TellPayless – Secret Steps to Get $5.00 Payless Coupon Off

Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey Contest 2019

What’s more interesting than a coupon discount? So, everyone will be happy when getting this reward. This day, you can get it instantly from Payless Shoes Stores after getting the shopping experience in one of those locations. Guess? You only need to take part in TellPayless Program and tell how well you satisfy with PayLess Services. This day, we will be your nice guide and share you the awesome survey trip and reward. So, you have to stay tuned and enjoy it!

What is TellPayless?

Well, before talking more about the rules and reward information, you have to know that Tell PayLess Survey Program is designed to collect the customer’s reviews, complaints, suggestions and even the recommendation for the better quality of PayLess Store. It is the online survey program and accessible at It is the best website address where you can show all the things you feel at PayLess Stores. At the end of sections, you will get the series redemption codes that are redeemable for $5.00 PayLess Coupon Discount.

TellPayless Guides
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What Do You Need to Prepare to Access Join in Tell Payless Survey?

So, you have to prepare some devices when you want to access this online survey. Take it easy, you are able to claim your instant reward. And, here the devices are:

  • First of all, you will need to prepare the electronic device. It can be a PC, Smartphone, tablet or even the laptop.
  • The second, you can access the website, you have to set a current version of the internet browser. Here, you are free to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even Internet Explorer.
  • After that, you have to place the position where you can get the strong and stable internet connection.
  • For the rest, you have to ready in sharing the survey and eatery experiences in Tell PayLess Survey, you have to submit the series survey invitation codes.

What are the Steps to Complete PayLess Guest Satisfaction Survey?

And, it is your time to complete the PayLess Online Survey Questionnaires. Of course, you should not waste your time than directly take the survey using your survey invitation codes. Well, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

First thing first, you can start turning on your electronic device. At that time, it should be good to check the version of the browser and even the internet connectivity. When you are sure that everything is okay, you can launch the site to Portal.

  • Step two:
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Friends, you have two language options when you access Tell Payless com Portal. Once you get the site, you will get the English Instruction, and you are free to change it into Spanish. If you need it, you can click on “Haga Clic Aqui” button that is available on the page. Then, to support your comprehension about PayLess Survey, you can read the Term of Services and Privacy Policy.

  • Step three:

And then, you can take your recent receipt then type the survey invitation codes on the separated boxes. Take it slow, you need to give the correct numbers and avoid the mistyping numbers.

  • Step four:

Well, you can click on “Start” and start the first survey section.

  • Step five:

The first survey section will show you the series of like-scale statements. They are the series questions that lead you to tap on the scores. Those scores will show how high you satisfied with the appeared statements.

  • Step six:

There are several numbers of like scale statements that you need to complete. Then, the page will show you some blank boxes where you can type down your descriptive feedback, questions, critics and the recommendation as well. Both of the types of questions need you to answer it honestly.

  • Step seven:

It is the last section of this Online Guest Survey. At this time, each participant will get the series of Validation Code. It will appear on the screen where they must write it down on the previous receipt. Just be sure that they find out the blank space side inside the receipt. Of course, it is your time to return to the previous restaurant then redeem your free $5.00 Coupons Discount.

What are the Questions at Tell PayLess com Site?

Well, there are two kinds of questions that you can get from this online survey. At first, you will get the like-scale statement questionnaires. There, you can tap on the series of scores which they represent your satisfaction level. There are five ranges of scores which it stars from Strongly Unsatisfied until Strongly Satisfied. In the second hand, you will face some descriptive questions that will lead you to share the complaints, opinion, feedback or even reviews using the words and sentences. Overall, here the lists of questions that you will face, such as:

  • Product quality
  • Price
  • Store location and appearances
  • Store cleanliness
  • Employee Services and friendliness
  • Reason and range of visit
  • Likelihood to return and promote to the others
  • And, the problems that appear.
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The Rules in Payless Guest Satisfaction Survey

Alright, although it is a simple survey, you have to obey the rules and win the reward without getting troubles. Even, the rules will never complicate your process, and here the rules are:

  • About the Survey Participants

First of all, this survey is only accessible to the United States Residences who are older than 18 years old. They must be the real customers are not the parts of Payless Shoes Employees. Or, they should not have a blood relation with them.

  • Receipt and Survey Codes Validity

So that you know, the Survey Codes will be valid within five days of the last survey. And, they are available for one survey entrance for each participant per a household.

  • The Limitation

Tell Noodles Survey is accessible for one survey entrance in each household. They must limit one survey in a week with a total of five entrances in a single month.

  • Reward Condition

All participants in this survey have the opportunity to win $5.00 Coupon Discount where it is not redeemable for cash. Also, it is available for one par participants per each redemption period. This coupon will get expired after 14 days of the survey entrance.

  • The Redemption Process

Even, you can use your coupon discount in the same location as your previous visit. It will be available for one-day redemption only. If you have over than one coupon codes, you have to redeem it in the separate days.

What is PayLess Corporate?

Great! You have completed the survey step by step, and now it is your time to get more information about PayLess Corporate. Anyway, it is the American Footwear Retailer that has the main company with the name PayLess ShoeSource Incorporation. It had the main office located in Topeka, Kansas, the United States and was founded in 1956 by Shaol Pozez and Cousins Louis. Today, it has over than 4,496 Locations in almost all countries in the world. Payless products the various footwear style and it is suitable for Men, Women, and even kids, baby, and Toddler. To get more information about this company, you can visit or get them on any social media. And, they are ready on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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How to Find “PayLess near me” Locations?

Like we have known, you are better to get the nearest Payless Stores before taking TellPayLess Survey Program. And, it is about to make a purchasing then get the valid receipt. Although it has over than 4K Locations in the world, it may be difficult for us if we never know about the location that we have just moved. So, this company gives you some tips to get the nearest Payless Shoes Stores, and here the tips are:

  • Install the App

If you know, This Restaurant has just launched a new mobile PayLess Application. This app has been available on Google Play Store and App Stores. Once you have installed the App on the phone, you can locate the nearest locations access the online order or even check the Deals, Coupons, and Promotions easily.

  • Use the Store Navigator

For the rest, you are able to visit the Official Website address at Once you arrive at the page, you can launch the Store Locator Device. To get it, you can click on the map button on the top right of the page. And then, you can give the detail of city, state, or even the zip codes and click on “Search.” Also, you can make a specification by making any filters based on the Services that you really need. By the way, you can see the table below that we give you some examples of locations that you can visit, here they are:

  • Access the Google Map

As usual, we will be easy to get the locations in this world by location on Google Map Application. So, when you need to get the nearest restaurant and get the receipt, you can visit and type down Payless Store near me locations or type Payless Locations in Texas. Within a second, the map will direct you to get the nearest location including the details of it.

So, Friends! It is all about PayLess Survey and what can you win from this awesome guest survey program. However, your $5.00 Payless Coupon Discount will help you to pay less for any shoes you love. Thanks for reading this page, we hope that you like. To get the other survey guidelines and information, please keep on getting into this page and enjoy it!

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