultant.

  • Click on Join.

At the top menu bar, you will find Join option. By clicking Join, you can live your dream. Then, you can start the process of signing up to be the consultant.

  • Pick your sponsor.

Then, you have to select your sponsor in order to be the consultant. If you recognize the name of the consultant that want to be your sponsor, you can directly enter his/her name. But, if you do not have any idea about who will be your sponsor, you can search it by location. Enter the zip code and your country to find out the Scentsy Consultant Sponsor near you. Once you click on Search button, the website will list down the names of sponsor along with their phone number. You can select one of them. Remember, picking the sponsor is the crucial decision. It is because the sponsor can determine your future success. Furthermore, you cannot change your sponsor after this enrollment process.

  • Enroll and Select your Scentsy Starter Kit.

On the next step, you have to complete the enrollment form. First, register your name by entering the first and the last name. Then, input your email account in the provided field. After selecting the starter kit, you can press Continue button. The next page requires your date of birth, SSN, mobile phone number, and the shipping information. Complete the shipping info in details so that Scentsy can send the starter kit to your house. Fill out the street address and the name of apartment or suite. Then, enter the city, state, and zip code.

  • Set Scentsy Workstation password and the security question.

Create a password to access the login page. The rules to set up the password is as the following. First, it must be eight digits long or more. Then, your password has to consists of at least one lowercase and uppercase. Also, it must have at least one special character and number. Following these rules will make your password stronger. After setting up a password, choose one of the security questions. The next, select the answer. You have to remember your password and the answer to this security question.

  • Create a personal website.
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The company facilitates each consultant with a personal website. Through this personal website, the consultant can offer the products online. The company offers three months free trial. For the next service, you have to pay $10 per month. Do these guidelines to create your personal site. First, determine the name of the website. All address will be followed by Then, you can display your name as well as your phone number on this website.

  • Continue to the payment process.

After completing all steps in the enrollment form, you should select the Red Continue button. Then, you can review the terms and condition of Scentsy Business. The last, you can make a payment for the starter kit. There is no additional cost to be the consultant. You just need to pay $99 for Scentsy Starter Kit. But, you must be responsible for the tax and shipping charge. Prepare your Debit card and Credit card for the payment process.

After completing the registration and payment process, you will get the email from the company. They welcome you as the new consultant. Besides, this email will contain your Consultant ID. You will need this ID to access the page and the Pay Portal. When your starter kit arrives, you can start doing this business. The Starter Kit consists of some business tools as well as the sample of products. Usually, you will get the scent testers, catalog, and the exclusive gift.

How to Log into Scentsy Workstation?

After you register as the independent consultant online, Scentsy will send you an email. This email will help you to activate your account in Scentsy Workstation and Pay Portal. Once you finish activating your account, try to log into Workstation to manage your work. Workstation helps you to order the product. This website also becomes the trusted source to track your order, sales, and commission. Besides, Workstation is also the best place to learn the sales strategy. As the example, you can access Scentsy Online Training Center.

Moreover, Scentsy is the correct source to find the latest news from the company. Additionally, you can find out any downloadable material which can support your business. Without Workstation, the consultant will be difficult to manage their business. So, soon after you become the consultant, visit the Workstation immediately. The process of signing into the workstation is simple. Follow our guideline below.

  • Visit Scentsy Workstation.

If you live in the United States, you can access But, if you live in Canada, you can visit When you access this website, there will be a welcoming greeting from Scentsy at the top of the page. Besides, you also can access the Pay Portal from this site. Just click on Pay Portal link at the bottom of the page.

  • Enter Consultant ID.

When your registration process as the consultant is successful, you will get a Consultant ID. You can find this Consultant ID at the starter kit or email from Scentsy.

  • Enter password.

Do you still remember the password you have set up in the enrollment process? Enter your password in the box provided. This password field is case-sensitive. So, pay attention to your Capslock button when you type the password. If you cannot memorize what your password is, select I Forgot My Password. Then, you can enter Scentsy Consultant ID. After that, answer the security questions. This way, you can get your password back.

  • Press Sign In button.
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Once you hit Sign In button, you can start managing your Scentsy business. For instance, you can set up a party plan to offer the products. If you have the customer, you can start ordering Scentsy product.

Since you are a new Scentsy Consultant, you should join the Scentsy training program. The training session is online. So, you can learn about the fundraiser, selling strategy and all about Scentsy wherever you are. Learning all about Scentsy is at your fingertips.

What is the Important Information about Scentsy Workstation?

There are many details you need to know about Scentsy. For instance, you should find out the eligibility of the consultant. Also, you need to know the usage of Workstation. Moreover, noticing the income and bonus you get from Scentsy is also important. This way, you will have the bigger motivation to be the consultant. We have concluded some important information related to Scentsy Consultant and Workstation.

  • Scentsy Consultant eligibility.

Not all people can enroll to be Scentsy Consultant. They must pass the requirement from Scentsy. First, the candidate of the consultant must be the legal resident of the certain country. It means, if you are the US resident, you must enroll the consultant in the US. If you live in Canada, you must become the consultant in your own country. You cannot be a consultant in another country. Then, the consultant should be in the legal age of the residence majority. Moreover, they must have SSN or Employee Identification number.

  • The Consultant responsibility.

The main duty of the consultant is selling the product. They can sell the product directly in person. Besides, they can offer some products through their personal website. Furthermore, they also can create a team to increase the sale. Every Consultant can be the sponsor that recruit the new member. This way, they can earn more bonuses.

  • The income.

The Consultant will earn 20% of the sales income when they can achieve 1000 points in PRV. Besides, they also can earn 25% on PRV. Then, they will get 5% bonus if their sales can exceed 2000 points. If your team performance is great, you can earn the multiple bonuses.

  • Scentsy Contact.

Stay connected with your sponsor. You can ask everything about Scentsy to them. If you have the further questions, you can contact Scentsy Consultant Support. Just send your email to

Well, Guys! There is no reason to be lazy at work as long as the login portal with benefits already exists with you. Yes, you can ease your jobs with the login platform and improve the quality of your work with the company. With no hesitation, you can fix your problems easily with Scentsy Help Desk Information. Best Luck!

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