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Canadian Tire Survey Sweepstakes 2019

Do you like to go traveling by yourself? Well, it means you must make your car stay in good condition. You need to get a perfect place to make your vehicle works well. You can visit Canadian Tire to fulfill your automotive needs. It is including to get some new tires. Well, after that you can join TellCDNTire survey program. It is the program that allows you to win $1,000 prize. Anyway, to enter the survey you need to visit It is the official survey page that you need to visit.

About Canadian Tire Company

Before taking Tell Canadian Tire Survey, let’s know closer about Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire is the retailer company in America. This business starts by J.W and A.J Billes In general, Canadian Tire offers various tires for its customers. But, you also can find automotive tools, home equipment and many more. Today, you can find more than 1,700 Canadian Tire location over the United States. Those locations are managed by the headquarters in Toronto. To increase its performance, the company makes Tell CDN Tire survey program. You can join this program after you visit Canadian Tire store. The steps are pretty easy. Find out what you need in this article.

TellCDNTire Survey Guidelines
TellCDNTire Survey is available at

About Tell CDN Tire Program

TellCDNTire is the survey program from Canadian Tire company. If you just visit Canadian Tire store, don’t miss this chance. By joining Tell Canadian Tire program, you have a chance to get $1,000. What you need to do here is giving your satisfaction rating. You must make the review about your last visiting in the store. So, the company will know which part needs to get improvements. The task is pretty easy. Even for those who never join a survey, it will be simple. Lucky you get this guidance with you. It contains the rules, steps and how to contact the staff. Well, let’s start the survey now.

TellCDNTire GUidelines Step by Step
TellCDNTire Guide Steps are Taken from

What Are The TellCanadian Tire Survey Rules?

CDN Tire Survey has some rules you need to obey. By obeying the rules, it can make you valid for this survey. As the result, you have a chance to win $1,000. In fact, the rules are pretty easy to do. Even if you never do this before, it will be simple. So, let’s find out the rules first. Here are they:

  • The Valid Survey Participant

First of all, you need to know about who will be valid for this survey. Tell Canadian Tire Survey is accessible for Canadian only. So, you need to be a valid resident in there. If you fulfill this first rule, please check another rule to follow.

  • The Limitation to Take the Survey

This survey is accessible anytime. But, you have limitation entry to make it. In this case, you have only one chance to enter the survey in a day. So, for more entry, you need to wait for another day. Moreover, for the mail-in survey entry, it has different entry time. For the mail-in survey, you get twice chance in a month. So, please use the chance wisely.

  • The Age Requirement
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To be a valid participant, you must know the age requires here. It has limitation for all the customers to enter the survey. At least, you have to be 18 years old. For those above 18, you can ask companion from someone older. However, if you are not 18 you cant join the survey program. So, make sure you are fit with this rule.

How To Fill Tell Canadian Tire Survey Step by Step

After you get everything you need, you can walk further. In this case, you can start your way to Tell Canadian Tire Survey. What you need to do is simple. Just follow the steps in order. Then you will be not missing any step. This guide will lead you to win Tell Canadian Tire Survey prize in the end. The $1,000 prize sounds great right? So, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Go Get Your Device

The first step, you need to get the proper device to enter Tell CDN Tire Survey. As you know that, Tell Canadian Tire is the online survey program. It means you need an online device to get in there. Well, you have some devices you can use. They are like PC, Tab, Smartphone or another device similar. Make sure your device has internet access to work with. You need a stable access to enter Tell Canadian Tire page. This stable access will prevent you from error page loading.

  • Step 2: Visit the Survey Page

The second step, you need to reach Tell Canadian Tire Survey page. You need to visit the survey portal from your browser app. Make sure you get the correct page. Please attention to the spelling of the address. Make sure you do not come to the wrong survey page.

  • Step 3: Set The Language

The third step please set the language. You know, language is important. It helps you to build good communication. Indeed, Tell Canadian Tire Survey has two languages to choose. They are English and Spanish. Both of them are appropriate for people in the US. Please pick one language that you feel comfortable with. Click on the English link if you prefer to use English. It is also applied to the Spanish language.

  • Step 4: Enter TellCanadian Tire Survey Code

The fourth step, you will need the Canadian Tire receipt. It is the one you get after purchasing stuff in Canadian Tire store. You will need this receipt because of the codes on it. This receipt has code you need to enter the survey page. Without the code, you can’t make your way in and join the sweepstakes. Indeed, there will be another receipt details that you need. It is like the visiting date and store code. So, make sure you keep this receipt well with you.

  • Step 5: Respond to All The Questions

After you finish with the survey details, you can continue your way. You are now in the main part of the survey. You need to respond to all the questions here. Those questions are about Canadian Tire. It is including the staff behavior, products, and quality and so on. Use your latest visiting experience to answer all the questions. Be honest and say what you experience. That will be valuable for the company. Your honesty will help the company to make some improvements. So, the service will be better in your next visiting.

  • Step 6: Add Comments
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After responding to the questions, you can give more comments. You can share anything you want. It is including making critics or suggestions. Remember that you have limited character here. It makes you make the comment brief and simple. After you have done, please submit your review.

  • Step 7: Enter The Sweepstakes

The following step, you will enter the sweepstakes. It is the program that allows you to win $1,000 as the prize. What you need to do is entering your personal details. They are including your name, address, phone number and so on. Be sure you put the correct data. The company will use your data to contact you if you win the prize. So, don’t blow it.

How to Reach Canadian Tire Customer Service?

Well, if you have questions to ask, you can reach the Canadian Tire Customer Service team. This team will be available to help you. You can ask anything about Canadian Tire. It is including to make comment or critic. Indeed, if you have the problem with this survey, you can ask help to make it right. Anyway, the staff is reachable in several ways. You can decide which way you want. So, here are they:

  • Canadian Tire Customer Service Phone Number

The first way you have is making a call. You can reach the staff by dialing the official Canadian Tire number. It can be your fastest way to reach the staff. Indeed, you can do it anywhere as you have the phone. To make the call, please dial to 1-866-746-7287. However, make sure you are calling at the right time. They will give you the best response if you make it during work hours.

  • Canadian Tire Customer Service Mail Address

Second, you can send a mail to the Canadian Tire Customer Service. You can write a letter to send. In that letter, you can share what’s on your thought. Make sure you write it in the formal style. Use simple words to explain your thoughts. So, the reader will feel easier to get your points. After you make it, please send it Canadian Tire official address. The address is in 2121 Argentia Road, Suite 200, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 2X4. Make sure to use the trusted post to send it.

  • Canadian Tire Official Website

Third, you can reach the staff by sending an online feedback.  In this case, you can use the Canadian Tire page. Please visit the official page in After you visit the page, please find the “contact us” menu. By doing so, you will see the feedback form to fill. In this form, you can share or write anything you want. You can take out all your comments, critics or suggestions. But, don’t forget to fill your details there. It is including name, address, email, phone number and so on. Anyway, you have limitation character to write here. So, it will be great if you make it brief and short. State your points briefly.

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How to Find Canadian Tire Near Me Location?

Well, after you know everything about Tell CDN Tire, you may need this guide too. It is the guidance on how to find Canadian Tire locations. Maybe you need to reach the store but you are in the new area. So, you can use this guide to help you. There are some options that you can try here. You have options to find the location. Here are they:

  • Canadian Tire Near Me from Google

You can get the Canadian Tire location by accessing Google. Google is the popular search engine in the world. People are using this app to find the information they need. It is including finding Canadian Tire Near Me. What you need is a stable internet access. Then, access from your browser app. Then, put Canadian Tire Near Me as the keyword in Google search. As the result, you will get a list of Canadian Tire locations. This list has a phone number, address, open hours and direction. Indeed, if you click upon this direction, you can get the routes.

  • Canadian Tire Near Me from the Official Page

Canadian Tire Near Me is accessible by visiting Canadian Tire page. What you need to do is visit the official page. It is in After you get in, you can see the store locator. It is the feature to access Canadian Tire Near Me in the area nearby. What you need to do is entering your area code. Then, you can access the Canadian Tire Near Me. You can choose the one that you want to visit.

  • Canadian Tire Near Me from Application

The last option, you can use the Canadian Tire application. It is the app that accessible for mobile device users. You need to download it first from the app store to use it. Then, open the app to find the store locator menu. Then, please put your current location code. As the result, you can access Canadian Tire Near Me. It is simple right?

Very well, we just talk about TellCanadian Tire Survey. Indeed, you get the rules, the steps and staff contacts. Everything you need for entering TellCDNTire survey is here. In the end, you have a chance to enjoy $1,000 prize from Canadian Tire. You can enjoy your prize to spend in Canadian Tire stores. Of course, you will not miss this interesting chance. So, if you just visit the Canadian Tire store, you have a chance to enter the survey. Thanks for reading this and good luck for the survey!

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