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RaceTrac Customer Survey 2019

Filling fuel at the gas station is the routine of the vehicle owner. If you are a resident of the United States, then you are familiar with RaceTrac. Yes Right, RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. is a gas station business chain in the Southern United States. If you are their customer, then you need to try this advantage. Here you only need proof of payment at the gas station. After that, you can use it to take part in Tell RaceTrac Survey. They ask for your help to give feedback to the company. So, you can help them to improve the service and the quality of their products. Do not miss taking part in this survey if you want to get a better shopping experience in the future.

TellRaceTrac is a survey for customers of RaceTrac Gas Station. You don’t need to worry about the reward of the survey. Because you can get a discount on your next visit. They offer free items and other rewards for you. You can get this reward in 3 minutes. Try to remember your shopping experience and your visit to their store. Then find out this business profile to help you rank. Well, if you don’t have experience in this section, then we don’t hesitate to help you. Understand first before you take the survey step. Because the RaceTrac survey is not open to everyone. So you need to comply with some Tell RaceTrac Survey Rules.

tell racetrac
tell racetrac

RaceTrac Gas Station Profile.

Do you want to rank their services? Well, guys, the chance doesn’t come twice. They have a RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey portal for you. Before you take steps to get a reward, read the profile of this gas station business. South American residents have the right to take part in this survey. Because RaceTrac has a business chain throughout the region. They ranked third as a private company with sales of 9.1 billion $. Their business began with the idea of Carl Bolch Sr. He set up his first store in 1943. The initial location of this store was in Louis, Missouri. The first name of this business is the Trackside Bolch Station. They are not only satisfied with this achievement. Then in 1959, they acquired Oil Well Company of Opp.

Furthermore, Carl Bolch’s son succeeded his father as chief executive. He joined this business in Montgomery, Alabama. He debuted in 1967. What is special about Carl Bolch Jr.? So he came up with the idea of setting up a gas station with a self-service concept. He started this concept in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. They used the name RaceTrac in 1976. At that time they moved the office to Atlanta Georgia. Year after year they improve service at the gas station. So, they not only accept cash. However, customers can pay for their fuel through a credit or debit card.

They have 4000 retail or wholesale products. So, they don’t only sell fuel. If you visit a store, you can buy premium quality food or drinks. They want to be the shop of choice for consumers. So, you can help them achieve this goal. Give any comments, suggestions or feedback on the TellRaceTrac portal. We will help you with survey steps and rules.

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Tell RaceTrac Survey Rules.

Before you start this survey, we will review the rules. So, find out your eligibility from the rules here. Because this survey is not open to all residents in the United States. If you want to get a complete review, you can visit the survey portal. They write down detailed rules that you need to know. You can complete this survey process in a short time. So, check the survey rules to proceed to the survey preparation stage. Here are some of the Tell RaceTrac Survey Rules.

  1. Get receipts first.

If you want to take a survey, go to the RaceTrac gas station. Or you can shop for food or drinks there. They have quality food ingredients. So find your favorite item there. Then pay for your shopping item and get the receipt. Without this receipt, you don’t have any chance.

  1. Survey Eligibility.

Not all residents in the world have this opportunity. Basically, participants need to have receipts. Then they only opened a survey for residents of the United States and the United Kingdom. You must be old enough when conducting a survey. This survey is open to residents aged 13 years or more. The following are people who are not eligible to conduct surveys.

  • You work as staff at RaceTrac.
  • You are a family of RaceTrac staff and live in one household.
  • You are a business partner or sponsor company for RaceTrac.
  1. You can speak English or Spanish.

Here they make it easier for consumers to complete the survey process. They can choose the language of instruction for survey portals. You can choose Spanish or English for your survey portal.

  1. Perform a survey immediately after making a visit.

So, you can do surveys within 7 days of your visit. If you pass this time, then you need to give up the reward survey. You can try another time.

  1. Survey Reward. Here you can get gift cards or free items from RaceTrac. You can get it after your Tell RaceTrac survey is complete. You can get rewards by exchanging coupons. Coupons are receipts that have a validation code. So your validation code is worth a prize. The following are the conditions for exchanging prizes.
  • You may not exchange gifts with other products.
  • Coupons are valid within 30 days. Exchange your coupon in less than 30 days. If you exceed this limit, your coupon will expire.
  • You can only use one coupon for one transaction.
  • Don’t copy or sell your coupons.

Tell RaceTrac Preparation.

Do you understand the Tell RaceTrac rules? Now you are in the stage of survey preparation. This stage does not take long. This survey preparation is easy enough for you to do in a short time. If you want to get the RaceTrac Gift Card, prepare this survey. Because a complete device can make it easier for you to do the survey phase. Here are some devices that can help your survey.

  1. Select the survey device. First, determine the survey tool you want to use. Computers or laptops are the best choices in the survey phase. However, if you don’t have it now, you can use a smartphone. If you are familiar with survey tools, then you are easier to operate. Next, prepare information search software. Because the search portal survey requires this software.
  2. Connect the survey device to the internet. Second, connect the device you choose with internet support. Because the browser will work if the device is connected to the internet. If you want to end the survey quickly, use a stable internet. So, you don’t have to wait for the website page to be ready for too long.
  3. Proof of Transaction at the Gas Station or RaceTrac Store. If you’re just shopping at RaceTrac, save receipts for the survey process. This item is important for the process of entering the survey portal. You can do surveys in just 7 days. So after 7 days, the survey code will expire. Then you fail to get a reward from RaceTrac.
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tell racetrac
tell racetrac survey steps

Tell Racetrac Survey Steps.

If your survey preparation is complete, you can now proceed to survey steps. It’s time for you to recall your memory. Your last experience shopping at a store or at a gas station. You can remember the condition of their outlets. Then you can remember the service of the staff. Because at this stage you can submit an assessment to them. You not only answer multiple choice questions, but they give you writing space. There you can write down the problems you face while in their outlets. Here are the steps to completing the RaceTrac Survey.

  1. Visit the portal

First, use the device to search the Tellracetrac portal. The search engine can help you find the survey portal page. So, enter the site address in the address bar. Then the system will take you to the survey portal page.

  1. Set the language of the survey portal.

On this page, you can see examples of store receipts and language choices. Click on the language you choose. They have English and Spanish to facilitate your survey.

  1. Enter the Store Receipt Number.

Then you can read the practical instructions for conducting a survey. They will keep your information and opinions confidential. Next, look at the picture and enter your store receipt number. When you are finished on this page, click on the right arrow.

  1. Enter the store receipt details.

Here they ask you to enter store receipt details. First, enter the date of the visit. Click on the calendar image to choose a date. Second, enter the number of transactions in RaceTrac. Third, choose the time of your visit.

  1. Answer the survey questions.

It’s time for you to do a survey. You don’t need to look for references to survey questions. We have this information for you. Here you can find MCQs and rank. Then you may write an opinion on the available column. Here are some questions from Tell RaceTrac Survey.

  • What did you buy in the RaceTrac Outlet?
  • Give a rating for your satisfaction shopping at their outlets. Here you can give the highest to lowest rating. Give an honest opinion for this section.
  • Give your description of the service you get. They ask you to write a review of the team member and your idea.
  • Why did you choose RaceTrac today?
  • Where do you pay for your transaction? You can choose to pay in the store or at the pump.
  • Enter your transaction number.
  • How many times have you visited RaceTrac in one month?
  • Did you buy a merchandise or beverage today?
  • Rate your level of interest in services on RaceTrac. Here they have 6 services. They are loyalty programs, drive-thru, coupons, food, etc.
  1. Complete your identity.
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Here they will give you a question to find out the profile demographics. You can choose to fill it or skip this stage.

  1. Get Coupons from RaceTrac.

Now you will see a validation code. It’s time for you to make your own coupon. Write code in-store receipt.

  1. Go to the store or RaceTrac outlet.

Bring your coupon and show it when making a payment. There you will get a reward from the store. Now you can achieve reward surveys, which are free items from RaceTrac.

RaceTrac Gas Station Near Me.

In this section, you can find out the closest RaceTrac. You can do this through the RaceTrac App or the official website. If you want to have a mobile app, you can download the application from Google Play. Then, both of them need internet support. Because of all the processes you need to do online. Here’s how to find the closest location to refuel you.

  1. RaceTrac App. Here are some benefits of using the mobile App.
  • Get free items through this application. Here you can collect points for each transaction. Then you need to rank for satisfaction. They will give rewards to RaceTrac loyal customers.
  • Get exclusive coupons through Inside Trac. They will give product promos and coupons directly to your device.
  • Make payments through the application. If you have a RaceTrac Gift Card, you can use this item to pay.
  • Store Locator. Here your device can easily find the location of RaceTrac.
  1. RaceTrac Official Website.
  • Visit the portal to visit their Official Website.
  • Click on the search icon in the top right corner. On this page, you need to enter the name of your city or country. Then click on one of the store search filters.
  • Record the location of the local store you want to visit. But they do not contain other information in detail. Visit their gas station and check RaceTrac Gas Prices.

RaceTrac Customer Service.

  1. RaceTrac Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. RaceTrac Email Address.

  1. RaceTrac Mailing Address.

3225 Cumberland Boulevard, Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

the United States

  1. RaceTrac Social Media.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • LinkedIn:
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