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When you are the fans of Rolling Stones, you will be familiar with Ruby Tuesday Song. Of course, you did! It is one of its popular songs which tells about the loneliness and longing of a man who has recently lost his girl. If you think that today we will talk about this song, you are wrong! Anyway, it is about Ruby Tuesday Restaurant that offers you 50% Coupon Off every purchase one Ruby Tuesday Menu. Guess how? You only need to take part in TellRubyTuesday Customer Satisfaction Survey Program and complete every single question over there. Don’t worry! This survey will not waste your time where it only needs for around ten minutes. So, you can stay back on your work and run this survey on your break time. Happy reading!

What is TellRubyTuesday?

Friends, do you usually take an online survey program for a restaurant such as McdVoice or MyBKExperience? If you have ever done it, TellRubyTuesday will not seem different. It is the online guest satisfaction survey program where you can grab the instant prize at the end of the survey section. Of course, you don’t need to take any sweepstakes entrance while it may lead you to wait for so long then somehow you lose the reward. But here, Tell Ruby Tuesday Survey gives the instant prize of every single participant. The requirement is simple. You only need to visit one of Ruby Tuesday Locations and purchase a menu. Of course, you will receive a receipt as a sign that you have completed the payment. Then, you have to pay attention and check your receipt even it has a series of survey codes.

TellRubyTuesday Survey
TellRubyTuesday Survey Steps are taken from

When you don’t find any codes, you should not worry as you can ask Ruby Tuesday Cashier. They may give you a lot of solutions and options to make you easy I taking Tell Ruby Tuesday Guest Survey. But when you have got the survey codes, you are better to go home and launch your site to Portal. It is the official site of this program, and you must ensure that you come to the right page. You can add it as your bookmark and access the same website on the following occasions without getting any troubles.

TellRubyTuesday Guidelines

What are Tell Ruby Tuesday Questions?

Once you take the online survey, you don’t need to confuse the reviews’ materials. Yes, the series of statements and questions will automatically appear on your screen when you get the homepage. Even, Tell Ruby Tuesday Survey offers two survey sections. First of all, it is a series of like-scale statements with the following scores. And the second, you will get the free space to type down the descriptive feedback. Sure, you have to respond to some questions before it. Overall, both of the first and second sections discuss the same topic, and there are about:

  • The quality and quantity of the menu
  • Ruby Tuesday Menu Prices
  • Store and table hygiene
  • Locations
  • Speed of services
  • Order accuracy
  • Staff’s attitude and friendliness
  • Reason and range of visit Ruby Tuesday Restaurant
  • The problems while visit
  • And, the willingness to return or promote to the others.

How to be Eligible in Taking Part at TellRubyTuesday Online Survey?

Besides preparing the answers, you must be ready to match yourself with Tell Ruby Tuesday Participant’s Qualifications. So that you know, most people are interested in taking this survey because of its instant reward. Then, to make it fair for all, Ruby-Tuesday Teams decide some qualifications for its participants. Even if you don’t match with it, you should not be sad or worry as you still have a lot of opportunities to share your feedback or reviews. So, Friends! Here the lists of qualifications are:

  • First of all, you must be the legal residence of the United States. Even, you are free that stays in Washington, Texas, Utah or even more.
  • TellRubyTuesday is only accessible for the customers. It means that the employees, sponsor including their families are not allowed to join the survey.
  • You must be over than 18 years old at the time entering the survey website.
  • Then, you are master to use English and have the experience of eating at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant. It is important to stay committed that you will share the reviews in details and honest.
  • At last, you have free time around five up to ten minutes to complete all survey questionnaires.

About Ruby-Tuesday Survey Terms of Services

After making sure that you meet the qualifications, you must agree with some Terms of Services that will control your survey process. But, you don’t even think that it is too much protective. When you take the restaurant or even a store survey such as MyKFCExperience or TellKroger, you may get the same official terms of services. Alright, Guys! Here the lists of Terms of Services that you need to obey, such as:

  • About the Survey Codes

Like all we know, the main requirement in this survey is about your valid Ruby Tuesday Receipt. And inside this paper, you will find out several digit number of survey invitation. This code is valid within three days of the previous visit. Even, one code is valid for one participant per entrance only.

  • The Entrance’s Rule

And then, each participant must limit one survey per week. Even, you only take one survey on the same household.

  • Reward Condition

TellRubyTuesday Survey Reward is 50% Coupon Discount for a menu purchasing. This coupon is not redeemable for cash. Or, you cannot give this coupon to the other customers or even redeem it with the other Ruby Tuesday Menu Items.

  • The Redemption’s Procedure

For the rest, you can only redeem you a validation code at the same Ruby Tuesday Locations like your previous visit. It is valid within seven days of the last survey entrance. Please limit one redemption process per transaction for a single participant. If you have more than one receipt, it should be good to redeem it in the separate days.

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What Need to Prepare before Taking Ruby-Tuesday Online Guest Survey?

Well, you have to prepare some items before taking the official site of RubyTuesday Online Guest Satisfaction Survey. In this case, you have to believe that these items will help every process you take and ease it until the rest of the section. Then, here the items are:

  • First, you must provide a personal electronic device. Here, you can use the PC, Laptop, or a smartphone.
  • The second, you can access Tell RubyTuesday Portal when you have installed the latest version of a browser. Even, you are free to use Internet Explorer, UC Browser or Mozilla Firefox.
  • And, you must have a high-speed and stable internet connection to display the survey questionnaires without getting trouble.
  • At last, you can prepare a writing utensil and a valid receipt beside you. Both of them will help you so much.

The Step by Step in Tell Ruby Tuesday Guest Satisfaction Survey

So, you have agreed with the qualifications and terms of services, prepare the answers and reviews as well as get ready with some useful devices. Now, they are such as good ammunition that will lead you to win 50% Ruby Tuesday Coupon Discount. Actually, when you have been familiar with taking an online survey, the steps will not be different. Indeed, you are free to choose the ways and steps as long as you don’t break the rules. But, for the new participants, it will be better if you follow these rules and make your first amazing survey experiences. And, Friends! Here the steps are:

  • Step 1:

In the beginning, you will need to get ready with your phone including internet access. Then, you can start accessing Portal.

  • Step 2:

After that, you must fill out the series of survey codes on the separated boxes. You have to make sure that you give the codes correctly.

  • Step 3:

For the next, you can start the rate following questionnaires. Like we have stated before, it is the first section that will show you several like-scale statements with its range of scores. Tap on the scores that represent your satisfaction level.

  • Step 4:

And then, you can type down the descriptive opinion or feedback based on the appeared questions. In this case, you need to state it straightly because this site may limit you up to 1200 characters only.

  • Step 5:

Finally, you can get the series of validation codes appearing on the screen. At this time, you need to write it down on your receipt. If you know, it is the codes that are redeemable for 50% Ruby Tuesday Coupon Discount.

  • Step 6:

For the rest, you can quit from Page and keep your receipt. In not over than seven days, you need to visit the same Ruby-Tuesday Locations and redeem your validation code with 50% coupon discount.

What is Tell Ruby Tuesday Survey Login Troubleshooting?

In some cases, you may fail to access this survey website and have to postpone the entrance. You should not be sad while it will not take long. Even, the problems usually come from yours. It can be from your un-prepared electronic device. And of course, the ways to solve it are somehow easy. Well, Friends! Here some possible issues that temporary may stop you taking the survey, such as:

  • The old version of internet browser
  • Your poor internet connection
  • The wrong survey codes
  • And, the server is busy. When you face this last possible issue, you can call Ruby Tuesday Customer Survey or even wait for it gets normal.
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How to Contact Ruby-Tuesday Customer Service?

Overall, you can get detail information about Ruby-Tuesday Restaurant on its official website. And, it is available at But, when you need to talk to the customer services, here the ways are:

  • At first, you can call them at 856-379-5711 or 865-379-5700.
  • Or, you can send a letter to them at Po Box 333 East Broadway Avenue, Maryland, TN 37804.
  • At last, you may also befriend with its Social Media Account. And, they are ready at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube Channels.

About Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Profile

Then, you may need to know the overall Ruby Tuesday Restaurant Profile. Anyway, it is one of the American Multinational Food -Service Retailer. The founder, Samuel E. Beall III built the first Ruby Tuesday Location in 1972 in the University of Knoxville, United States. Nowadays, it has more than 736 Locations worldwide with more than 32,100 employees are working on it. The headquarter office is located in Maryville, Tennessee. For your information, Ruby Tuesday sells various kinds of fast food and casual menus such as Seafood, Chicken, Burgers and Sandwiches and many more. Here the details of Ruby Tuesday Menu Prices:

  • Lunch Menu
SHAREABLE APPETIZERS (Monday to Friday from 11AM - 3PM)
6-Cheese & Tomato Sauce Flatbread$6.99
Barbecue Chicken Flatbread$8.99
Big Dipper Sampler$11.99
Cheese Fries$6.99
Fire Wings$9.99
Four Way Sampler$12.99
Fried Mozzarella$6.99
Queso & Chips$6.99
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla$7.99
Shrimp Fondue$8.99
Shrimp Po' Boy Flatbread$11.99
Southern Style Chicken Tenders$7.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip$7.99
Tempura Green Beans$6.99
Thai Phoon Shrimp$9.99
Thai Spring Rolls$7.99
Sliced Sirloin$9.99
Parmesan Shrimp Pasta$9.99
Creole Catch$9.99
Chicken Fresco$7.99
  • Dinners Menu
Dinner (From 3PM - Close & Weekends)
Thai Spring Rolls$7.99
Thai Phoon Shrimp$9.99
Tempura Green Beans$6.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip$7.99
Southern Style Chicken Tenders$7.99
Shrimp Po' Boy Flatbread$11.99
Shrimp Fondue$8.99
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla$7.99
Queso & Chips$6.99
Fried Mozzarella$6.99
Four Way Sampler$12.99
Fire Wings$9.99
Cheese Fries$6.99
Big Dipper Sampler$11.99
Barbecue Chicken Flatbread$8.99
6-Cheese & Tomato Sauce Flatbread$6.99
  • Burgers
Classic Burgers
Turkey Burger$8.99
Smokehouse Burger$9.99
Ruby's Classic Burger$8.99
Classic Cheeseburger$8.99
Bacon Cheeseburger$9.99
Avocado Turkey Burger$9.99
Prime Burgers
Triple Prime Cheddar Burger$10.99
Triple Prime Burger$10.99
Triple Prime Bacon Cheddar Burger$11.99
Pretzel Burgers
Spicy Jalapeño Pretzel Cheeseburger$9.99
Portabella Crispy Onion Pretzel Cheeseburger$9.99
Black & Blue Bacon Pretzel Burger$9.99
Bacon Cheese Pretzel Burger$9.99
  • Side and Desserts
White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake$5.99
New York Cheesecake$5.49
Gourmet Cupcakes (4 cupcakes)$4.99
Gourmet Cupcakes (2 cupcakes)$2.99
Double Chocolate Cake$5.99
Blondie (Blondie for One)$2.99
Roasted Spaghetti Squash$2.69
Rice Pilaf$2.69
Onion Rings$2.69
Mashed Potatoes$2.69
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.69
Fresh Grilled Zucchini$2.69
Fresh Green Beans$2.69
Fresh Baked Potato$2.69
French Fries$2.69
Sweet Potato Fries$3.69
Loaded Cheese Grits$3.69
Loaded Baked Potato$3.69
Baked Mac 'n Cheese$3.69
  • Pasta, Chops, and Ribs
Parmesan Shrimp Pasta$13.99
Parmesan Chicken Pasta$12.99
Low Country Shrimp & Grits$13.99
Chicken & Mushroom Alfredo$12.99
Chicken & Broccoli Pasta$12.99
Cajun Jambalaya Pasta$13.99
Baked Ravioli$11.99
Ribs and Crispy Popcorn Shrimp$18.99
Ribs & Southern Style Chicken Tenders$17.99
Hickory Bourbon-Glazed Pork Chop$14.99
Half-Rack Barbecue Baby-Back Ribs$14.99
Full-Rack Barbecue Baby-Back Ribs$19.99
Baja Chicken Tacos Combo$9.99
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese$9.99
Carolina Chicken Salad$9.99
Classic Cheese$9.99
Classic Cheese + Add bacon for just$10.49
Create Your Own Garden Bar$7.99
Create Your Own Garden Bar + Add to any entrée for just$10.99
Garden Bar & Bowl of Soup$9.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.99
Grilled Salmon Salad$12.99
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Combo$12.99
Mini Masterpieces$9.99
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla Combo$9.99
Spicy Fish Tacos Combo$9.99
Turkey & Swiss$9.99
Veggie Trio Combo$9.99
  • Chicken, Steak, and Seafood
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New Orleans Seafood$15.99
Jumbo Skewered Shrimp$15.99
Hickory Bourbon Salmon$16.99
Herb-Crusted Tilapia$13.99
Grilled Salmon$16.99
Crispy Popcorn Shrimp$13.99
Crab Cake Dinner$15.99
Coastal Trio$19.99
Blackened Tilapia$13.99
Southern Style Chicken Tender Dinner (Small)$9.99
Smoky Mountain Chicken$13.99
Hickory Bourbon Chicken$12.99
Create Your Own Garden Bar$2.99
Chicken Fresco$13.99
Chicken Bella$13.99
Top Sirloin$15.99
Rib Eye$18.99
Petite Sirloin & Lobster Tail$20.99
Petite Sirloin & Coconut-Crusted Shrimp$15.99
Petite Sirloin$12.99
Black Fire New York Strip$18.99
Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin$16.99
  • Kids Meals
Kids' Menu
Mini Burgers with cheese$4.99
Grilled Chicken$4.99
Grilled Cheese$3.99
Crispy Popcorn Shrimp$4.99
Create Your Own Garden Bar$3.99
Chicken Strips$4.99
Fruit Punch$1.29
2% Milk$1.29
Kid Sundae$2.99
Kid Cupcake$0.99

The Lists of Ruby Tuesday Locations in the United States

And then, you may need to visit one of Ruby Tuesday Locations to order a menu then take its guest satisfaction survey. Don’t worry! You will never get disappointed with its menu, services and all of the parts of the restaurant. To give you a few references, here a few lists of Ruby Tuesday Locations in the United States, such as:

AddressPhone NumbersHours
7806 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145(918) 622-0781Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
14001 U.S. 40, Kansas City, MO 64136(816) 373-6465Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
115 W Harrell Dr, Russellville, AR 72802(479) 858-7151Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
520 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37214(615) 316-0278Open ⋅ Closes 11PM
2110 US-72, Corinth, MS 38834(662) 287-2890Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
604 N Bluff Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234(618) 345-9148Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
2700 N Hill Rd, Lincoln, NE 68504(402) 477-7829Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
4150 N Fwy Rd, Pueblo, CO 81008(719) 542-1722Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
3150 24th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51501(712) 328-0046Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
3125 6th Ave SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401(605) 262-1500Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
2925 Scottsville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101(270) 393-8242Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
420 E Boxelder Rd, Gillette, WY 82718(307) 682-0707Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
4135 Dean Lakes Blvd, Shakopee, MN 55379(952) 403-7893Closes soon ⋅ 10PM
2611 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011(575) 521-4100Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
7940 US-31, Indianapolis, IN 46227(317) 885-5801Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
1278 US-22, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865(908) 213-2200Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
1306 US-82, Tifton, GA 31794(229) 386-8581Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
13675 US-1, Sebastian, FL 32958(772) 589-2623Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
1764 US-31, Traverse City, MI 49686(231) 938-9220Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
1550 American Dr, Florence, SC 29505(843) 317-6348Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon

About “Ruby Tuesday Near Me” Access

We know that a few lists of locations above maybe not clear enough for you. Then, you should not worry as you can access the nearest Ruby Tuesday Locations with simple access. And, it is about to access “Ruby Tuesday near me.” Alright, Friends! Here the options are:

  • Option 1: Use Google Map

First of all, you can visit or directly run your Google Maps Application. You can type down “Ruby Tuesday near me” or directly state the specific state and city. Surprisingly, you will get the detail of address, hours, services and phone numbers within less a minute. Guys, you also will be easy to get the location using the “Live Direction” features from this map.

  • Option 2: Install Ruby Tuesday App

Or, you can install the mobile application from Google Play Store or I-Tunes. Inside this app, you can use the store locator, access the membership program and stay updated with the current information about Ruby Tuesday Promotions and Deals.

  • Option 3: Access its Store Locator

At last, you can visit to run the store locator feature. It is a smart and simple way to get the lists of Ruby Tuesday Locations in the United States or even internationally. Once you get the homepage, you can type down the zip code or even the City, and State then clicks on the “Go” button. You will get the detail of the locations!

And, it is all about Ruby Tuesday Survey and how to win 50% Coupon Discount successfully. You can grab your reward soon and be happy while enjoying the delicious meals at Ruby-Tuesday. See you there!

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