TellJamba – Jamba Juice Survey Step by Step and How to $500 Cash

Jamba Juice Customer Survey 2019

Hi, Foody! Are you looking for the healthy meal restaurant? Then, you hope which they are fresh, delicious and juicy. Alright, you have to be familiar with Jamba Juice Restaurant which it is the best place to order the healthy foods and beverages. Fellas! Even you can get a short consultation about your body nutrition’s needs or the monthly awesome dieting program in Jamba Juice Restaurant. Do you know? There is a great chance where you can grab $500 Cash. It is about to take part in TellJamba Survey and take Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes Program. When you worry about the complicated steps, you are on the right page as we are here to help you in completing the Jamba Survey and Sweepstakes. Are you ready with it?

About Tell Jamba Survey and Sweepstakes

First thing first, we need to introduce you with TellJamba Survey and Sweepstakes. Anyway, it is the smart program that will make you rich in a second. Only by completing Jamba Juice Survey Questionnaires, you will receive the invitation to take Jamba Juice Sweepstakes and win $500 Cash. For information, This  Survey aims for collecting the customer’s reviews and feedback. Even, you find some problems in your recent eatery experiences. This Survey is the best solutions to share them without getting any troubles.

TellJamba Survey and Sweepstakes Guides
TellJamba Guest Survey is available at

If you know, there are two ways to access the Survey. This case, you can access the digital survey at Or, you are able to post the handprint reviews to Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes. To run this survey entrance, you need to prepare a piece of plain paper of 3 x 5-inch paper and an envelope. Even, you need to give detail reviews including your accurate contact numbers. After these requirements are ready, you can post it to 439, Macedon, NY 14502-0439, the United States.

TellJamba Step by Step Guides
TellJamba Step by Step Guidelines are Taken from

What are the Qualifications in Jamba Online and Offline Survey Entrants?

By the way, there are several qualifications for Jamba Juice Customers who want to take part in this Guest Survey. As long as they are interested with it and match with the qualifications, they are free to enroll Jamba Juice Survey and choose the survey entrance. In this occasion, here the qualifications are:

  • First of all, the participants in Tell Jamba Guest Survey must be older than 18 and the legal residence of America.
  • You know, This Survey is not accessible for the official Jamba Juice Customer Service, Staffs, and the other employees.
  • Each of Survey Participants must be patient and honest to share the previous visit experience. Even they have a bad one, they are free to share it in details.
  • They must prove this experience by own the valid Jamba Juice Coupon Receipt. For information, you are able to get the series of survey invitation codes on that receipt.
  • All of the survey participants at this Site or send the hand-print letter must be great in using English. Indeed, it is about written English instruction.
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Rules in Jamba Online and Offline Survey Entrance

Alright, there are some rules that you need to obey when you take part in Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes. Even, these rules are available for both of the online and offline survey entrance. Every each of you is obligated to obey the rules and be happy as win $500 Sweepstakes. And, Fellas! Here the rules are:

  • About the entrance

You are able to take part in this Online and Offline Survey within its entry period. Then, you can get the details of the entry schedule at the site on the Sweepstakes Rules Station. And then, each of the survey participants must limit one survey for one household.

  • Obligation

And, the participants at the online survey or hand-print Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes must provide the true and detail personal information as well as the contact details.

  • Winner’s rules

When you win Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes Reward, you will receive one message notification that will be sent through your email or phone numbers. This section will take around five until seven days. If you miss this time, you may lose the chance to win $500 cash.

  • The problems

For the rest, Jamba Juice Official Teams will not be responsible if you get telecommunication or technical problems. When you are unreachable or do not respond to the notification, they have the full right to rename you with the other potential winners.

  • Winners Selection

Fellas! You need to know that the teams Choose the winners based in the random drawing selection. So that’s why, you don’t need to worry if you only made the low purchasing on your previous visit.

About the Questions at Tell Jamba com Official Survey Website

If you are the habit to prepare the questions before taking an online survey, this section will show you the details questions at this Official Jamba Juice Survey Website. So, you can prepare it while you run the eatery experience in  the Locations. And, here the questions are:

  • Menu
  • The quality, quantity, and price
  • Store appearances and locations
  • The services
  • Employee’s friendliness
  • Problems
  • The reasons for the visit
  • The range of visit the Locations
  • Likelihood to promote and return.

What are the Steps to Access Tell Jamba Online Survey?

And, it is the best time where you can take part in this Online Survey Entrance. Before getting the official site, it should be good when you prepare the devices. As usual, you will need a set of the electronic device, a supported browser as well as the strong and stable internet connection. Then, you should not wait for a long time then you can follow these steps, those are:

  • Step 1# Access the website

First of all, you are able to start turning on your computer, laptop or mobile phone. Then, you can visit the survey website.

  • Step 2# Mention the codes
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After that, you need to give the detail of Survey Invitation Codes. In this case, there are 15-digit of survey Codes that are printed on your receipt. Just be sure that you type the correct numbers.

  • Step 3# Click “Next”

You have typed down the correct Codes and now, you can tap on “Next” button. It means that you can start taking this Online Survey and complete all questions. For your information, you will face two kinds of survey questions. The first is about the like-scale statements and the second is open-ended sections. It is very complex where you can give descriptive reviews and complaints while you can give the scores based on your satisfaction’s level.

  • Step 4# Take Sweepstakes

After completing all Questions, This Survey Site will direct you to take the sweepstakes section. Here, you need to leave the details personal information including your email and phone numbers.

  • Step 5# Wait for the information

Well, you have finished the Online Survey Entrance. Then you are able to set your phone nearby and handy. So, you can respond to the notification when you are lucky to win $500 cash. When you need to know the winners’ list information, you can send a hand-print request to ASC/Jamba Juice Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners List Request at PO Box 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, NY 14614, the United States.

Brief about Jamba Juice Restaurant Profile

Fellas! We have finished Tell Jamba Juice Survey and Sweepstakes Program successfully. Now, it should be a good action when we gain more information about this Restaurant Profile. If you know, Jamba Juice is firstly opened in 1990 at San Luis Obispo California. It becomes one of the popular healthy meals and beverages chains of the United States after Smoothie King Company.

Today, it has moved the main office at Hall Office Park Frisco Texas, the United States. And, it has more than 885 locations in the United States, Philippines, Taiwan, South of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. To get the detail Jamba Juice Menu List, Nutrition and Price, you should visit as the official website or install the Application on your private smartphone. In general, here the Menus are:

  • Smoothies
  • Milkshake
  • Fresh Squeezed Juice and Shakes
  • Shots
  • Tasty Bites
  • Bowls of Salad
  • Jamba Kids menu and much more.

What are Jamba Juice Services?

To enhance Jamba Juice Customers Satisfaction Level, this company offers the various kinds of services. Even, you are free to use all of them based on your need. Alright, Fellas! Here the services are:

  • Dine-in Services
  • Take away
  • Online Order and Delivery
  • Membership Programs
  • Gift Card
  • Happy Hours Deals
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Coupon Buy One Get One Free
  • And much more.

How to Find Out Jamba Juice near me Locations?

Well, talking about Jamba Juice Services, it may vary in some locations. Even, each of Jamba Juice Locations has the authority to create different programs and promotions according to their customers’ needs. So, you should be specific to visit one of its Locations near you and enjoy the promotions or deals. Anyway, there three simple ideas to get the nearest locations. And, here they are:

  • Idea 1# Store Locator
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You can access Jamba Juice near me by locating the Store Locator Device. You can get this feature on Jamba Juice Official Website. Once you get the site, you can get the “Location” menu and type down the city, state or the postal codes. To make it specific, you can make some filters regarding the miles or services.

  • Idea 2# Jamba Juice Google Map

After that, you can use the Google Map as the most popular store locator engine for all people in this world. You can locate Jamba Juice near me on the search bar and get the details of the locations. Do you know? You can know the complete address, Jamba Juice Hours of Operations, the phone numbers as well as the service and promotions.

  • Idea 3# Application

Meanwhile, you can install Jamba Juice App from Google Play Store, App Store or Official Jamba Juice Company. It is the smart mobile app where you can locate the nearest location, get the online order and much more.

About Jamba Juice Hours of Operations

As we have known above, Jamba Juice Hours may vary according to the locations. But, we try to give you little information about its Hours and Operations in the general locations. And, here they are:

Jamba Juice Regular HoursStarting and Closing Hours
Monday - Friday7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

How to Contact the Official Jamba Juice Customer Service Teams?

Well, you have completed the Survey and Sweepstakes. If you get some problems on it, you should not worry as you can contact the official teams of the Customer Service. Even, you may need to contact them when you are interested in being its Franchising Teams. Here, the ways are:

  • First of all, you can get the oral communication where you can phone them at 1-866-4-R-FRUIT. Even, they are ready from Monday to Sunday at 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.
  • Then, you get the live chat with its Customer Service Email Chatting by accessing There, you can click on “Contact-us” menu.

Alright, we have talked about Tell Jamba Survey and Sweepstakes and all about its Restaurant Profile. Then, we hope that you visit its outlet to get the fresh Jamba Juice Smoothie or Salad Bowl. That sound is interesting, isn’t it?

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