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Shawandme is the employee portal of Shaw Industries Group, Inc. This company is also known as Shawinc. Shaw is the subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway. It is the largest carpet factory. As the biggest carpet manufacturer, Shaw employs a large number of employees. So, it is difficult to manage these employees manually. That is why Shaw creates Shaw employee portal. This way, all staff of Shaw Industries Inc, can access the employment information. If you are the new employee of Shaw Industries, you need to review this article. So, you will get the deeper understanding of Shaw employee website.

About Shawandme Employee Portal

Have you just been hired by Shaw Industries Inc,? As the new employee of Shaw Company, have you known Shaw and Me employee portal? The use of the website will make your job and life easier. Perhaps, you may wonder why the employee portal from Shaw Industries is named Shawandme. It is because Shaw company’s management wants to get closer to its employees. So, there is no barrier between the employer and employees of Shaw. Shaw and Me employee portal can connect the management to all of the employees. The role of the website is similar to HR Department. It is because the website provides all data and information about your employment.

Shawandme employee portal login steps
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All employees of Shaw industries have to own an online account. This way, they can access every info they need to know about Shaw employment. As the example, they can access the payroll. So, every payday, they can view the details of the salary they receive. Besides, they also can check Shaw Schedule. This way, Shaw employees can check the time they supposed to go to work. Furthermore, there are many other benefits of the employee website. As the example, you can view Shaw benefits.

About Shaw Industries Inc.

Shaw Industries Group which is widely known as Shaw is the leading carpet manufacturer. But, in fact, Shaw does not only supply carpet. This company is also the supplier of hardwood, resilient, synthetic turf, tile and stone, as well as laminate. In short, Shaw provides everything you need to build a nice floor. No wonder, the slogan of Shaw Industries is “Where Great Floor Begins”. It means you can have the great floor for your house if you use the products from Shaw. We also can say that Shaw is the global flooring provider. It is because the business not only focuses on the US. But, Shaw also expands its business to Australia, Canada, Belgium, China, and India. Besides, this company also exists in Brazil, France, Scotland, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

Headquartered in Georgia, Shaw can be the greatest flooring provider in the world. No doubt, this company can achieve $4 billion in its annual sales. Besides, to fulfill the demand of the following product, Shaw employs more than 22.300 employees. These employees work in several departments in Shaw Industries, Inc. For your information, Shaw has several manufacturing locations as well as showrooms. For instance, they may work at carpet Tile manufacturing, Resilient manufacturing, Residential showroom, Shaw contract Showroom, and distribution center. If you are interested in working in Shaw, you should keep reading this page. it is because we present Shaw Industries jobs. So, you can find out the way to search Shaw careers and apply for it. If you have been hired by Shaw, you can check how to access Shawandme login page.

Brief about Shawandme Employee Login Portal Rules

Before accessing the website, there are some points you have to notice. If you obey these rules, you will be able to use the website effectively. Besides, you will not get any trouble to use this employee website. Check out the rules of using Shawandme Shawinc website below.

  • Shaw Industries employment site is only for the authorized users.

It means Shaw and Me is only accessible by Shaw employees. If you do not work at Shaw, you will not be able to see the content of Shaw and Me website. It is because you have to log into the portal by entering the employee ID and password. If you do not have Shaw employee ID, it is impossible to enter the login page.

  • Shaw monitors the user’s activity.

You have to obey Shaw policies when you use the official website. It is because Shaw Industries management always monitors all the users’ activities. If you do something suspicious, Shaw will make the further investigation. Then, you may get the disciplinary action.

  • You cannot distribute the information.

You have to notice that all information and data belong to Shaw Industries. So, you do not have the rights to distribute it without permission. Shaw allows you to access and view the information without copying or distributing it.

  • Shaw and Me employee website offers the direct access.
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It means you can access the data as well as the online program from the office’s computer. Without the further login process, you can access this data easily. So, it is your own obligation to protect your account against the unauthorized users.

  • Do not share the password.

You have to keep your password as a secret. Never tell your password to access Shawnadme to others. This way, you can protect your account from the unresponsible person. If someone knows your password, they may access your account from your computer system.

  • Always close Shawandme website after using it.

After you finish accessing the data you need, you have to log out from the portal. Never leave this website open on your computer station. It is because other people may view your information. So, make sure you have logged off your system before leaving your computer. If anyone steals your data because of your failure to protect your own account, Shaw will not be responsible for this issue.

Shawandme Login Guideline

The new staff of Shaw industries Inc, may not know how to access the website. For your information, the website does not provide the registration menu on its website. It means you cannot create your account by yourself. In order to make a new account, you should ask for help from Shaw Human Resources Department. In order to log into your account, you need Shaw employee ID and the password. Once Shaw hires you, this company will give you the employee ID. Then, you have to ask for the temporary password from HR officer. After logging into the portal for the first time, you can change this password.

When your employee ID and password are ready, you can access the website easily. Whenever and whatever you are, you can view all information provided on this website. If you do not know how to access the website, the guideline below will help you to get started.

  • Visit Shaw and Me official website.

Use your browser to open the official site. Besides, you can simply type on your browser’s web address bar. Then, you will be directed to It is the official employee website of Shaw Indsutries Inc. At the top of the page, you will see Shaw industries logo along with its slogan. Besides, at the top left part of the site, you can view the value, vision, and mission of the company.

  • Enter Shaw employee ID.

The first requisite to enter is your Shaw employee ID. Make sure you enter the correct employee ID. If you forget your Shaw employee ID number, simply look at your employee ID card.

  • Enter Shaw password.

The next, you should enter your password into the following field. You cannot set up the password by yourself. If you do not have this password yet, you should ask the HR officer to assist you.

  • Press Login button.

After entering the correct and valid employee ID and password, you can click on Login. Then, you can open employee portal. Now, you can explore the content of Shaw employee website. You can try every feature provided on this website. As the example, you can check the payroll. Besides, you can view other information contained in this portal. The next, after you finish using this website, do not forget to log out. This way, other people cannot access your account.

How to Create Account to Apply for Shaw Industries Jobs?

Some people have a dream to work at Shaw Industries. It is because Shaw offers the better career for your future. Shaw is not just a flooring company. This company is the place to build a great career path. You also can start your career in this company. Shaw not only hires the experienced person but also the new graduates. When you become the part of Shaw Industries Inc, you can achieve the success along with the company’s success. All of the employees of Shaw unite in order to achieve the better future.

So, what should you do in order to start Shaw Industries careers? The first thing you need to do is searching for Shaw floor jobs opportunities. Luckily, you can search Shaw Industries jobs online at Shaw official portal. If you just want to browse the job opportunities, you do not need to create Shaw Jobs account. But, if you would like to apply for the certain Shaw job, you have to register yourself. This way, you can sign into Shawinc jobs website. Then, you can apply any job title you want. Provided below is the way to set up an account at Shawinc job website.

  • Visit Shaw official website.

For your information, Shaw has two official sites. The first website is This website is for Shaw’s customers. They can view all products provided by Shaw Industries. You can even purchase Shaw products online at this website. Besides, the second website is This website contains the details of Shaw Industries company. If you want to browse Shaw careers, you have to visit the second website at

  • Select career.
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At the top menu bar of Shawinc website, there are several menus available. They are Company profile, Corporate Responsibility, Diversity, and Career. Click on Career menu. On this menu, you can find several articles about Shaw Industries career. Besides, you can browse the Shaw job listing as well.

  • Click on Job Listing.

By clicking this menu, you can view all the job opportunities offered by Shaw. If you want to apply for the certain job title, you can select Sign In. Without signing into this website, you cannot apply for the job. You only can view the list of the jobs.

  • Create Account.

Since you do not have Shaw account, you have to set it up first. Once you click on Create Account, a simple form will appear. Complete this form to create Shaw online account.

  • Enter your email address.

Shaw only requires your email address. So, make sure that you enter the valid email address. This detail is very important. Who knows Shaw will contact you by email if they accept your application.

  • Set up a password.

The next, you need to make a password to log into Shaw jobs. Your password must be complicated but easy to remember. You can use the combination of number and letter to make it stronger.

  • Verify your password.

After entering the password, you have to verify it. Retype your password on the next box.

  • Press Create Account button.

After completing the simple registration form, you should press the orange button entitled Create Account. Now, you can set up Shaw account successfully. Try to sign into Shaw job website for the first time. Use the email address and the password you have just entered.

How to Apply for Shaw Industries Jobs?

As the top manufacturer of flooring product, Shaw Industries attracts many job seekers. Many applicants are interested in being the part of Shaw Inc. They expect the better career when they join this large company. Besides, Shaw also welcomes anybody who wants to work at its company. Shaw provides the wide range of job opportunity. The applicant can select which job title fits their ability and experience. Luckily, Shaw posts the job opportunities online at is the website. So, the people are free and easy to browse the job vacancy offered by Shaw Industries. But, we suggest you create an online account at Shaw. This way, you can apply for the Shaw Floor Jobs without any trouble.

So, how to apply for Shaw jobs? Before submitting your application, you have to decide the job you want to apply for. You need to review the requirements as well as the job description. This way, you can know whether your qualification meets the requirements. Besides, you can know the duties you have to do when you are hired. You can do the guideline below to browse and apply for Shaw job online.

  • Access Shaw official website.

In order to view the job listing available at Shaw Industries Inc, you need to access  At, you can find the info about Shaw Industries. As the example, you can view the company’s profile. Besides, you can find out career opportunities as well.

  • Select Career menu.

Since you want to find out the job listings offered by Shaw Industries, you have to explore Career menu. The career section at Shaw has a slogan The Better Future Starts Here. So, you can be sure that you will have the brighter career when you join Shaw Industries. In the career page, you can also read some articles about Shaw jobs. For instance, you can read why Shaw becomes the great place to work. This article will motivate you to work at Shaw Industries.

  • Select Job Listings.

This menu is available on the left side of career page. when you click on the job listing, you will be directed into the new page containing the job opportunities.

  • View the job opportunities.

On the new page, you can view the list of the job opportunities. If you are difficult to find your dream job, you can use the Search menu. At the left side of the page, there are some jobs categories. You can click on the category you want to apply for. For instance, you want to work in manufacturing, sales, accounting & finance, and transportation. Besides, Shaw also offers the internship for the student. So, even you are still learning at school, you can apply for the internship program at Shaw. Furthermore, you can search the job by location. Just select the country and province you want to work.

  • Click on the job you want.
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After finding the job you like, you should click on that job. Then, the new page appears containing the job overview. In the job overview, you can know the position, duty, and the requirements. This information also includes the status of the employment. For instance, it may be the part-time or full-time job. Besides, it also informs you about the address of the Shaw Plant which requires this position. So, you can consider whether this job fits you.

  • Apply for the job.

If you have found the job you like, you can apply for it online. There are two methods of application. First, you can apply with LinkedIn. Second, you can apply for Shaw account. So, it is all up to you the method you use to apply for Shaw jobs. If you have created Shaw account, you can click on Apply button. Then, you can sign into this website by entering your email and password. The next, you can fill out the Shaw application form. Make sure that you fill out this form with the valid information. Also, the website may require you to upload some files. For instance, it requires your CV, certificate, photo, or recommendation letter.

After completing the Shaw Industries job application above, you should wait for the notification from Shaw. If Shaw accepts your application, Shaw will contact you by email. Then, you can do the next stage of the recruitment process. Then, Shaw may invite you to the interview. In this process, you can explain your potential and ability clearly. You have to use this interview step as the chance to ensure Shaw that you are the perfect candidate for that job title.

How to Contact Shaw Industries Help Desk?

If you have any questions about Shaw Industries or Shawinc, you can reach the company’s help desk. The Help Desk staff will answer your question briefly. Besides, they will assist you to solve any issue related to the employment process. But, before reaching the Shaw Support Center, you should specify your problem and question. Is it about the general question or the specific questions? If you face the general problem related to the Shaw’s application process, you can contact Shaw Corporate Headquarter. But, if you want to ask about the specific issue in the certain Shaw office, you have to call the Shaw branch office. Check out the methods of contacting Shaw Support Center.

  • By phone.

If you want to speak to Shaw representative staff, you can dial 800 441 7429. But, you have to contact them at the business hour. So, you can get the response quickly.

But, if you want to contact the Shaw branch office, you can see the list of the phone number at Once you access Shawinc website, you should scroll the homepage until you find Contact menu. Then, this menu will display the list of the Shaw phone number in every city. This contact list displays the Address of the Shaw branches along with the zip code and the phone number.

  • By mail.

The next, you can contact Shaw by sending a letter. You can write your inquiry to Shaw Industries Corporate headquarters. Write your letter briefly and straightforward. Also, include what you expect from Shaw Industries. Then, you can send your letter to 616 E. Walnut Avenue, Dalton, Georgia 30720.

  • Contact form.

Shaw also provides a contact form which you can use to send your message. To reach this form, you have to access Then, go to Contact menu. At the right side of your screen, you will find a message form. Just fill in this message form in details. This form is used to submit any question. Besides, you can ask for the accommodation in order to complete your employment process. This form requires your full name, email address, and telephone number. But, you can skip the phone number field. After completing the required fields, you can start writing your message. The last, press the Submit button to send your message to Shaw Industries.

So, it is all the information that you guys can get when it comes to the login portal. Now, you can start to visit Shaw and Me portal and log in to your account. No doubt, you will get all the information you need including how to apply for a job. Keep updates with the news and enjoy exploring the features!

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