TellAMC – Win $100 AMC Gift Card in AMC Theatre Customer Survey 2018

Which movie’s genre do you like? Is that Romance, Horror, Action, or Comedy? Most people will agree that watching a movie is the interesting idea to boost our mood. More, it will be more interesting if you watch the movies which match your genre and your mood today. AMC Theatre is the best place to boost your mood by its movie references. Please be sure that you complete TellAMC and leave your recommendation to AMC Theatre’s growth.

This article will discuss what it is about, the rules and qualifications in AMC Theatre Customer Survey 2018, and about AMC Theatre indeed. You don’t need to doubt with its complicated survey steps. AMC’s management provides the simple steps on this online survey platform. Stay here and enjoy reading!

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Brief Explanation of TellAMC

AMC Theatre creates Tell AMC Portals to the customers. This online survey portal shows some statements and questions related to AMC’s performance. Through this online survey, the customer can give the assessment, and even share the complaints including its recommendation. With no longer time, the customer can participate in this survey in about five up to ten minutes left.

In this online survey, the customer should answer two kinds of the questionnaire; those are the open-ended questionnaire and even the close-ended one. In the open-ended questionnaire, the customers can answer the question and write down the answer in a descriptive way. Then, on the close-ended one, the customers can give the score from one to five related with the satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

The Steps to Access TellAMC

To ease the customer survey, AMC ‘s management provides two steps to access AMC Theatre Customer Survey. In this case, you can access the survey page through AMC Theatres Official Page and AMC Customer Survey Website. Here the detail is:

  • Step 1:

At first, you may access the survey site at It is the AMC official Site. Once you arrived in that site, you may select on the menu “Contact-Us.” This menu is available on the bottom side of the website. At that time, you need to choose the menu Customer Survey on the left side of the menu option. Automatically, that site will lead you to the AMC customer Survey Landing Page.

  • Step 2:

The second, you can access AMC through its survey site. It is such as a shortcut way where you can get the direct link to the survey page. To reach this address, you can launch your internet browser at This site is AMC Customer Survey Landing Page.

Which one is the best for you? Both steps above will give you the same features and menus of AMC Theatre Customer Survey. Also, you will get the same chance to win the reward.

The Qualifications to Access Tell AMC

Before knowing the steps to join the survey, it is better to know about the qualifications to run the online survey. At least, these qualifications will help you to complete all sections of the survey. And, here the qualifications are:

  • AMC Receipt

At first, you need to prepare your current receipt. Please be sure that you have visited this great theatre then keep your current receipt well. As you know, your receipt contains some beneficial information, such as date and hours of the last visit, theatre number, and AMC Survey Codes.

  • The eligible device
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Then, you should prepare a set of computers, tablet, and laptop. Also, this survey will allow you to access the survey through your Smartphone.

  • The connection

After that, you need to be sure that your device has a stable internet connection. It includes the best internet browser.

  • The additional stuff

Then, you should prepare a pen or pencil to write down the validation code in the last section of the survey. In that occasion, you can write it down on your current receipt.

  • The enough time

At last, you may prepare your free time to complete all sections at the online site. Without a longer time, you only need about five to ten minutes to complete the sections.

Are these qualifications easy for you? I hope that you may start to prepare the qualification as well you participate in the survey fast. With a full of wish, you will get a chance to win AMC Gift Card as your reward.

The Rules to Join in Tell AMC

After knowing about the qualifications in the survey, you may learn about the rules to run this online survey. In this occasion, you may be sure that you will get the reward as well you obey the rules inside. Here, the rules in the survey are:

  • At first, you must be the legal resident of 50 regions in the United States, including Canada.
  • The second, you should be at least 18 years old survey participants. Even, you can ask your older sibling or parent to take part if you are under that minimum age.
  • The third, you are not a part of AMC Theatre’s staff or employees. It includes their family.
  • The fourth, you have AMC Survey Code. This code will be available on your current receipt.
  • The fifth, you need to be sure that you have enough skill to understand the basic of English or French.

Why Should Take Part in Tell AMC?

Even if you still have any hesitations to take part in the survey, you should believe that you will not disappointed with this survey. Of course, when you often visit AMC Movie Theatre, you may face some troubles as well you get the best services on this theatre. At that time, you may share it to AMC Theatre Management to get the best services later. Here the benefits that you can get by participating in the survey are:

  • Firstly, you may open your large opportunities to enjoy the movies at a low price by your AMC Gift Card.
  • Secondly, you will be a part of AMC Theatre’s development.
  • Thirdly, you can get the best AMC performance because it has revised its bad one by your recommendation and complaints.
  • Fourthly, this online survey offers a great reward for its survey participants. Maybe, you are a part of the winner.

About AMC Theatre Customer Survey Step by Step

Well, it is your time to know about AMC Theatre Customer Survey 2018 Step by Step. Without any doubts, you will never face the hard steps to access the Survey. Here, the step by step is:

  • The first (1) step:
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In the beginning process, you need to open your internet browser, then go to your internet search bar. At that time, you should type, or even you can type, and choose the menu “Contact-us.

  • The second (2) step:

Then, you can fill some appeared boxes with some information. At that time, you need to input 3-digit Theatre Unit numbers, 8-digit AMC Survey Code, and the date of your last visit. You don’t need to worry because this site gives you the example through the picture sample.

  • The third (3) step:

After that, you may select the language instruction. As mentioned above, you may choose between English or French.

  • The fourth (4) step:

You may click on “Start” button to open your survey site.

  • The fifth (5) step:

The following section will lead you to give your assessment. You will see some like-scale statements. Once you read the statement, you may rate based on your like or dislike. As you know, the questions will talk about services, staff manner, place cleanliness, security, ticketing, price, and even your likelihood for recommending this theatre to the others, and your willingness to come back.

  • The sixth (6) step:

Then, this survey site will show you some questions, and you may answer it properly. In this occasion, you don’t need to afraid to share your problems with AMC Theatre’s performance.

  • The seventh (7) step:

After that, you can give your detail information. For example, about your complete name, address, email, and phone numbers. The customer service will inform you through your information. Be sure that you can reach your phone and email in an easy way.

  • The eight (8) step:

At last, you may click on “Submit” button. At that time, the customer service will receipt your feedback and make it into its consideration to decide the next performance.

As long you win or lose this online survey, you will receive the validation code. That code will appear on your computers’ screen. At that time, you can write it down on your receipt and redeem it on your next visit.

About the Reward in Tell AMC, and How to Redeem it

You can be the happiest person in this world when you have chosen as AMC Customer Survey Winner. In this case, you will get $300 AMC Gift Card. As a result, you may enjoy that card value to enjoy the movies that you want. Before redeeming the reward, you may follow the steps below. Here they are:

  • At first, you can redeem your code due to the time which has given by the customer service. Often, it will not more than seven days of winner announcement.
  • Then, you should redeem your reward in the same AMC Theater Location when you get the last receipt.
  • After that, your reward is available for one survey participants, one email per visit and redemption transaction. So that’s why the customer service will request your code and keep it to avoid the mistake.
  • You cannot give your reward to another one.
About AMC Movie Theatre

AMC Theatre is one of the biggest premier entertainment company in the United States. Since more than two decades, this theatre has been serving more than 200 million customers in every year. Because of the great quality of Theatre, the customers believe this theatre as the best place to find out the best watching experiences. As you know, there are more than 300 branches of AMC Movie Theatre across the USA and Canada.

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AMC Movies and Times

Because of its high integrity to the customers, AMC theatres are always up-to-date with the current movies for many genres and categories. So that’s why you don’t need to hesitate to bring your children or family to enjoy the holiday here. At least, you can choose a lot of movie lists, and decide the best one for your children. For your information, you can update the information about AMC Movies through its official website at, then chose the menu “Movies.” Once you choose that menu, you can see the detail information about AMC Movie Times also.

About AMC Theatre Near Me

Because of a large number of AMC Theatre Locations, the management provides AMC Theatre Near Me trough At that time, you can visit that official address then choose the menu “Our Theatre.” You may search the nearest locations through Zip Code, Type the City, or even you can see the list AMC Theatre Locations.

How to Book the Ticket in AMC Theatre?

There two ways to book your movie ticket in this great theatre. You may book both of offline and online way. In an offline way, you can go to AMC Theatre Location, then go to Ticket Court. At that time, the friendly ticketing staff will welcome you and lead you to choose the film and seat. Even, you can choose the payment transaction in an easy way.

Then, when you don’t have any time to stand in line for queuing, you may book your ticket through online way. In this occasion, you can visit, then choose the menu “See A Movie.” After that, you may click on the film that you most like to watch. And, click on “Buy Ticket.” In a quick way, you can follow some instructions to book the ticket including the seat.

Call Customer Service?

When you get any troubles to conduct AMC Theatre Customer Survey, you may contact the customer service. There is some available phone number which you can dial depending on your issues. Here they are:

  • For the ticketing issues, you may call at 888-562-4262.
  • Then, for any issues related to Corporate Branching, you may dial the Corporate Inquires at 13-213-2000.
  • You get the troubles in the survey; you may share it at 877-262-4450.

Even, you can share your letter in AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc P.O. Box 725489 Atlanta, GA 31139-9923. Or, visit its main website at

Well, you have passed all explanation about AMC Customer Survey Guide and all about its company. What do you wait for guys? You can enjoy your best movie now, and participate in the survey to get your $300 AMC Gift Card. Is that sound great?

Rate your experiences with the company listed on this page from 1 to 5 stars.

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