Sheetz Listens – Steps to Win $250 Sheetz Gift Card Sweepstakes

Sheetz Survey and Sweepstakes 2019

Who likes winning $250 Sheetz Gift Card? Of course, everyone will! When you win it, it will be a nice idea if you use it to go ride and explore your city or even the other states. That sound’s great! You know, you can grab this reward when you take part in Sheetz Listens Survey. It is the valid and official survey of Sheetz Gas Station and Retail Store Company. And, it is accessible for all people who have recently visited one of its locations to fuel the gas, buy some stuff in its store or even get Sheetz Menu for lunch. Whatever your experiences, it will be fun and awesome if you share it on this online guest satisfaction survey and be the lucky participants then win $250 gift card. Are you ready for this pleasure?

What is Sheetz Listens?

Like we have mentioned before, it is the official survey portal for all Sheetz Customers. You can visit Site and complete the online survey questions. In the rest of the section, you will get the page where you can enroll in the sweepstakes section. It is a great chance, and you should not miss it. All we know that we may be one of the winners of $250 Sheetz Gift Card. Have you imagined about what will you do with this virtual card? Send it as a present? Buy the Awesome Stuff at the Store? Or, go around the United States without worrying about your gas? So, whatever you do, it will be great!

SheetzListens Guides
SheetzListens Survey Steps are taken from

Like the other online survey portal, each participant is obligated to submit the valid survey invitation codes. Even, these codes will be printed on their transaction receipt paper. If you accidentally did not receive the codes, you can meet the customer services where you get the previous experiences, call them, or even try the offline survey entrance then get the same opportunity to win the reward. Yes, Friends! This program will never complicate you as everyone is right to be the winners.

Sheetz Listens Guides
Sheetz Listens Guides and Rules to Win $250 Gift Card

What are the Kinds of Questions at Portal?

We have ever stated that this online survey will show you the series of questions and statements. All of them will direct you to show your level of satisfaction and show whether you are unhappy with several types of services or products. Otherwise, Sheetz Personnel will appreciate the reviews or feedback that the participant’s shared as it becomes the nice references to work and give better. Anyway, here the lists of questions that you will face in Sheetz Listens Online Guest Survey, such as:

  • The menu and appearances
  • Price lists
  • Order rapidity
  • Speed of services
  • Employee Friendliness
  • Reason and range of visit
  • Likelihood to return or promote the store
  • And, the problems that appear.

The Lists of Helpful Device to Win $250 Sheetz Gift Card

Do you know? You have to provide the devices below before accessing Sheetz Listens Survey. Take it easy, you have a lot of times to provide the devices. And, here the lists are:

  • At first, you are better to take part in the survey using the set of computers or laptop. It will ease you to get the greater display of Sheetz Survey Platform.
  • And then, you can access this portal when you have set the current version of the internet browser on your laptop. Even, you are free to use Chrome, Firefox and the other kinds of the browser.
  • For the next, the stable and strong internet connection will help you access the survey site without getting troubles.
  • For the rest, you have to own the valid receipt where it contains the series of survey codes.

The Step by Step Guides to Complete Sheetz Listens Survey

Well, Guys! It is the perfect time to start taking Sheetz Listens Survey. And, it is step by step guides that you can practice to pass the survey without getting troubles, those are:

  • Step one:
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First thing first, you can start turning on your electronic device. At that time, it should be good to check the version of the browser and even the internet connectivity. When you are sure that everything is okay, you can launch the site to Portal.

  • Step two:

Friends, you have to ready to take this online survey because there are no language options. You have to face the English instruction from the first until the last section of the survey process. To support you, you can read the Sweepstakes Rules that are available on the bottom side buttons of this page.

  • Step three:

And then, you can take your recent receipt and submit the survey invitation codes and the date time information on the separated boxes. Take it slow, you need to give the correct numbers and avoid the mistyping numbers

  • Step four:

Well, you can click on “Start” and start the first survey section.

  • Step five:

The first survey section will show you the series of like-scale statements. They are the series questions that lead you to tap on the scores. Those scores will show how high you satisfied with the appeared statements.

  • Step six:

There are several numbers of like scale statements that you need to complete. Then, the page will show you some blank boxes where you can type down your descriptive feedback, questions, critics and the recommendation as well. Both of the types of questions need you to answer it honestly.

  • Step seven:

It is the last section of this Online Guest Survey. At this time, each participant will get the sweepstakes section. Here, you need to complete the personal identity form. Not to mention, it is about the complete name, mail-in address, date of birth, the active email and phone numbers.

  • Step eight:

For the rest, you can finish the survey and close the page. To get the next information about Sheetz Sweepstakes Winners, you are better to set your phone nearby and handy.

The Steps to Run the Offline Sheetz Survey and Sweepstakes

We have stated above that Sheetz opens two ways of survey entrance if you don’t have the survey invitation codes. Well, all of the entrances give you the same opportunity where you can grab the chance to win $100 gift card. And, here the steps in offline survey entrance are:

  • First of all, you can prepare a laptop or PC to type down the descriptive feedback. Also, you will need a bright paper within 3 x 5 sized and the envelope.
  • Second of all, you can start typing down the descriptive feedback on that paper. It will be good if you share the detail experience since you come to the store.
  • After that, you can give the detail personal information below the feedback you write. It is the crucial section where you need to give the information in detail.
  • For the rest, you can prepare to send your letter to Sheetz Inc. Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, at PO Box 385, Macedon, NY 14502-0385. Your letter must be postmarked by September 30, 2019, and received by October 5, 2019.

What are the Terms and Condition in Sheetz Survey and Sweepstakes?

Anyway, each participant of this survey and sweepstakes is obligated to obey the term and conditions if they hope to be the winners. It will not be complicated while you will face the simplest survey rules. Without any hesitation, you will regret it when you miss this chance. So, Friends! Here the lists of rules are:

  • About the Survey Participants

First of all, this survey is only accessible to West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Maryland and District of Columbia Residences. They must be older than 18 years old. Also, they are the real customers not the parts of Sheetz Employees. Or, they should not have a blood relation with them.

  • Receipt and Survey Codes Validity
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So that you know, the Survey Codes will be valid within five days of the last visit. And, they are available for one survey entrance for each participant per a household.

  • The Limitation

Sheetz Listens Survey and Sweepstakes are accessible for two entrances in each survey period. Even, this survey is available from the first October 2018 and will be ended on September 30, 2019. This chance is valid for both of the online and offline entrance.

  • Winners Responsibility

When you win this sweepstake, you are obligated to confirm the notification and send the Affidavit and Eligibility Release within seven days of the last reward information. If you miss this chance, you may lose the chance of winning $250 Gift Card.

  • Reward Condition

This sweepstake’s Reward is $250 Gift Card and will be redeemable in all Sheetz Locations. It will not be redeemable for cash or even substitutable with the other products or promotions. There are 5 winners within the survey period. The winners of the sweepstakes will get this reward after 30 until 60 days of the last reward confirmation.

How to Find Sheetz near me Stores?

So, there are two ways to get the nearest Sheetz Store or Gas Station. However, you will need to get them once you want to win $250 gift card in its survey and sweepstakes. With no talk too much, here the ways are:

  • Use Sheetz Store Navigator

It is the smart device that you can access when you visit Portal. Once you get there, you can click on “Find a Location” then submit the state and city or give the postal codes of your current position. As a result, you will get the lists of locations and the details of each store. For your references, here some examples of Sheets Gas Station near me locations, such as:

LocationsAddressPhone NumbersHours of OperationPrice Standard
#383564 US-1, Youngsville, NC 27596, USA+1 919-554-0838Open 24 hours$2.28/Standard
#5779894 Shaner Boulevard, Huntingdon, PA 16652, USA+1 814-643-0503Open 24 hours$2.50/Standard
#44427 Whitewater Ave, Fayetteville, WV 25840, USA+1 304-574-2615Open 24 hours$2.33/Standard
#4683457 William Penn Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15235, USA+1 412-825-4151Open 24 hours$2.60/Standard
#594286 NC-801 N, Bermuda Run, NC 27006, USA+1 336-941-9240Open 24 hours$2.32/Standard
#4763025 Babcock Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, USA+1 412-931-1716Open 24 hours$2.67/Standard
#2463208 US-422, New Castle, PA 16101, USA+1 724-924-1404Open 24 hours$2.40/Standard
Bristol, VA, United States2415 Lee Hwy, Bristol, VA 24202, USA+1 276-642-0030Open 24 hours$2.16/Standard
Brockway, PA, United States1408 Main St #146, Brockway, PA 15824, USA+1 814-265-1458Open 24 hours$2.54/Standard
#4427775 North Route 220 Hwy, Linden, PA 17744, United States+1 570-398-1410Open 24 hours$2.60/Standard
#4958283 Old U.S. Hwy 52, Lexington, NC 27295, USA+1 336-764-3100Open 24 hours$2.24/Standard
#5484736 Us Highway 29N, Greensboro, NC 27405, USA+1 336-621-4575Open 24 hours$2.25/Standard
Huntington, WV, United States740 6th Ave, Huntington, WV 25701, USA+1 681-378-3948Open 24 hours$2.25/Standard
#5322807 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408, USA+1 540-891-4277Open 24 hours$1.96/Standard
#25917188 Owens Dr, King George, VA 22485, USA+1 540-644-1111Open 24 hours$1.92/Standard
  • Locate on Google

Meanwhile, you can locate the nearest location using the Google Map or even the Google Search Engine. You just need to put the keyword “Sheetz near me” then click on “Browse” button.

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What do You Know about Sheetz Corporate Profile?

So that you know, Sheetz Gas Station is officially owned by Sheetz Family. It is the American Chain of Convenience Store and Coffee Shops Corporation. Founded in 1952, it becomes one of the large gasoline and retail store companies in some states of America. Once you get the location, you will get the Fuel Gas Service, Rest-Area, Fast-Food Chain as well as the retail store that sells the various products. So, this place is such as a mecca for everyone on the go. Today, it has expanded for over than 500 locations in West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Maryland and District of Columbia. But, when you want to visit its head office, you can go to Altoona, Pennsylvania, the United States.

What are the Lists of Sheetz Menu?

Every each of us will agree that a meal is one of the important things for us. Indeed, when we are on the trip. So, the best meal and service you get, the more powerful we continue the trip. Then, to reach this goal, visiting Sheetz Fast Food Chain can be a good solution. You can boost your energy by getting the delicious meal while you can take a rest, get the toilet, and even fuel your gas.  And, here some lists of Sheetz Menu that you can order including with the price and size, those are:

Notes: Recipe Sandwiches
Walker Breakfast Ranger$4.19
Twisted BLT$3.15
Protein Showdown$4.19
Maple Hotcake Griddler$3.89
Kickin Chicken$3.69
Fried Bacon & Egg Sammich$5.20
Farmhouse Chicken$3.99
Dreamy Bacon Croissant$2.49
Breakfast Breads
Sliced Sourdough1 Pc.$1.00
Pretzel Roll1 Pc.$1.00
Plain Bagel1 Pc.$1.19
English Muffin1 Pc.$1.19
Croissant1 Pc.$1.19
Ciabatta Roll1 Pc.$1.00
Biscuit1 Pc.$1.19
Hot Subz & Sandwichez
The Big Philly6 in.$5.59
The Big Philly12 in.$10.69
Steak Sub Sandwich$5.25
Steak Sub6 in.$3.50
Steak Sub12 in.$6.99
Skinny Hot Chick6 in.$3.99
Skinny Hot Chick12 in.$7.98
Pulled Pork Sub Sandwich$4.00
Pulled Pork Sub6 in.$3.29
Pulled Pork Sub12 in.$6.58
Popcorn Chicken Sandwich$6.70
Popcorn Chicken6 in.$4.99
Popcorn Chicken12 in.$8.99
Pepperoni Sub Sandwich$3.00
Pepperoni Sub6 in.$2.29
Pepperoni Sub12 in.$4.58
Mexi Bagel Melt$5.99
Meatball Sub Sandwich$2.29
Meatball Sub6 in.$2.00
Meatball Sub12 in.$4.00
Meatball Sliderz2 Pack$3.29
Meatball Sliderz3 Pack$4.29
Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich$4.00
Grilled Chicken Sub6 in.$3.50
Grilled Chicken Sub12 in.$6.99
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$7.29
Crispy Chicken6 in.$5.49
Crispy Chicken12 in.$9.29
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Premium)6 in.$7.00
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Premium)12 in.$12.00
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Original)6 in.$5.19
Cali Turkey Flatbread (Original)12 in.$10.00
Boom Boom Chicken Po’ Boy6 in.$5.00
Boom Boom Chicken Po’ Boy12 in.$9.99
Notes: Platter Includes Two Sides
Spicy Chicken Platter$6.00
Spicy Chicken Breast Platter$3.50
Shwings Platter6 Pc.$7.00
Popcorn Chicken Platter$6.00
Homestyle Chicken Platter$6.00
Fish Platter2 Pc.$6.00
Fish Platter3 Pc.$7.00
Chicken Tenders Platter4 Pc.$7.00
4 Shwings Platter$4.00
3 Chicken Tenders Platter$4.00

Need Help?

When you want to contact Sheetz Customer Service and ask about many things related to this company, you can visit Portal and select the “Contact-us” menu on the menu lists below the page.

And, it is all about Sheetz Listens Survey and the tips to win $100 Sheetz Gift Card successfully. You have no reasons to skip this survey program while you are right to be the winners here. Take your chance!

Rate your experiences with the company listed on this page from 1 to 5 stars.

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